Axiom Insanity Disc Review: Driving into Disc Golf Madness

Curious if the Axiom Insanity is the right disc for you? As a long-time disc golf enthusiast, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out a wide range of discs. Today, I’m thrilled to share my review of the Axiom Insanity with you.

This versatile distance driver has earned a well-deserved place in many players’ bags. But what makes it so unique? In this review, I’ll delve into the specific flight characteristics, measurements, and suitability for various skill levels of the Axiom Insanity.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player looking to enhance your disc golf arsenal, read on to determine if the Insanity matches your playing style and preferences.

Insane Precision

  • Speed: 9
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 1.5

The Axiom Insanity has an enjoyable and reliable flight pattern. With a speed of 9, this disc is designed for a fast release and a quick flight down the fairway. The glide of 5 allows the Insanity to stay in the air longer, which can help bridge the gap between distance and fairway drivers. Now, let’s talk about the turn and fade.

The -2 turn is perfect for those with moderate throwing power. This turn rating means the disc will likely drift to the right (for right-handed players) during the flight. This makes the Insanity an excellent choice for players looking to step up their game and experiment with intentional “S” curve throws.

The fade of 1.5 indicates a gentle finish to the left (for right-handed players) once the disc starts to lose its speed. This predictable fade allows for better placement when approaching the basket and can help you avoid overshooting the target.

Chaotic Potential

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2 cm

This disc features a PDGA-approved size, and its dimensions align with most distance drivers on the market. However, let’s take a closer look at the specifics of this disc and see how they play into its performance.

With a diameter of 21.10 cm, the Insanity is on the larger side of the distance driver spectrum. This larger diameter can help increase glide and distance potential, making it an excellent option for players looking to cover more ground.

Next, the height of 1.40 cm gives the disc a lower profile, lending itself a more comfortable grip for players with smaller hands. This can be especially beneficial for those looking to try a distance driver for the first time.

The rim depth of 1.20 cm is relatively standard for distance drivers. This depth provides a comfortable grip for most players, maintaining balance and control without sacrificing power.

Lastly, the rim width of 2 cm is slightly larger than some distance drivers. This wider rim can lead to more stable flights and smoother releases, making the Insanity an excellent choice for players looking to improve their consistency and accuracy on the course.

Embrace The Madness

The Insanity best suits beginner to intermediate players and those with moderate throwing power. This disc is known for its straight flight, ease of control, and versatility, making it an excellent option for players still mastering their technique or those who want to explore different types of throws without changing discs.

Seasoned players might find that the Insanity could become too understable or unpredictable, particularly for big distance throws. However, average power throwers who want to experiment with hyzer-flips, turnovers, and tailwind-assisted throws may find value in keeping this disc in their bag.

While mostly recommended for backhand drives, skilled throwers can also employ the Insanity for precise forehand shots. The disc has a high-speed turn and a diminished fade, making it handy for hyzer-flip drives, turnovers, and controlled flat throws.

People with smaller hands would appreciate the Insanity’s smaller rim width, allowing for a comfortable grip and a more consistent release. This could be significantly beneficial when playing at night or in challenging conditions where precision and control are crucial.

Chaos On The Course

The Axiom Insanity is primarily a distance driver, perfect for players looking to cover significant yardage with pinpoint accuracy. Its unique flight characteristics make it useful for various situations and shot types. Some players also note that the Insanity is particularly effective for low-height drives, as it conveniently offers enough stability and range.

Hyzer-flip Drives

The Insanity is ideal for executing hyzer-flip throws, flipping from a hyzer angle to a flat flight, providing a straight path with a predictable fade at the end.

Turnover Shots

Unleashing the Insanity with a slight anhyzer angle, you can get a controlled right-to-left turn (for right-handed backhand players) that gradually pans out throughout the flight, allowing the disc to shape distinctive lines.

Tailwind-assisted Throws

When playing in tailwind situations, the Insanity’s glide and forward carry allow it to maintain distance while taking full advantage of the wind and delivering excellent performance on low-ceiling shots.

Overall, the Axiom Insanity’s primary use revolves around its capability to deliver precise control and distance in various situations, whether you’re attacking the basket or navigating tricky fairways. Its versatility and predictable flight patterns make it a valuable addition to any disc golf bag.

Similar Discs To Axiom Insanity

The Insanity has several counterparts in the disc golf market, each offering similar flight characteristics and performance. Let’s take a look at some of the closely related discs:

MVP Inertia

The Insanity is best described as a worn-in MVP Inertia, so it’s no surprise that the latter is also a popular choice for players looking for a straight-flying, versatile driver. The Inertia is a slightly more stable version of the Insanity, making it a suitable alternative depending on your preferences and skill level.

Streamline Lift

The Streamline Lift is another disc sharing similarities with the Insanity when it comes to speed, glide, and control. It provides a moderate amount of high-speed turn, with a gentle finish at the end, making it an excellent option for players looking for a similar flight path with a slightly different feel.

Prodigy H4

The Prodigy H4 is yet another disc with close flight characteristics to the Axiom Insanity. With its high glide and dependable turn, the H4 can easily hold S-shaped lines and navigate various courses, making it a viable alternative for those looking to explore similar options.

The MVP Inertia, Streamline Lift, and Prodigy H4 are three suitable alternatives to the Axiom Insanity, each offering slightly different nuances in flight and feel. Players can choose between these options based on their throwing styles and preferences while still experiencing the Insanity’s unique combination of control, distance, and versatility.

Prepare For A Wild Ride

The Insanity is a versatile and reliable distance driver, ideal for beginner to intermediate players or those with moderate throwing power. Its unique blend of speed, glide, turn, and fade allows for precise control, excellent distance coverage, and shot versatility in various course situations.

While not a perfect fit for high-power throwers searching for max distance, the Insanity remains an attractive option for those working on their control, accuracy, and shot variety. It also comes in different plastic variants, such as the Fission or the famous Proton Insanity. Add one to your disc golf arsenal today and see for yourself why it’s one of the best Axiom discs in the market.


  • Predictable flight pattern
  • Comfortable grip for players with smaller hands
  • Versatile shot options and effective in various playing situations
  • Ideal for beginner to intermediate players


  • Potentially too understable for players with big distance throws