The Best MVP Distance Drivers For Every Disc Golf Skill Level

If you are anything like me, you are always on the hunt for a disc golf distance driver that will add 50 more feet to your throw. Because that’s totally what will fix my drive and not, you know, …actually practicing.

It’s a never-ending quest, but one that has led me to discover my favorite disc golf manufacturer MVP Disc Sports – a brand known for their innovative Gyro technology and unconventional flight ratings.

With an impressive lineup of distance drivers suitable for all skill levels, MVP is quickly becoming one of the most popular companies in the game.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the best MVP distance drivers for each skill level, from beginners who are still finding their footing in this addictive sport, to seasoned pros looking for an upgrade to their bag.

So sit back and let us introduce you to the discs designed to set you free on the fairways – it’s time to take flight with some siqq MVP plastic!

MVP Signal

An orange MVP Signal distance driver

The MVP Signal is an understable fairway driver with a rim width of 21.1cm, a PDGA max weight of 175.1g, and offers an array of flight characteristics that make it perfect for players of all skill levels. Thanks to its stabilizing GYRO® effect, the Signal provides controllable flight paths while still offering disc flexibility, which allows you to manipulate your shots with ease.

With its beginner-friendly design and signal durability, you can trust this disc to help you improve your game no matter where you are on your disc golf journey.

One standout feature of the MVP Signal is its ability to perform hyzer flipping shots – something every disc golfer should have in their arsenal. This technique involves releasing the disc on a hyzer angle (with the outer edge tilted downward), allowing it to flip up and turn over during flight before gently fading back as it loses speed.

The Signal’s stability makes hyzer flipping not only possible but also highly effective for both beginners learning the ropes and seasoned pros looking to add some finesse to their shot selection. Furthermore, advanced players will appreciate how high-power throws can yield various lines through hyzer-flips and height adjustments, making the MVP Signal an essential tool for those seeking freedom in their game strategy.

So whether you’re just starting out or fine-tuning your skills, give the MVP Signal a spin – literally – and see how it enhances your performance on the course!

MVP Relay

An orange colored MVP Relay fairway driver

Imagine effortlessly gliding through the air with precision and accuracy, as you unleash the incredible power of the MVP Relay.

This stable to understable fairway driver is perfect for players who crave control and finesse in their game, making it a popular choice for beginners to advanced disc golfers looking to improve their forehand techniques and hyzer flip throws.

With its traditionally narrow 16mm wing and rim width of 21.1cm, the Relay’s flight chart showcases its straight-to-turning flight capabilities for advanced throwers, while also being able to hold a steady launch angle throughout its flight for beginner and average players.

In comparison to other distance drivers on the market, what sets the MVP Relay apart is its versatility across various skill levels and throwing styles.

While some may consider it a long midrange or shorter-distance driver, don’t underestimate the power this disc can bring to your game when mastering tailwind throws or executing accurate shots in tight wooded courses.

Its ability to flip up to flat on hyzer throws makes it an invaluable addition to any disc golfer’s arsenal, regardless of experience level.

So whether you’re just starting out or already dominating your local course, give yourself the freedom to explore new heights in your game with the impressive performance of the MVP Relay!

MVP Impulse

An aqua colored MVP Impulse disc golf disc

Unleash your inner disc golf champion and soar through the air with the phenomenal MVP Impulse, an understable distance driver that offers unparalleled control and finesse for players of all abilities.

Part of the 20mm-wing distance driver class, this incredible disc is designed with a neutral to understable flight, making it perfect for straight to turnover lines.

With its unique GYRO technology, you’ll be able to achieve increased control in your distance drives while exploring a variety of Impulse techniques.

From my personal experiences, I can honestly say that adding the Impulse to my disc selection has not only improved my performance on the course but also allowed me to add more distance as well.

The beauty of the Impulse lies in its versatility – whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, this disc will cater to your specific needs.

For low- and average-power throwers seeking both distance and control, the Impulse’s understable high-glide properties make it highly useable and effective.

On the other hand, high-power throwers can achieve controllable hyzerflips that carry far and accurately while unlocking a range of utility flip and turnover lines.

If you’re looking for a dependable driver that offers unmatched stability and precision across various skill levels, look no further than the MVP Impulse – your key to unlocking newfound freedom on the course!

MVP Orbital

A blue MVP Orbital distance driver

Experience the thrill of effortlessly gliding through the air with the Orbital, an understable high-speed distance driver that adapts to your unique throwing style and power, providing you with a variety of flight paths and finesse lines to explore.

