Discraft Nuke OS Review: The Disc Golf Pro’s Power Play

Welcome, fellow disc golf lovers! I’m thrilled to share with you my Discraft Nuke OS review today. If you’re on a quest for speed, distance, and overstability, you can’t ignore this. This isn’t a disc for the faint-hearted, though. Stick around, and you’ll soon see why.

With over 13 years of disc golf experience, I’ve had my fair share of triumphs and trials with various discs. This has been one of my steadfast companions, and it’s here on my review desk today.

So get ready for an in-depth dissection of one beast of a disc. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty, discover its strengths, and uncover who should—and shouldn’t—be using it. There’s immense power and potential packed into this one, and it’s high time you learned why.

Flight Info: Speed & Glide Combined

Light Blue Discraft ESP Nuke OS with Holo flowers stamp
  • Speed: 13
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 4

Boasting an impressive speed rating of 13 and a fade rating of 4, the Discraft Nuke OS zips across the field, easily cutting through the air. However, with a turn of 0, it’s stable in high wind conditions but demands precision — it’s unapologetically unforgiving of inaccuracies.

It maintains a balance with a decent glide rating of 4, accommodating beginners and veterans. However, its high fade might make control a bit tricky for beginners as it veers left for right-hand, backhand users as it reaches its flight’s tail end.

Its OS’s flight ratings narrate a thrilling tale of a disc made for quickness and precision. It is a super fast driver that rewards power throwers with insane distances.

Disc Info: Tame The Wind With Your Plastic

  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 1.60 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.50 cm

The Discraft Nuke OS features a standard diameter of 21.20 cm, similar to most distance drivers in the market. Its height of 1.60 cm is neither too flat nor too domed but strikes a good balance, making it comfortable for hand grip and release.

The depth is 1.20 cm, relatively shallow compared to others. This can help in achieving faster, cleaner releases. The width, on the other hand, is on the thicker side at 2.50 cm. This provided a solid grip, particularly for those with bigger hands, and contributed to its quickness.

When considering these specs, it certainly stands out as a disc that screams high velocity and long-distance drives, designed with the mindset of an aggressive player. However, these specific dimensions can make it challenging for beginners unused to its wideness.

If you have smaller hands or prefer narrower builds, you might need time to adjust to this one. Conversely, those who prefer more substantial, wider rims will find this a delight. This is also available in various plastic molds, such as Z Line and ESP Lite.

Customer Reviews Analysis: A Pro Player’s Friend

The Discraft Nuke OS packs a highly appealing punch for advanced users with powerful arms. Its quickness and overstable nature welcome consistent and versatile throwers. Its capabilities become more apparent when you observe its sharp, overstable fade at the end of the flight. It’s exceptionally reliable in maintaining flight characteristics, especially for professional power throwers.

Customer reviews echo this sentiment. They reveal words like “massive beef,” “meathook,” and “extremely overstable,” further emphasizing this is a disc for the pros. It demands a strong arm to harness its qualities. For disc golfers who can reach 450 plus, this is the one.

With its thick rim width of 2.5 cm and overstable fade, this is ideal for forehand dominant users or those comfortable with sidearms. And it seems to shine even more in windy conditions; gone are the days of compromising your gameplay due to a gusty day!

However, the attributes that endear it to pros make it less suitable for beginners or intermediate players lacking the necessary control and power. If you’re new to the sport and considering this disc, you may want to approach it cautiously. It’s highly specialized and demands certain skill levels to marvel at its capabilities truly.

But once you improve your arm and throw control, you’ll find this a fantastic tool in your kit. Just be patient with it and give it the power and respect it deserves!

Unbeatable Distance Driver

The Discraft Nuke OS has many talents designed to cater to various scenarios. But it shines the most when used as a distance driver in the hands of power throwers. The super-fast driver rewards power throwers with exceptional distance potential, and its fade ensures it’ll always finish on a hyzer, even in strong winds.

This can be your trusted ally in pulling off successful power drives, flex shots, and risky corner shots. It’s an excellent pick for those looking to add serious distance and accuracy to their drives.


Imagine a hole on your local course with a sharp turn 90 degrees to the left. You can set a nice hyzer line, let it fly, and watch as it skips into Circle Two, significantly knocking it down into the basket.


This is specifically comfortable for a forehand grip. If you’re forehand-dominant, you can get control and precision with a predictable fade.


If you’re stuck in a tricky position, its extreme overstability can be your saving grace. Toss this with a heavy anhyzer and watch as it flexes around obstacles, achieving impossible angles.

Similar Discs

Innova Ape

Like the Discraft Nuke OS, Innova Ape is designed for power throwers. However, it is slightly slower, making it more manageable for those not quite at the ‘pro’ level yet.

MVP Energy

It shares a similar quickness with the Nuke OS and caters to advanced users with powerful drives. However, its overstability is a notch below the latter.

Prodigy X2

A long-range driver like the Nuke OS, it’s designed for strong, experienced disc golfers. It boasts a bit of turn and a steady fade, making it more approachable for intermediate users seeking range and manageable stability.

These may share similarities in terms of qualities and recommended skill levels. Still, the Discraft Nuke OS forges its path with its unforgiving overstability and blistering quickness.

Discraft Nuke OS Review: Final Thoughts

Purple Discraft ESP Lightweight Nuke OS Ledgestone with Purple Stamp

The Discraft Nuke OS is carved out for the elites of disc golf. Its design, flight characteristics, and dependable consistency make it a trustworthy and versatile tool for advanced users. Speed, precision, and excellent wind performance are its key selling points.

The ideal candidates for this one are veterans and power throwers looking to amplify their range. Forehand-dominant people and those comfortable with sidearms will appreciate what this brings. However, beginners or intermediate users without enough control or power might find this challenging and demanding.


  • Unrivalled in speed and stability
  • Exceptional distance potential for power throwers
  • Performs well in windy conditions
  • Suits forehand dominant and sidearm


  • Might be too challenging for beginners
  • Requires accuracy and precision