Which Discs Do The Top Disc Golf Players Use?

As disc golf emerges as a sport merging accuracy, strategy, and physical prowess, its global popularity is on an upward trajectory. With its competitive landscape continually shifting, we witness the rise of phenomenal players who outshine the rest.

This article delves into the preferred discs of the world’s leading five disc golf professionals, showcasing the tools they trust for unsurpassed air finesse.

Here are the current top-five ranked professional disc golfer’s most used discs in their bag:

Calvin HeimburgInnovaDestroyer, Eagle, Firebird, DracoRoc3, ToroAviar, Rhyno
Paul McBethDiscraftForce, Zeus, UndertakerBuzzz, WaspZone, Luna
Ricky WysockiDynamic DiscsAdder, Ballista Pro, Enforcer, Raider, Rive, Explorer, FeloneMac Truth, JusticeDagger, Harp
Eagle McMahonDiscmaniaDD3, PD, PD2, FD3, SpliceMD3, MutantRainmaker, Tactic
Simon LizotteMVPDefy, Trace, Dimension, Fireball, CravePyro, HexEntropy, Proxy, Glitch, Spin, Anode

Calvin Heimburg: Powerhouse of Innova

Calvin Heimburg, a stalwart figure from Innova, wields his discs with an intensity that’s hard to match. His collection of drivers, featuring the Destroyer, Eagle, Firebird, and Draco, empowers him with impressive distance and stability, crucial for mastering complex fairways.

When it comes to midrange throws, Heimburg showcases his accuracy and control with the Roc3 and Toro. In the realm of putting, Heimburg opts for the Aviar and Rhyno, ensuring reliable precision and flight consistency.

Paul McBeth: Discraft’s Disc Golf Luminary

Paul McBeth, a prominent figure in Discraft, needs no fanfare. A living legend in the disc golf universe, McBeth displays outstanding capabilities with his discerningly chosen discs. He prefers the Force, Zeus, and Undertaker as his drivers, empowering him to release potent throws with remarkable precision.

For maneuvering narrow fairways, McBeth depends on the Buzzz and Wasp midranges, adept at drawing precise trajectories through challenging landscapes. His putting game is fortified with the Discraft Zone and Luna discs, proving crucial for capturing pivotal birdies and saving pars.

Ricky Wysocki: Dynamic Discs’ Versatile Virtuoso

Ricky Wysocki, the two-time disc golf world champion and member of Team Dynamic Discs, introduces a vibrant strategy to the game. His assortment of drivers is comprehensive, incorporating the Adder, Ballista Pro, Enforcer, Raider, Rive, Explorer, and Felon.

This diverse selection allows Wysocki to adjust his throws to the varying demands of any course. In the midrange sphere, the eMac Truth and Justice become his reliable allies, offering controlled flights and dependable accuracy.

Rounding out his bag, Wysocki’s Dagger and Harp putters exemplify his nuanced touch on the green with both stable and understable putters.

Eagle McMahon: Discmania’s Power Prodigy

Eagle McMahon, an athlete of Discmania, personifies exceptional talent and potent power. McMahon’s assemblage of drivers, boasting the DD3, PD, PD2, FD3, and Splice, provides him with a broad spectrum of shot choices.

In dealing with midrange throws, the MD3 and Mutant discs ensure stability and precision, enabling McMahon to master intricate trajectories effortlessly with tons of glide. On the putting green, his reliance on the Rainmaker and Tactic putters demonstrates his steady focus and dexterous approach.

Simon Lizotte: MVP’s Dazzling Dynamo

Simon Lizotte, a distinguished representative of MVP, captivates with his unique flair and versatility. His preferred MVP drivers encompass the Defy, Trace, Dimension, Fireball, and Crave, enabling him to execute diverse shots with grace. For his midrange strategy, Lizotte depends on the Pyro and Hex discs, illustrating his skill in shaping shots and targeting precise landing zones. In the sphere of putting, Lizotte’s disc selection includes the Entropy, Proxy, Glitch, Spin, and Anode, each contributing to his mastery on the green.

Watching these top five professional disc golfers exhibit their extraordinary talents, it becomes evident that their triumph is the fruit of dedicated years and a profound comprehension of their discs. The drivers, midranges,

and putters they utilize are meticulously chosen to enhance their unique play styles, offering the ideal fusion of distance, control, and precision.

Disc golf continues to fascinate enthusiasts worldwide, and the gear employed by these superior athletes stands as a testament to the sport’s progress. As they redefine the boundaries of what’s feasible, we keenly await the upcoming innovations and the future champions who will rise to contest these formidable adversaries.