Axiom Excite Review: Ultimate Disc Golf Distance Driver

I’ve had the pleasure of throwing hundreds of different discs on the course, being a seasoned disc golfer of many years. In my Axiom Excite review, I’m excited to share my thoughts on this high-speed distance driver that has the potential to transform your game.

When I first threw the Excite, I was astounded by its ability to cover vast distances easily. This disc is tailored for intermediate players ready to unlock their maximum throwing potential while maintaining a degree of control and accuracy on their plays.

Join me as I explore the benefits and limitations of this distance driver and help you determine if the Excite is the perfect addition to your disc golf bag.

Flight Of Your Dreams

  • Speed: 14
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 2

The Axiom Excite defies physics by offering both incredible speed and impressive glide. With a speed of 14, it rockets down the fairway with minimal effort. The glide rating of 5 gives the disc an incredible lift that keeps it soaring through the air longer than many others in the high-speed category.

The combination of turn and fade allows for a beautiful S-shaped flight, maximizing distance while maintaining control. It’s ideal for wide-open spaces and holes that require a long carry off the tee, but mastering its flight path requires skill and experience.

Perfect Balance

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 2.10 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.50 cm

The Excite has a diameter of 21.10 cm, which is quite common for distance drivers. This size allows it to cut through the air efficiently while maintaining the overall form necessary for a stable and controllable flight. The height of 2.10 cm gives it a slim profile, making it easier for players with smaller hands to grip and throw comfortably.

One key aspect of the Excite is its 1.20 cm rim depth. This shallow rim depth makes it comfortable to grip and contributes to its incredible glide. The 2.50 cm width places it in the wide-rim category, which helps to generate greater speed as the disc leaves your hand. This may be a little more challenging to grip for those with smaller hands, but the added distance potential is worth it.

Power For Disc Golf Pros

The Axiom Excite is a great distance driver for intermediate players aiming to break their personal records on the disc golf course. It boasts a thick rim, a substantial dome, and a remarkable ability to hyzer flip. Slightly more understable than the Axiom Tantrum, yet more overstable than the MVP Orbital, this straight-to-understable driver will have big arm throwers reaching for it when they need massive turnover shots.

With its high glide and hyzer-flipping capabilities, the Excite achieves long, accurate distances with ease at a lower power requirement. Power throwers can use it for huge turnover lines with late-ending fades or high-speed rollers. The flight characteristics resemble the Insanity but with added speed and even more glide potential.

Many users rave about the Excite’s unparalleled range and performance, with some calling it the farthest-flying disc in their bags. The wide but shallow rim allows for a comfortable grip, although those with small fingers may find it a stretch. The Axiom Excite is not recommended for beginners but shines in the hands of intermediate to advanced disc golfers. If you’re aiming to join the “400′ club,” give the Excite a try!

Going The Distance

A blue Axiom Neutron Excite with green rims and silver stamp

The Axiom Excite is tailored to achieve maximum distance while maintaining a fair degree of accuracy. This exciting disc truly shines when you need to cover significant ground with your throws, whether in wide-open spaces or on holes with a long initial carry. Having tested the Excite in various scenarios, here are a few situations where it excels:

Hyzer Flip

With its impressive ability to hyzer-flip, the Excite can be launched on a hyzer angle, causing it to flip up and fly straight before gently fading off. This is perfect for threading tight fairways or tackling long tunnel shots without sacrificing range.

Turnover Shots

Power throwers will find this disc useful for big turnover plays. By putting more power and torque behind your throws, you can make the disc turn over for maximum distance before witnessing its reliable fade at the end of the flight.

High-Speed Rollers

For disc golfers looking to shake things up, the Axiom Excite can be used for high-speed roller plays. When thrown with the right angle and enough power, the disc will hit the ground and begin rolling, giving you a unique option for covering a range of space that could otherwise be challenging to achieve in the air.

Discs Similar To Axiom Excite

Here are a few similar discs to the Excite that you may also find interesting:

DGA Torrent

The DGA Torrent is another high-speed distance driver with a similar purpose – to achieve maximum distance. It offers a somewhat more overstable flight path, making it an excellent option for those who desire extra stability in their high-speed throws.

Dino Discs Tyrannosaurus Rex

This disc features a substantial dome and large rim width like the Excite. With a slightly more overstable flight, the Tyrannosaurus Rex can handle more power and still maintain a level of control for experienced players seeking extra distance.

Innova Corvette

The Innova Corvette is another high-speed distance driver. Boasting a similar turn rating to the Excite, the Corvette is an excellent choice for those seeking a disc with a bit more glide and a stable finish at the end of the flight.

Round Up And Review

The Axiom Excite is an exceptional disc for intermediate disc golfers aiming to push their limits. It comes in premium Neutron plastic, giving it a great look and feel. This disc can unlock new potential for the right players. It truly is one of the best Axiom discs.


  • Unparalleled distance capabilities
  • Versatile shot types
  • High glide that keeps it in the air longer
  • Comfortable, wide yet shallow rim for grip


  • Not recommended for beginners or players with low arm speed