Which Discs Do The Top Disc Golf Players Use?

Paul McBeth a professional disc golfer

As disc golf emerges as a sport merging accuracy, strategy, and physical prowess, its global popularity is on an upward trajectory. With its competitive landscape continually shifting, we witness the rise of phenomenal players who … Read more

Disc Golf Worlds: The Complete History

PDGA Disc Golf World Championships Header Image

The most prestigious disc golf event, affectionately known as “Worlds,” has traversed numerous cities and been hosted by a bunch of different courses. So, where did it all start? In 1982, the disc golf world … Read more

Disc Golf Speed Ratings Explained

Disc Golf Speed Rating Numbers

Ok, so you want finally want to learn about disc golf speed ratings and how they impact the flight of your disc. Dope. You’ve come to the right place. I’ll also be talking about the … Read more