Go Regal With Discmania Majesty: Distance Driver Disc Review

Not many discs significantly shift the game in disc golf – but the Discmania Majesty might just be one of them. Known for its high-speed rating and ability to cover significant distances, this has garnered quite a reputation. But does it truly live up to the hype?

With over 13 years of disc golf, I’ve seen, thrown, and reviewed dozens of discs, discerning the champions from the chaff. One of the latest entrants that’s caught my eye is this disc.

This Discmania Majesty review aims to share first-hand experience paired with an analysis of other players’ feedback, refining it to an honest, comprehensive look at this disc, its unique features, and where it truly shines. Will this disc rule over the competition or fall short of its regal title? Let’s find out.

Enjoy Majestic Speed And Control On Your Distance Driver

  • Speed: 13
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 2

The high-speed rating of 13 points toward a disc designed to achieve serious distance. This isn’t a disc for leisurely short-range tosses; it’s a beast begging to be let loose on those long drives.

The glide of 5 is another evidence of its intention for distance. This disc is designed to stay in the air and carry your throw further.

Moving on to turn, this has a -2 rating. This indicates that the disc will naturally turn or curve to the right (for right-hand, backhand throw) when thrown at high speeds. It’s a great feature for those looking to weave their way through somewhat tricky paths on the course.

Finally, the fade of 2 denotes that it will veer back gently to the left at the end of its flight path. Not too sharp, not too soft, striking just the right balance. It ensures you get a predictable flight pattern every time.

This combination of flight characteristics suggests a disc crafted for achieving maximum distance with sizable control. You’ll appreciate this combination and its ability to provide a stable and predictable flight.

Consistently Regal Disc Golf Performance

  • Diameter: 21.00 cm
  • Height: 1.70 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.40 cm

What you’ll first notice about the Discmania Majesty is its fairly standard diameter of 21.00 cm, which places it comfortably within the normal range for the most popular discs in the game. This site is familiar to many players and sits well in hand for a comfortable grip and release.

In terms of height, it registers at 1.70 cm. It’s a relatively slim profile that cuts through the air efficiently, aiding in its high speed and glide. It also felt less bulky when packing up my disc golf bag.

Next, the rim depth is 1.20 cm, a dimension that gives the disc a touch of extra stability in the air. Some of my best throws have come from discs with this kind of rim depth.

More notable is the wider-than-average rim width of 2.40 cm. This generous rim may need a little getting used to, especially if you have smaller hands. But once you do, you’ll find that it aids in generating more speed on release.

The Discmania Active Premium Majesty is particularly praised for its durability and grippy plastic. Those with higher power and arm speed will notice the Majesty offering some flexible options.

All these dimensions combine to create a disc that offers fantastic performance capabilities while still being comfortable to handle. This is a testament to what thoughtful design and precise specifications can achieve in a disc golf driver.

Customer Review Breakdown: Made For Experienced Players

A Glow Discmania active glow premium majesty with silver stamp

The Majesty is a true 13-speed overstable driver engineered for players with a few games under their savings bank of experience. Its high speed turn means this disc needs a powerful arm to cut through the air, and it might be a bit challenging to wield for those new to the sport.

Users have noted that it showcases more stability than expected, demanding intense speeds to introduce any observable turn. Despite that stray from the -2 turn, it offers a hard, reliable fade, living up to its rating and then some.

One thing we should make clear here: this is not a disc for beginners to intermediates. It needs a good arm speed to perform at its prime and can be a tad unwieldy to newbies. Conversely, this craft might become a favorite for disc golfers with higher power.

It excels in a wide range of conditions. Tailwinds, moderate headwinds, backhand, forehand, or just plain rolling shots – this disc can easily tackle them all.

Some customers found the disc to be domey, which raised some concerns about the disc being uncomfortably deep when gripped. Though, as one customer points out, with a few strong shots, it can smoothly transition into an excellent distance disc with a hard fade at the end.

In the end, the Majesty’s high-speed, overstable characteristics make it an excellent addition to the bag of an experienced player. It demands a strong arm and rewards you with a royal flight performance.

Primary Use Info

The Majesty finds its unrivaled domain in delivering extended distances on the course. Thanks to its high speed and glide, it’s honed to cover long-range shots with incredible control, making it a go-to disc for those critical long drives.

Here are some shot types where the Majesty excels:


The Majesty stays steady in the wind, giving your throw the added push from a tailwind. I remember crushing a big hyzer bomb in a tailwind that sailed far beyond my typical range. It was one of those shots that keep you hooked to disc golf.

Forehand (Flick)

The Majesty’s stability and predictable fade make it an excellent choice for forehand shots. These shots can reach impressive distances while having a hard finish, which is perfect when aiming for specific landing zones.

Backhand Drives

With the right power and technique, you can unleash this disc for significant backhand drives. Its slight high-speed turn and predictability allow for creative shot shaping.

Whether it’s navigating through a complex course or gunning for maximum distance in open fields, the Majesty is a tool that covers various bases. It’s about hitting that sweet spot between distance and adaptability.

Related Products

Axiom Mayhem

The Axiom Mayhem sits in the same speed category and is intended to provide a balanced blend of control and distance. In my experience, the Mayhem has a slightly more understable flight pattern than the overstable Majesty, making it great for different turn needs.

Discraft Crank

The Crank shares similar speed and glide specs as the Majesty. However, it tends to have more turns and less fades. I notice it to be a bit less stable, making it potentially fit for lower skill levels or specific shot-shaping needs.

Dynamic Discs Captain

Given its flight numbers, the Captain might be expected to behave similarly to the Majesty. Still, in my years of testing, I’ve found that the Captain typically offers a bit more turn and slightly less fade, which makes it fit for those controlled and versatile line shapes.

Remember, while these discs are similar in their categories or certain specifications, the experience can vary based on the player’s skill level and playing style. All mentioned discs are fantastic, yet, none quite replicate what I’ve consistently experienced with the Majesty. It’s a standout in its own right.

Discmania Majesty Review: Final Thoughts

Clear/Blue Discmania Majesty Distance Drive with Navy Blue Stamp

Regarding speed and distance, the Majesty delivers total control and predictability. It’s not a disc for every player, being ideal for advanced players with a powerful arm who desire a controlled, overstable, yet long-distance driver.


  • Overstability aids in controlling the disc flight
  • Performs superbly in various shot types and weather conditions
  • Finishes with a reliable and hard fade
  • Active Premium plastic is durable and provides adequate grip


  • Not ideal for beginners due to high-speed demands
  • Some found the grip a little uncomfortable due to its domey profile