Discmania PD Review: Power Driver For High-Level Disc Golf

Contemplating upgrading your disc golf gear? Well, you’ve landed just where you need to be. This Discmania PD review unravels the prowess of an exceptional golf disc that can potentially redefine your game!

In my disc golf journey spanning 13+ years, I’ve thrown my fair share of discs in variant conditions. Based on my first-hand experience, I can comfortably single out the gamers from the also-rans.

Today, we delve deep into the world of this groundbreaking addition to my arsenal. Convinced of its ability to revolutionize your game, let’s delve into the details.

Flight Numbers Decoded: Smooth And Swift Plastic Performance

  • Speed: 10
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 3

Fast and reliable, the Discmania PD has a superior velocity rating of 10— which signifies its ability to cut through the air swiftly. Boasting a glide rating of 4 ensures a steady and smooth flight, going the distance before losing altitude.

What I love about this is its zero-turn rating. This means it’s stable and resistant to flipping over, even when thrown with power. It’s a great characteristic of a dependable disc.

Finally, we have the fade: a healthy 3! You can always count on it to render a solid left hook (for a right-handed backhand throw) toward the end of its flight.

With these flight numbers, this is a disc you can trust, whether tackling a wide-open field or navigating through a windy course. I can’t tell you how often I’ve relied on this disc when the pressure was on in a tournament game.

Depth With Comfort

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.70 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.90 cm

The PD’s specifications truly stand out among the crowd regarding disc golf. Its 21.10 cm diameter is standard, making it comfortable and familiar in the palm.

With a height of 1.70 cm, it isn’t too tall or too flat, providing just the right elevation for optimal flying characteristics. I love how it feels in my hand – not too thin or bulky.

The depth of 1.20 cm helps with grip. You’ll be surprised how much this can improve your control. It also has a significant width of 1.90 cm, making it a more challenging distance driver for those with smaller hands or beginners.

It’s no wonder this remains one of the most popular discs in the Discmania lineup. Stores also usually sell it on sale or at low prices, contributing further to its huge reputation.

Another advantage of this disc is its high production level, rivaling other top-of-the-line discs. It’s available in many other plastics, although the C-Line and S-Line PD come most highly recommended.

Made For The Pro Level

A black/white Discmania Nordic Phenom 2 Horizon PD with rainbow stamp

Skillfully blending momentum and overstability, the PD is an ace addition to the gear of any seasoned disc golfer. However, it exhibits its true potential in the hands of advanced and pro-level players ready to exploit its extraordinary attributes.

Catering to powerful arms, it smoothly navigates an anhyzer route in the sky while tracing an elegant s-curve – a delight for skilled disc golf experts.

Reading the reviews, it’s clear that this item is a clear favorite among advanced classes. Its top speed and overstability might be challenging for a beginner. But, with some experience, these can be harnessed to your advantage, resulting in long, easy drives and battling headwinds.

Reiterating, this isn’t for every thrower, nor does it cater to every style. Beginners are better suited to slower, less overstable discs. For advanced disc golfers eyeing incremental improvement using a fast, overstable driver, this might just be your dream disc.

Primary Use

As a distance driver, PD excels in long-distance, open shots, ensuring trustworthy finishes. It can be your secret weapon, particularly useful when you need velocity and predictability.

Characterized by its dependable flight patterns and swiftness, it efficiently covers long distances while maintaining command of the game. As a workhorse, here are some plays where it excels:

Straight Long Range Drivers

It offers reliability and distance, perfect for those 300-450ft shots. Ideal for open fairways where accuracy matters most.


It stands up to the challenge of robust hyzers and keeps delivering. Think tricky left bends around sturdy trees – the PD has your back.

Headwind Drives

Thanks to its excellent wind-fighting capabilities, this is your ally on gusty days.

However, beginners might find it a bit overwhelming. It’s not best suited for less-powered anhyzer or intricate approaches. But those looking for more distance would love this product.

Similar Discs From Innova, Dynamic Discs, And Discraft

Throughout my disc golf career, I’ve been fortunate enough to try a lot of discs. Below, I’ve listed a few that share some similarities with the PD.

Innova Orc

The only difference between these two is the width. The Orc has a slightly wider build, providing slightly more acceleration, but the other is easier to grip and control. Both are excellent for straight drives; you’ll get a reliable fade at the end with both as well.

Dynamic Discs Felon

The Felon is slightly more overstable and doesn’t go quite as far. However, some may prefer the extra stability of the Felon. One reviewer compared the two discs and noted they’d been reaching for the PD more often, appreciating the extra glide and forward push.

Discraft Anax

The Anax and the PD share a similar flight pattern. The Anax is a bit slower but has slightly more glide. One review has the Anax and the PD close in flight, with the latter having a better resistance to turn and a good ‘hand feel.’ You might find both fitting a similar slot in your bag.

Each of these discs has its own charms and distinct characteristics, and it’s ultimately a matter of personal comfort and style. That being said, if you’re looking for a reliably straight driver with a touch of stability and impressive momentum, the PD is a solid option.

Discmania PD Review: Final Thoughts

An orange Discmania S-Line PD (Power Driver) with Blue Stamp

The Discmania PD is an excellent driver for advanced to pro-level players looking to combine power and control. Its reliable stability and witness make it perfect for long-range drives, robust hyzer, and cutting through gusty winds.

However, this may not be suitable for beginners or those with slower arm speeds, as it demands a certain amount of horsepower to show you what it’s truly made of. Additionally, those favoring the forehand might find the somewhat shallow mold challenging.


  • High velocity with reliable stability
  • Versatile disc that can handle various types of throws
  • Handles wind conditions well
  • Durable plastic that will maintain its flight paths for a longer time


  • Not ideal for beginners or players with lower arm speed
  • Shallow inside rim may not favor forehand dominant players