Axiom Fireball Review: Fury on the Fairway

As an experienced disc golfer, I’m always excited to find a disc that stands out. The Axiom Fireball has quickly become one of my go-to distance drivers that I can rely on for consistency and versatility. 

From battling unpredictable headwinds to executing complex shot types and throwing styles, this disc has proven to be a valuable addition to my disc golf bag and could be for yours too. So, let’s dive into the specifics and see if the Fireball is the disc you’ve been searching for to improve your game.

In the following sections, I will share my thoughts and insights on this great disc based on my experiences and observations. By the end of this Axiom Fireball review, you’ll understand whether this disc fits your disc golf repertoire.

Incendiary Power

  • Speed: 9
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 3.5

The Axiom Fireball has a unique flight pattern due to its interesting flight numbers. Discs with these types of flight numbers are both predictable and versatile. The speed rating of 9 implies that the disc is faster than many other mid-range discs, allowing for better distance coverage.

The glide rating of 3 indicates moderate glide, giving the disc a nice balance of control and distance. The zero turn rating means the Fireball is extremely resistant to flipping over during high-speed flights, making it reliable in windy conditions.

Lastly, the fade rating of 3.5 means the disc has a strong, predictable end-of-flight fade, which can be helpful in certain situations and for specific throwing styles.

As a result, the Axiom Fireball provides a stable and consistent flight path that can be counted on when you need dependable results. This combination of stability and versatility makes the Fireball a popular choice for intermediate and advanced disc golf players.

Fueling The Fire

  • Diameter: 21 cm
  • Height: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 2 cm

This disc showcases its interesting flight characteristics through its specific dimensions. With a diameter of 21 cm, the disc falls within the standard size range for most drivers and mid-range discs. The height provides a comfortable grip during throwing, making it easy for players to maintain control and achieve their desired flight paths.

A vital feature of the Fireball is its rim depth of 1.10 cm. This shallow rim allows players with smaller hands to effortlessly grip the disc, while the 2 cm rim width provides ample room for a comfortable power grip.

This combination of dimensions contributes to this disc’s incredible stability and can help players achieve consistent and accurate throws, especially those who typically struggle with deeper-rimmed discs. The Fireball’s design truly showcases how a disc’s dimensions can significantly impact its overall performance and functionality, standing out from other discs in its category.

Taming The Flames

The Axiom Fireball is an overstable driver that caters to intermediate and advanced players. With its impressive ability to handle headwinds and a unique, predictable fade, this disc has become a trusted choice among experienced disc golfers. High-power throwers will appreciate its turn-free high-speed stage, while average-power throwers will benefit from its significant headwind resistance and easy-to-work lines.

Some players love using this disc for both forehand and backhand throws on 200-250 foot holes, while others enjoy its “freaky” utility in precise course placements. A few have even compared the Fireball to the Discraft Flick and mentioned its potential for longer distance thumbers as it gets more worn in.

This disc’s overstable nature also makes it difficult for those who don’t have much experience with disc golf to achieve maximum distance. On the other hand, once players become comfortable with its overstable characteristics, the Fireball’s versatility in various wind conditions and shot shapes truly shines.

Igniting Possibilities

An orange Axiom Fission Fireball Special Edition with blue rims and blue/white/red stamp

The Axiom Fireball is primarily known for its resistance to wind and power, making it a valuable asset for those with powerful throws during windy rounds. This disc is renowned for being highly adaptable and reliable in various situations, suitable for everything from straight power shots and long pan-outs to sweeping hyzers.

Forehand Drives

Have a headwind-facing hole with a left dogleg at the end? Throw a forehand shot with the Fireball to have it fly straight, then turn the corner sharply with its strong fade.

Backhand Drives

Need a backhand throw on a wooded course for a gap shot that fades hard in a small space? Rely on the Fireball to hold its line before performing a late, aggressive fade, ensuring accuracy and control.

Thumbers And Overhead Shots

Are you struggling to reach a basket with traditional air shots? Throw a thumber with the Fireball for a slow pan and impressive distance, easily parking the hole.

Discs Comparable To The Axiom Fireball

Streamline Flare

The Streamline Flare may be slightly less resistant to turning and exhibit a bit more glide than the Fireball. Players looking for a similarly overstable disc that can cover more distance when thrown with a power forehand or backhand may find the Flare a suitable alternative.

MVP Motion

The Fireball is described as a beat-in MVP Motion or a more overstable Tesla. The Fireball exhibits a longer forward push before its fade, making it useful for long pan-outs and straight power shots. However, players who have tried both discs note that the Fireball still has more overstable and headwind-resistant characteristics than the Motion.

MVP Tesla

The MVP Tesla is another disc frequently compared to the Fireball. While also featuring an overstable flight profile, players looking for slightly less overstability and more glide may find the Tesla a good alternative.

Fiery Excellence

The Axiom Fireball is an overstable driver that excels in wind resistance and power management, making it one of the best Axiom Discs in the market. Best suited for intermediate and advanced players, this disc can handle forehand and backhand shots with ease while providing additional options such as thumbers and spike hyzers. Beginner-friendly to an extent, proper form is necessary to achieve optimal results with the Fireball.


  • Highly resistant to wind and high-speed turn
  • Consistent and predictable fade
  • Versatile for various shot types and throwing styles
  • Comfortable grip and suitable for players with smaller hands


  • May prove too overstable for beginners or players with less power and experience
  • Maximum distance ability may be limited due to its strong fade characteristics