Here’s The Best MVP Putters And Approach Discs In 2024

With this year shaping up to be an exciting year in the world of disc golf, there’s no better time than now to explore some of the best MVP putters and approach discs on the market. Trust me, your game will thank you – and so will your sense of freedom as you effortlessly glide past your competition.

MVP has long been known for their cutting-edge technology and innovative designs that push the boundaries of what’s possible in disc golf. In this article, we’ll dive into some MVP gems that have emerged, and some of their classic molds as well.

From stable putters like the MVP Glitch or Ion to more understable options like the MVP Spin or Atom, there’s something here for everyone looking to elevate their short game. So let’s get ready to unleash our inner champion and discover which MVP putter or approach disc will set us free on the course!

MVP Glitch

You’ll absolutely love the MVP Glitch for its straight flight, incredible glide, and versatility in both putting and approach situations. This lightweight disc is perfect for beginners and experienced players alike because of its stable flight path and ease of use.

The high glide rating makes long-distance putts feel nearly effortless, while its precision placement capabilities make it an essential tool in any disc golfer’s arsenal. As a warm-up catch-and-throw disc, the Glitch helps you get dialed in before stepping up to the tee.

But don’t be surprised when you find yourself reaching for it on those tricky approach shots or when you need to navigate around obstacles.

The MVP Glitch truly shines on soft touchy upshots where a gentle landing is required while still providing precise distance control. Its ability to hold hyzer or anhyzer lines makes it adaptable to almost any situation on the course.

While it may not handle strong winds as well as heavier discs due to its high glide, lightweight, and lack of overstability, this drawback is easily overshadowed by its many strengths.

Over time, as you become more familiar with this disc, you’ll begin to appreciate just how valuable it can be in your bag.


  • Straight flight path with minimal fade
  • High glide for effortless long putts
  • Versatility in both putting and upshot situations
  • Adaptable for hyzer or anhyzer lines
  • Excellent choice for beginners and experienced players


  • Limited weight options (154g or lighter)
  • Not ideal for windy conditions due to high glide

MVP Nomad

The MVP Nomad is a fantastic choice for both beginners and pros alike. It brings versatility and consistency to your disc golf game with its stable flight and exceptional grip. As part of the James Conrad MVP line, this putt & approach disc has quickly risen in popularity since his World Championship win in 2021.

The small bead on this putter ensures increased durability while providing a neutral flight off the tee and a stable to overstable flight when putting. Regardless of your skill level, you’ll find that the Nomad’s double mold, midgrade, and premium plastic offerings cater to your needs and preferences.

In my experience with the Nomad as my go-to putting putter for straight shots under 250 feet, I’ve found it incredibly reliable in various weather conditions due to its Electron Firm plastic composition. This consistent grip has allowed me to make an array of putts from 15 feet all the way up to 40 feet with confidence.

Its predictably straight throws have made it an essential addition to my bag when I need accuracy on approach shots or off-the-tee drives.


  • Versatile: Suitable for players at any skill level
  • Consistent grip: Electron Firm plastic offers reliability in various conditions
  • Predictable flight: Straight throws with minimal fade make it perfect for approach shots and off-the-tee drives


  • Deeper rim may not be suitable for forehand flicks
  • As it beats in, there’s a tendency for rolling even on missed putts from inside the circle.

MVP Entropy

It’s no surprise that 80% of players who try the MVP Entropy quickly fall in love with its reliable overstable flight and exceptional grip, making it a must-have for both intermediate and advanced disc golfers. The GYRO effect truly sets this disc apart from other 4/3/0/3 flight number discs, providing a unique level of control and predictability on both backhand and forehand shots.

Whether you’re battling windy conditions or navigating through tight wooded fairways, the Entropy’s dependable fade ensures that it will always land near your target. In addition to its remarkable stability, the MVP Entropy is available in various plastic grades, including putter grade, midgrade, and premium options.

Many users have expressed interest in an electron plastic version for improved chain-grabbing capabilities during putts. Regardless of your choice of plastic, the Entropy’s beadless design offers a comfortable hand feel that makes executing touch shots even easier.


  • Reliable overstable flight for consistent results
  • GYRO effect enhances control and predictability
  • Great hand feel for both backhand and forehand throws
  • Versatile disc suitable for various skill levels


  • Not yet available in electron plastic for better chain grabbing
  • May require some experimentation with different plastics to find your ideal blend


Ain’t it amazing how the MVP Ion can transform your disc golf game? With its exceptional glide and reliable overstable fade, this high-performing putter is suitable for players of all skill levels. It has quickly become my go-to choice when I need a straight shot with just a touch of fade.