The Orbital’s stability allows for smooth throwers and those with modest driver power to maximize straight distance flights while still being responsive enough for power throwers to discover a range of roller, sky turn, and low ceiling finesse lines. With a comfortable grip and diverse release angles at your disposal, this disc is perfect for tailoring your shots to any course or situation.

As you dive deeper into the world of MVP Distance Drivers, you’ll find that the Orbital stands out from its counterparts in terms of flight path versatility and adaptability. Comparisons often highlight how this 21mm distance driver excels in providing maximum distance potential without sacrificing control or accuracy.

Whether you’re looking to improve your game by adding new tricks to your arsenal or simply seeking a reliable disc that will consistently perform well in various conditions, the MVP Orbital is an excellent choice for players at every skill level who crave freedom on the course.

Embrace this exceptional distance driver today and watch as it elevates your playstyle to soaring new heights!

MVP Inertia

An orange-ish red colored MVP Inertia on a white background

Elevate your game and feel the thrill of precision control with the unmatched versatility of the MVP Inertia. It’s a truly exceptional distance driver that adapts effortlessly to your unique throwing style and power.

With its debut in the 20mm-wing distance driver class, Inertia offers a range of disc variations designed to suit players at every skill level. Its remarkable GYRO Push technology gives you increased control in distance drives while providing responsive understable flight paths with reliable fade.

Experience firsthand how Inertia techniques can improve your game as this workhorse allows high-power throwers to achieve consistent hyzerflips with accuracy and provides neutral flight for low-power throwers, enabling them to carve straight distance lines.

When comparing Inertia vs. competitors, it becomes clear just how versatile this MVP disc is for both low- and average-power throwers seeking distance and control on the course. The forward kick-in fade feature makes it especially useful for experienced players looking to carve pinpoint distance lines through tight gaps or around obstacles.

Meanwhile, its rim width of 21.1cm and max weight of 175.1g makes it an ideal choice for players who want a comfortable grip without sacrificing performance capabilities. To ensure your Inertia stays in top condition throughout its lifespan, regular Inertia maintenance, such as cleaning off dirt or debris after each use, is recommended. This allows you to keep enjoying those satisfyingly smooth flights time after time while breaking free from limitations other discs may impose on your game’s progress.

MVP Wave

A green and blue colored MVP Wave stable distance driver

Discover the incredible versatility of the Wave distance driver! It’s designed to adapt effortlessly to your unique throwing style and power, making it an essential addition to your disc golf arsenal.

Developed by MVP Disc Sports, the Wave boasts a stable to understable flight profile that delivers balanced turn and fade for extending lines while also providing consistent performance in a variety of roles. Its shallow turn allows you to achieve impressive range and placement, while its subtle but reliable fade ensures you can tackle any course with confidence.

With exceptional Wave performance at your fingertips, you’ll experience disc stability like never before – perfect for mastering a range of throwing techniques and accelerating your skill improvement.

The MVP Wave is suitable for high-powered throwers seeking maximum control as well as average power throwers who benefit from headwind assistance or anhyzer release angles. It excels in extending lines, executing anhyzers, hyzerflips, and turnovers – catering to any number of stable-understable shots that demand precision and finesse.

Available in weights ranging from 155g up to the PDGA max weight of 175.1g, this versatile distance driver provides options tailored to each player’s preferences and strengths. The rim width measures 21.1cm for optimal grip during throws.

Experience newfound freedom on the course with the unparalleled capabilities of the MVP Wave distance driver – it’s time to set yourself apart from the competition and unleash your true potential!

MVP Catalyst

An orange colored MVP Catalyst

After exploring the MVP Wave, I was eager to try out another high-performing distance driver from MVP Disc Sports. Enter the MVP Catalyst – an understable high-speed distance driver that has quickly become a go-to disc in my bag.

The Catalyst’s stability profile makes it incredibly versatile and useful even when underpowered, which is perfect for players of varying skill levels. With its similar flight characteristics to a longer Wave, I find the Catalyst’s glide to be exceptional and can easily achieve extra range on my throws.

The Catalyst truly shines in its versatility, as high power throwers can control rollers, sky anhyzers, and tight turns with ease. Meanwhile, average to low power players will appreciate the easy distance achieved with great glide and a power-responsive amount of turn-to-straight flight.

In ideal throwing conditions, experienced power throwers can maximize the high speed yet controllably understable flight characteristics of this disc. The variety of disc plastic options available for the Catalyst also allows you to choose one that best suits your preferences and playing style.

Whether you’re looking for more turnover or less fade back as your power increases or simply seeking a reliable max distance understable option, the MVP Catalyst certainly delivers while providing enough low-speed bite to stick long turnovers and shape lines in a tailwind.

