Innova Invictus Review: Unyielding Disc Golf Power

Are you thinking about which disc can conquer the wind and amplify your power throws? The Innova Invictus might just be your ticket. Welcome to my Innova Invictus review.

As a disc golf player for over 13 years, I’ve seen, thrown, and experienced a bevy of discs, each with its own quirks. Discs from Innova have been a constant in my journey, and the Invictus holds its own in their impressive lineup.

I’ll break down why this disc might just be the ally you need on the green based on my experience. So let’s dive in, shall we?

Invincible Flight

  • Speed: 10
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 3

With a speed of 10, the Invictus packs a punch but remains manageable for those who don’t boast pro-level arm power. It isn’t the fastest disc on the market but it offers the right blend of distance and control. It’s up there with the scorers without leaving you feeling like you’re launching a rocket.

Its glide rating of 4 suggests moderate lift. The Invictus rises on course but doesn’t hang in the air too long when I throw it. I’ve seen this help with consistent flight paths and predictable landings.

A turn of 0 means this disc is resistant to turning right (for a right-hand backhand throw), which makes the Invictus a reliable ally for straight and left-curving paths. Finally, its fade of 3 indicates a solid, forceful finish to the left at the end of the flight.

Whether threading through trees or facing a stiff headwind, the Invictus’ strong fade ensures it maintains direction and doesn’t stray off course.

Supreme Distance

  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 1.50 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.10 cm

The Innova Invictus is pretty standard in size, falling neatly into the average diameter range for disc golf drivers. Its size means it sits comfortably in my hand, contributing to a clean release.

The disc is not overly tall (1.50 cm), and this low-profile height helps cut through the air efficiently. Likewise, the rim depth of 1.20 cm accommodates a solid grip without making the disc feel boxy or awkward to handle.

What stands out is the rim width of 2.10 cm. It’s wider than many drivers, which supports the claim that it is built for speed and stability while underlining its classification as a high-speed driver. This, when paired with its other dimensions, makes the Invictus suitable for those like me who seek long-distance drives but prioritize control and consistency over raw speed.

Up Your Game

White Innova Star Invictus with Rasta Stamp

Whether you’re a veteran player or a relatively new disc golfer, the Invictus presents unique benefits and challenges. Experienced players are likely to appreciate its predictability and overstable nature. Many seasoned golfers call this disc a ‘faster Firebird,’ lauding its ability to stand up against headwinds. As I learned from my game, if you have the power, the Invictus will not let you down.

However, this disc could prove a bit much for novices or disc golfers with less arm strength. It’s overstable and needs a bit of oomph to get it going. Still, it is a utility disc and could be suitable for new players taking their first steps in forehand throwing.

Overall, the Invictus is an excellent disc for those seeking to conquer their throws against the wind or looking for a powerful forehand. But be warned, it requires some arm strength to unleash its potential truly. Trust me, I’ve felt the burn in my biceps after a day of throwing the Invictus!

Conquer The Fairways

The Invictus often shines in situations calling for power and precision. It’s ideal for long-range drives, especially against headwinds and spirited forehand throws. This disc can stay faithful to its flight path, even when the going gets tough. The Invictus often comes to the rescue when I need a disc that won’t get flexed easily on flat shots.

Forehand Flex Shots

I love that the Invictus can handle torque, making it ideal for big forehand flex shots where I need the disc to fight back and finish hard left.

Backhand Anhyzers

Its stability and sharp fade allow anhyzer backhand shots to curve dramatically before making their way back and finishing left.

Long-Range Power Drives

The Invictus shines in strong wind conditions, holding its line remarkably well. If you’re seeking distance placement, a well-thrown Invictus makes a good choice.

Comparable Discs

Legacy Nemesis

The Nemesis is another reliable disc I’ve used and loved. It’s known for its speed but has an extra touch of glide compared to the Invictus. While it offers similar flight characteristics, the Nemesis is less overstable, possibly making it more suitable for players with a less powerful throw.

Doomsday Discs Dystopia

The Dystopia is designed with a hint of apocalyptic flair and is billed as a distance driver for all. This disc is known for delivering straight flights without too much deviation in either turn or fade, which contrasts with the more overstable Invictus.

Latitude 64 Musket

Like the Invictus, the Musket from Latitude 64 is a fairway driver that provides a balanced blend of speed, glide, and accuracy. Nevertheless, I consider the Musket a moderately less overstable alternative to the Invictus. If the Invictus feels too beefy in your hand, the Musket might fill the role quite well.

Innova Invictus In Review

If you’re a player with decent arm strength seeking a hard-fading, reliable disc that can stand up to headwinds or handle powerful forehand throws, the Invictus is pretty hard to beat. However, total novices or players with less arm strength might struggle with this one. Allow me to sum up the advantages and disadvantages:


  • Excellent for wind-resistant, long-range throws
  • Outstanding predictability and control
  • Great choice for power forehand throws
  • Lovely blend of speed and stability


  • Not ideal for beginners or players with less arm strength
  • Requires a strong arm to fully capitalize on its flight characteristics