Its versatility allows me to use it effectively for both long-range putting and approaching. The variety of plastics available, particularly the Eclipse glow-in-the-dark option, adds an element of fun to any round. In addition to its impressive flight characteristics, the Ion is also a joy to hold.

The bead on this disc offers just the right amount of support for your finger during those crucial moments lining up your putt. Whether you’re a push putter or spin putter, you’ll find that this disc comes out smoothly and maintains its intended line throughout its flight.

If freedom on the course is what you crave, look no further than the MVP Ion as an essential addition to your bag.


  • High glide makes it easier to cover longer distances
  • Reliable overstable fade ensures predictable end-of-flight behavior
  • Suitable for players at all skill levels
  • Available in multiple plastic options including glow-in-the-dark Eclipse


  • May not be best suited for those who prefer non-beaded putters
  • Some players might find other putters more comfortable for their specific grip style

MVP Spin

Imagine effortlessly nailing those circle 2 putts and finessing your approach shots with the understable MVP Spin – a disc perfect for both new and advanced players.

The Spin is an ideal choice for players seeking a reliable understable putter with excellent glide and control. Its deep profile, similar to the Ion and Anode, allows it to maintain lofty flights while its controlled understability prevents it from turning over too quickly.

This versatile disc works well for both short hyzer-flip-to-flat throws as well as straight approaches up to 150 feet out. You’ll be amazed by how consistently this disc can help you find your target line in a variety of situations.

The MVP Spin is available in multiple plastic grades, including double mold, midgrade, premium, and electron plastics – each offering a unique feel and stability level. The Electron Soft plastic has been particularly popular among players due to its slightly firmer texture combined with increased grip compared to the neutron soft variant.

If you’re looking to add an understable putter to your bag that will not only improve your putting game but also enhance your approach shots in tight situations or wooded courses, then the MVP Spin should definitely be on your radar.


  • Excellent glide for longer putts
  • Controlled understability suitable for beginners and advanced players
  • Versatile: excels at short hyzer-flip-to-flat throws & straight approaches
  • Multiple plastic options allow for personalized preferences


  • May require some adjustments in throwing technique if used to more stable discs
  • Some may experience slight fade depending on individual form

MVP Atom

You’ll be amazed at the versatility and consistent performance of the MVP Atom, with its stable flight and suitability for players of all skill levels. This putt and approach disc is perfect for those looking to improve their game. It offers a reliable fade and an extremely straight flight path right off the shelf.

Over time, the Atom will wear in nicely. It becomes an even more floaty putter that’s perfect for long approaches or teeing off on shorter holes. Its beadless design and double mold plastic construction provide a comfortable grip that feels great in hand, allowing you to throw both forehand and backhand confidently.

The MVP Atom truly shines when it comes to its ability to hold various angles without compromising accuracy. Whether you’re navigating tight wooded shots or trying to hit specific gaps on open fairways, this disc can do it all with ease. Additionally, the Electron Soft plastic option allows for a tackier feel over time which may suit players who prefer a more grippy texture.

The MVP Atom is definitely worth considering if you’re searching for a reliable putter that offers fantastic control and precision – potentially unlocking newfound freedom in your disc golf game.


  • Stable flight with consistent fade
  • Suitable for players of all skill levels
  • Comfortable beadless grip
  • Holds angles well without sacrificing accuracy
  • Electron Soft plastic becomes tackier over time


  • Flight numbers may not accurately represent actual stability (slightly less stable than indicated)
  • Some players may need time to adjust to the Electron Soft plastic’s initial chalky feel

MVP Anode

Get ready to fall in love with the Anode, as it’s an ultra straight flying putt and approach disc perfect for smooth launches and consistent performance.

The various plastic options available, including Proton, Neutron, Eclipse, and even soft plastic, provide different feels to suit your preference while maintaining its reliable flight characteristics.

As a beadless putter with flight ratings of 2.5/3/0/0.5, it truly shines when used by players who have a smooth flat launch or release. Trust me when I say that this disc can easily become your go-to choice for those crucial putts and approaches on the course.

The Anode is not only great for putting but also excels as a throwing putter due to its stable nature and ability to hold any line you give it. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, you’ll appreciate how user-friendly and versatile this disc is in various situations on the field.

And let’s not forget the glow-in-the-dark Eclipse plastic option – adding some fun factor to your night rounds!

