Conquering the Course: Innova Invader Disc Review

I’ve been throwing discs across fairways and through forests for more than 13 years now, and it’s safe to say that I’ve had my hands on quite a variety of discs. Among these, some have become consistent players in your bag—dependable allies that you can trust in all kinds of situations. The Innova Invader, in my book, is absolutely one of these trustworthy companions.

In the ever-expanding world of disc golf, where new discs and molds are introduced regularly, the Invader stands tall as a steady, reliable presence. This putter’s strength lies in its versatility, an adaptable nature that suits various players, regardless of skill level or throwing preferences.

So jump in with me in this Innova Invader review if you’re ready to know what makes this disc a staple in many disc golfers’ bags. I guarantee you’ll find insights that could potentially transform your approach game.

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 3
  • Glide: 2
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 1

With a speed of 3, the Invader is a relatively slow-moving disc, which provides you with great control and is perfect for those precision shots.

The glide at 2 ensures the disc retains a steady height throughout its flight. When thrown with enough power, it doesn’t climb in the air too much, but it won’t quickly dump groundward either—just a consistent, straight flight.

A turn of zero means the Invader resists flipping too early when thrown at maximum power. This immense stability, combined with a fade of 1, makes the Invader a faithful disc that ensures a slow, soft fade toward the end of its flight rather than a pronounced hook.

The Invader’s flight numbers reveal a disc that delivers predictability and control, making it a reliable ally on the disc golf course. It’s designed for consistently straight throws, perfect for navigating tight fairways or for approaches where you need the disc to stick to its line.

Sculpting Putter Perfection

  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 1.90 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.50 cm
  • Rim Width: 1 cm

Innova has crafted the Invader using PDGA-approved dimensions. The 21.20 cm diameter is pretty standard for a putter, slotting it nicely within the bulk of today’s popular discs. Holding the Invader in hand, it feels familiar and balanced, resonating with its versatile nature.

With a height of 1.90 cm, the disc isn’t overly tall, contributing to a flatter top that provides a smooth release out of the hand. This is further enhanced by the average rim depth of 1.50 cm, which caters to gripping comfort, making it friendly for a diverse range of hand sizes.

The Interplay between the rim width of 1 cm and the other dimensions defines the Invader’s stable flight characteristics. It’s wide enough for the disc to withstand a full power throw yet narrow enough to ensure accurate straight shots.

All these numbers make the Invader an exemplary blend of versatility and comfort, designed to assure self-assured throws that respond precisely to your aim. It stands out amongst similar discs thanks to its balance between comfort and stability.

From Novice To Pro

The Innova Invader shines as a disc suited for all skill levels, from the budding novice to the seasoned professional. Beginners will find its stable flight without sudden turns and modest fade characteristics comforting. It won’t be notoriously punishing when they’re still learning to throw accurately.

For more advanced players, the disc offers a consistent and dependable putter that excels in approach situations—as evidenced by the sheer number of disc golfers who praise it as their go-to approach disc. Plus, it’s excellent for both backhand and forehand throws.

Lastly, the Invader proves itself supportive irrespective of the throwing techniques. Its torque resistance allows it to handle power well and still glide.

The range of plastics this disc comes in only adds to its allure, suiting different grip preferences and wear-resistance needs. With options including Luster Champion, Halo Star, Nexus, and DX, players can choose the feel that suits them best.

Ultimate Go-To Putter

Yellow Halo Star Luster Invader with Blue Stamp

The Innova Invader is primarily an approach disc or off-the-tee putter, well-loved by players who value its impeccable straight flight, trustworthy fade, and controlled glide. This sturdy companion is perfect when you need a disc to hold true to its line without fear of sudden deviation or flippy behavior.

An underrated strength of the Invader is its all-round versatility when it comes to the types of shots it can support:

Flat Throws

The Invader excels at flat throws—it will hold a line like a champ, becoming instant lasers direct to the basket.

Hyzer or Anhyzer Throws

Throw it with a hyzer or anhyzer angle, and the Invader will grip that angle all through its flight, morphing into a reliable disc for shaping your lines.

Forehand Shots

It’s not just about backhand throws, either. The Invader is also handy for smooth, touchy forehand approach shots.

Beyond The Invader

AGL Discs Madrone

The AGL Discs Madrone, much like the Invader, is a stable putter that excels in shorter approach shots. It’s comparable to the Invader with its straight flight characteristics, though some players might find the Madrone a tad slower.

Divergent Discs Nuno

Another putter that shares similarities with the Invader is the Nuno. The Nuno has a slower speed and significant glide, making it excellent for controlled, floaty approaches. However, its tendency to turn over might put it in a different category from the reliable straight flight of an Invader.

Discmania Logic

The Logic from Discmania matches the Invader in stability and a trustworthy fade towards the end of its flight, making it a good alternative. Where it varies is in its higher glide rating, providing it with additional loft in its flight. However, this could be a pro or a con, depending on your play preferences.

Innova Invader In Review

The Innova Invader is one of the best driving and approach putters available today. Regardless of the power behind the throw, its dependability, and ability to fly straight make it a favored pick for precise putt and approach shots and confirmed straight-line drives. Whether you’re a beginner attempting to improve your accuracy or an advanced player seeking a dependable putter to trust on practically any line, the Invader is a worthy addition to your bag.

The only area the Invader might fall short for some players is if they’re seeking an ultra-high-speed disc or one that exhibits a pronounced end-of-flight fade. Here, the Invader remains loyal to its straight and steady style.


  • Versatile and suitable across different skill levels
  • An excellent choice for controlled, straight approach shots
  • Handles power well without flipping
  • Available in multiple plastic options for varied grip and durability preferences
  • Comfortable fit in hand


  • Not ideal for players seeking a strong fade at the end of the flight
  • Might not suit players seeking high-speed discs