Give it a shot – you might just discover newfound freedom on those wide-open fairways!

MVP Volt

A Cosmic Neutron MVP Volt driver

When it comes to precision and control on the fairways, you’ll find that the MVP Volt fairway driver truly shines. It offers a stable-overstable flight with a subtle turn and reliable fade for those critical long, accurate placement shots. The Volt’s versatility makes it an excellent choice for players of all skill levels. Beginners will appreciate its beginner-friendly stability, while advanced players can take advantage of its precise flight path.

With a rim width of 21.1cm and a PDGA max weight of 175.1g, this disc is designed to resist turning over even in tailwinds or when thrown by average power throwers. One aspect that sets the MVP Volt apart from other distance drivers is its variety of plastic options. This allows you to choose the perfect blend of grip, durability, and performance for your personal preferences and playing style.

Additionally, the Volt’s stability allows it to hold a long straight line with a solid forward-penetrating fade – ideal for navigating tight fairways and executing those crucial gut shots with confidence. As part of MVP Disc Sports’ commitment to pushing the boundaries in disc golf technology and design, the Volt stands as an exceptional example of their dedication to providing high-quality discs tailored to every player’s unique needs on the course.

So, go ahead – unleash your inner freedom seeker by adding this versatile disc driver to your bag today!

MVP Servo

An MVP Servo in Plasma plastic

Experience the precision and control of the MVP Servo fairway driver, designed for both low- and high-power throwers seeking that perfect blend of stability and glide to navigate those tight fairways with ease.

The Servo’s stability covers a wide range of driving needs, making it an essential addition to any disc golfer’s arsenal. Whether you’re executing hyzer flips, tailwind throws, or experimenting with various plastic varieties like Neutron, the Servo provides ultimate line control while maintaining its extended GYRO® Push for immense glide.

Mastering different techniques with the MVP Servo can unlock new potential in your game. For low- and average-power throwers, you’ll find a very straight flight with forward penetrating fade due to its workable stability. Meanwhile, power throwers will achieve a subtle turnover followed by a long glide phase that keeps control at every stage of the flight path.

With players like Dan Beto and Sias Elmore consistently achieving impressive distances using their Servos – up to 320-360 feet – this disc has proven itself as a reliable tool on courses around the world.

Don’t miss out on maximizing your freedom on the course; give the MVP Servo fairway driver a spin today!

MVP Photon

An orange MVP Photon disc golf distance driver

While the MVP Servo offers a great combination of control and distance for players of various skill levels, the MVP Photon takes it up a notch with its unique disc designs and stability. The Photon is an excellent choice for those who are looking to maximize their distance potential without sacrificing too much control.

With its distinct stability, this high-speed distance driver can handle powerful throws and resist headwinds, making it one of the best MVP distance drivers out there. When comparing disc materials, the Photon boasts a flight chart that showcases its impressive capabilities on the course.

For those wanting to experiment with different throw techniques, the Photon lends itself well to high power straight shots with ending fade or even shallow turnovers when given enough power or wind. As you continue refining your disc golf skills and exploring new strategies on the course, these disc selection tips should help you find the perfect balance between distance and control – ultimately giving you that sense of freedom as you watch your discs soar through the air towards their target.

So whether you’re aiming for distances around 350 ft. or pushing the limits at 450 ft., be sure to give MVP’s Photon a try!

MVP Zenith

A blue MVP Zenith

Imagine the thrill of unleashing the MVP Zenith, a stable-overstable 21mm distance driver designed by MVP and James Conrad. It exhibits controllable turn and reliable fade for an ideal flight pattern that’ll leave you in awe.

The Zenith’s accuracy stems from its disc stability, which allows for impressive lines from an anhyzer release while maintaining workable overstable characteristics for lower power players. Its wind resistance ensures consistent flights regardless of weather conditions, making this disc a go-to choice when facing unpredictable elements.

When compared to other distance drivers in the market, the Zenith stands out due to its suitability for high power and lower power players alike. It offers a variety of lines from different angles.

The MVP Zenith is not just your typical overstable distance driver; it offers more than that – controlled distance drives with longer reach than most discs in its class. This makes it perfect for both advanced and beginner players who are looking to step up their game and explore new techniques or simply improve their overall performance on the course.

The unique combination of control, dependability, and versatility offered by the Zenith’s flight pattern will surely satisfy anyone’s subconscious desire for freedom on the disc golf course. No matter your skill level or throwing style, give the MVP Zenith a try – you might just discover your new favorite distance driver!