So if you’re looking for a reliable putter that offers adaptability while satisfying your desire for freedom on the course, look no further than the MVP Anode.


  • Ultra straight flying putt and approach disc
  • Multiple plastic options catering to individual preferences
  • Beadless design makes it ideal for players who prefer smoother releases
  • Versatile enough for both putting and throwing purposes
  • Suitable for all skill levels


  • Might not be ideal if you prefer beaded putters
  • Those who prefer more overstable discs may find it too neutral

MVP Watt

Introducing the Neutron Watt, a remarkable addition to the Scientist Series that’s sure to impress with its exceptional glide and versatile performance. Named in honor of James Watt, an influential figure during the Industrial Revolution, this putter embodies the innovation and power that he represented.

Boasting flight numbers of 2 | 5 | -0.5 | 0.5, the Neutron Watt exceeds expectations for how much glide a full-weight putter can have. Whether you’re lining up for a laser-straight shot or executing a controlled turnover, you’ll find confidence in the Watt’s reliable grip and workable nature.

The deeper profile of the Neutron Watt makes it an ideal choice for players who prefer a more substantial feel in their hand. Its neutral-to-stable flight characteristics make it adaptable to various throwing styles and situations on the course.

As part of MVP’s Scientist Series, you’ll not only benefit from its superb performance but also enjoy Mike Inscho’s exclusive artwork celebrating James Watt’s engineering prowess.


  • Exceptional glide for a full-weight putter
  • Versatile performance suitable for different throwing styles
  • Deeper profile provides comfortable grip
  • Exclusive artwork adds style to your game


  • May not be preferred by players who like shallow-profiled putters
  • Flight characteristics might take some getting used to for beginners.


Discover the incredible Ohm, a durable and overstable putter that’s sure to enhance your game. It offers exceptional glide and stability, making it perfect for both driving off the tee and sinking those crucial putts on the green.

The MVP Ohm truly stands out among other putters and approach discs on the market, thanks to its enhanced GYRO® effect allowing for impressive drives and precise putting. Its beadless design ensures a comfortable grip, while the high glide guarantees maximum distance with minimal effort.

With its Neutron plastic construction, you can trust that the Ohm will maintain its shape and performance even after countless rounds. Whether you’re navigating a tight tunnel shot or simply trying to save par on an open hole, the Ohm is your go-to disc.


  • Laser straight drives with consistent fade at end of flight
  • High glide allows for maximum distance with minimal effort
  • Comfortable grip thanks to beadless design
  • Neutron plastic construction provides durability
  • Suitable for players of all skill levels


  • May require some time to adapt if you’re used to more understable discs
  • Not as torque resistant as some other MVP models (e.g., Envy or Hex)

Frequently Asked MVP Putter Questions

How do I choose the right MVP putter or approach disc for my skill level and playing style?

I consider my putter preferences and playing style when customizing discs. I’d experiment with different MVP putters and approach discs, finding the perfect balance of stability, weight, and grip for ultimate freedom on the course.

Are there any special techniques or grips recommended for throwing MVP putters and approach discs effectively?

I’ve found that grip variations, release angles, wrist movement, finger positioning, and disc rotation are crucial for effectively throwing MVP putters and approach discs. Experimenting with these techniques can unlock your true potential.

How do the flight ratings of MVP putters and approach discs compare to those of other popular disc golf brands?

Like a beautiful symphony, MVP comparison reveals distinct flight paths and brand differences. Disc stability and unique features set MVP apart from other popular disc golf brands, making them a top pick for enthusiasts seeking freedom on the course.

What types of plastics are available for MVP putters and approach discs, and how do they affect the disc’s performance and durability?

I’ve tried various plastic types for MVP putters and approach discs, experiencing performance variations in each. Popular plastics offer different durability factors, with some even having a lower environmental impact.

How do the different MVP putters and approach discs perform in various weather conditions, such as wind, rain, or extreme temperatures?

I’ve found that MVP putters and approach discs offer excellent weather versatility. Temperature impacts are minimal, but wet grip techniques are crucial in rain. Windy play strategies and putters in snow require extra finesse.


I’ve been playing disc golf for years, and I can confidently say that MVP has some of the best putters and approach discs available today. With a vast range to choose from, you’re bound to find your perfect fit for optimal performance on the course.

One interesting statistic is that 80% of all shots taken in disc golf are within 100 feet of the target. That’s why having a reliable putter like those offered by MVP is absolutely crucial for shaving strokes off your game. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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