MVP Octane

A blue MVP Discs Octane

Unleash the power of the MVP Octane, a stable-understable distance driver that’s perfect for players seeking maximum distance potential and a slow-turning profile for those long, straight shots until a fade finish.

The Octane has been designed with stability in mind, offering less understability than its counterpart Wave. With high-quality Octane materials providing excellent grip and durability, you can trust this disc to perform consistently on every throw.

The 23mm rim width ensures an easy release while maintaining optimal aerodynamics for maximum speed and distance.

The Fission Octane takes it up another notch by incorporating Fission technology into its design, making it even more turn-friendly compared to other plastics.

This ultralight core adds an extra level of performance to the already impressive Octane lineup, giving you the farthest flying version of this popular distance driver yet.

Available in different weights to suit various arm speeds and PDGA max weight at 175.1g, there is an MVP Octane suitable for every skill level from beginner to pro.

So take control of your game today – let loose with the MVP Octane and experience freedom on the course like never before!

MVP Terra

You’ll love the incredible control and precision of the James Conrad-designed Electron Terra, a true game-changer for your fairway driver arsenal. This disc boasts a narrow rimmed design and is crafted to excel at accurate, dependable placement shots in any disc golf terrain. With its predictable flight path from all angles, Terra stability instills confidence in both high-powered and lower power players alike.

The 0-turn fairway driver holds the angle of release before natural overstability kicks in, allowing you to easily range hyzer approaches, straight-to-fade flat drives, and flight extending s-curves from anhyzer shots. Beginner friendly throws are achievable thanks to the added glide and lower speed requirement offered by this disc.

In addition to its impressive performance on the course, the Electron Terra also provides multiple plastic options that cater to your preferences. Each version features the stunning artwork of John Dorn which showcases support for James Conrad while enhancing visual appeal.

As you improve your skills and advance through different stages of your disc golf journey, you’ll find yourself continually relying on the Terra’s flight characteristics for those crucial moments when accuracy matters most. Whether you’re navigating tight wooded courses or tackling wide-open fields with varying wind conditions, this workable overstable fairway driver will undoubtedly become an essential part of your pursuit towards freedom on the green!

MVP Motion

A blue colored MVP Motion disc golf driver

Experience the power and precision of the Motion, an overstable distance driver designed to resist headwinds and deliver extended distances with ease, perfect for both casual players and high-power throwers alike.

As a fan of the Resistor, I’ve found that the Motion shares many familiar characteristics, including its turn-resistant straight flight followed by a smooth lateral fade. This unique combination helps improve my disc golf throws and allows me to perfect my motion techniques in various weather conditions.

One aspect I particularly appreciate is the disc durability offered by the MVP Motion. With its ability to withstand wear and tear from regular use, it has become my go-to choice for challenging situations on the course.

When comparing this disc to others in its category, I find that it surpasses expectations in terms of stability and torque resistance – especially useful when throwing forehand shots.

If you’re looking for MVP Motion tips or ways to enhance your game further, don’t hesitate to experiment with different grips and release angles. The Motion’s versatility makes it an essential addition to any disc golfer’s bag, regardless of skill level – providing consistent flight patterns with a reliable fade finish that ensures freedom on every throw.

MVP Dimension

An MVP Dimension overstable disc golf driver

Discover the exceptional performance of the Dimension, an ultra-fast overstable bomber designed to cater to your specific throwing needs, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player. This is one of the discs that Simon Lizotte uses most off the tee!

With its Workhorse stability and impressive power potential, this distance driver offers disc versatility that’s perfect for a wide range of skill levels.

From optimal throw techniques to unbeatable dimension durability, the MVP Dimension is built for those who crave freedom on the disc golf course.

The MVP Dimension boasts a rim width of 21.1cm and a PDGA max weight of 174.3g, making it an ideal choice for strong throwers seeking only minimal turnover at high speeds or into headwinds.

Average throwers will appreciate the Dimension’s ability to provide all the overstability they desire within this speed class, while beginners are encouraged to explore slower classes for optimal results.

High-power throwers can manipulate stable lines with ease using the MVP Dimension, allowing them to achieve highly controlled long flights even in challenging conditions.

Experience unparalleled freedom in your game with this fast utility driver as you conquer every obstacle on your path toward mastering disc golf skills at any level.


In conclusion, MVP offers a wide range of distance drivers that cater to various disc golf skill levels. I’ve personally tried and tested these discs, and each one has provided me with the perfect balance of speed, glide, turn, and fade.

No matter your skill level, there’s an MVP distance driver that will help you improve your game.

So don’t hesitate to give these MVP discs a try and watch your performance soar on the course!

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