Discmania Link Disc Review: Unleash Your Putting Power

Are you searching for a dependable putter that can spice up your game? Well, you’re in the right place. I’m here to introduce the Discmania Link, a disc that packs versatility, consistency, and control—all in one!

Being a disc golf player with over 13 years of experience, I’ve had the opportunity to play with countless discs. Each has its unique charm, but very few strike a harmonious balance as the Discmania Link does.

In this in-depth Discmania Link review, we’ll go over every fascinating detail of this disc—from its flight characteristics to its look and feel. So let’s dive in and discover what makes the Link a treasured addition to your disc golf bag.

Flight Numbers

Light blue Discmania Lux Vapor Link Cloudbreaker with black stamp
  • Speed: 2
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 1

With a speed of 2, the Discmania Link is on the slower end of the spectrum, which means it won’t zip out of your hand. It’s made for precision, not speed, which is desirable in many putter and approach discs.

The glide of 3 indicates a moderate tendency to stay aloft, striking a beautiful balance that doesn’t see it dropping too soon or sailing too long.

The turn rating of 0 signifies mid-flight stability that allows the disc to fly straight and true without veering to the right. This feature alone makes the Link an absolute delight for those long putts and stable approach shots.

Lastly, the fade of 1 suggests a very mild leftward arc as the disc nears the end of its trajectory. This tender finish further enhances its predictability, cementing its credibility as a reliable throw in your arsenal.

Designed For Peak Performance

  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 2.00 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.50 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.10 cm

The Link sports a diameter of 21.20 cm, which is pretty much the standard for putters. This makes it comfortable to hold in the hand—a critical factor during those high-pressure moments during your game.

It comes with a moderate height of 2.00 cm. Short enough to maintain a low-profile stance in the flight, yet tall enough to offer a good ground grip upon landing.

The rim depth of 1.50 cm majorly contributes to the disc’s overall stability. Its not-so-deep, not-so-shallow size fits snugly into your grip and helps maintain a consistent release every time.

Measuring a rim width of 1.10 cm, the Link isn’t the faintest bit daunting to beginners. Its slim edge is easy on the hand and doesn’t compromise the throw, proving an asset in aiming with confidence. It also deters the disc from veering off direction, minimizing aerodynamic drag during its straight flight.

Compared to similar discs, the Discmania Link’s physical characteristics allow for a predictable, consistent, and controllable throw—attributes warmly welcomed on a disc golf course.

From Novice To Pro

Discmania Evolution Hard Exo Link Purple Putter Disc with gold stamp

The Link is a neutral flying putter released as the third disc in Discmania’s Evolution line. It suits a wide range of skill levels—from beginners discovering their placing shot strengths right up to top-level professionals in need of dependable precision.

Each aspect of the Link has been designed to ensure a reliable, stable flight that dovetails perfectly with the needs of novice and seasoned players.

As a beaded putter, it allows for a proper snap on both push and spin putts. However, it also offers a shallow enough depth to accommodate more powerful grips and forehand flicks—a factor that could greatly complement the progressive improvements of an evolving disc golfer’s skills.

Beyond the circle, where every throw demands a subtle interplay of speed, torque, and finesse, the Link continues to impress. It handles torque well and holds its line, so putts fade gently, but when driven, the Link’s stability gracefully comes to the fore. Pros striving for consistent performance will find the versatility of the Link a valuable addition to their collection.

Despite its versatility, the Link remains friendly to beginners. Its cost-effectiveness, resilience, and excellent grip in various temperatures and conditions make it a great starter disc. New players can gain confidence and control over their shots without feeling overwhelmed.

In conclusion, whether you’re a beginner testing your aim or a pro refining those long putts, the Discmania Link dares to be the one disc that bridges the skill gap with refreshing grace. The only requisite is a thirst for reliable, consistent performance.

A Putter For Every Situation

The Discmania Link shines brightly in its primary role as a putter. But it would be unjust to pigeonhole this versatile disc to only one function, as you can also use it for an approach shot and for that all-important but daunting hyzer or anhyzer. Below are all the ways this disc can be leveraged:

Indoor Circle Putts

The Link shows off its reliable stability in the circle putts, where accuracy and control are paramount. It’s there when you need to play it safe and when you need to take a calculated risk.

Outside Circle Putts

Need to go further? No problem! The Link’s fantastic design allows for accurate placement from beyond the circle. With just enough glide, it won’t sail past your target, and its low profile keeps it stable, making outside circle putts feel closer than they are.

Soaring Drives off the Tee

Get ready to exploit the Link’s versatility. This one disc can handle torque, maintains its line, and offers a predictable fade that ensures your shot goes precisely where you want it to go.

Exploring Alternatives

Daredevil Great Horned Owl

On its surface, the Daredevil Great Horned Owl might seem quite similar to the Discmania Link. They share similar characteristics, such as a moderate speed and glide, making them both excellent choices for putts and approach shots. However, the Owl’s substantially deeper rim may not suit players who find comfort and control in the Link’s more intermediate rim depth.

Clash Discs Butter

The Clash Discs Butter promises a similar flight path as the Link—with a low speed, an average glide, and a gentle end fade. However, it might be a little less stable than the Link. If you are after that extra bit of reliability the Link offers, the Butter could presumably fall short.

Discmania P2

Many compare the Discmania P2 to the Link, probably due to their shared roots. Both discs prove their worth in similar scenarios—precision putts, calculated approaches, and controlled drives. Though they share much in temperament, the beadless design paired with a slightly wider rim on the P2 sets it apart from the Link’s beaded profile and narrower rim.

Discmania Link In Review

The Discmania Link is an all-embracing putter disc that elegantly marries stability, control, and consistency—suitable for many players, from burgeoning beginners to well-honed pros. It’s a disc that ensures no one’s left behind due to its ability to adapt to various playing styles while remaining reliably predictable.

However, if you’re intimidated by beaded designs or prefer discs with a deeper rim, the Link might not be the ideal choice for you. It’s also worth noting that the plastic, though durable, can show signs of wear when exposed to heavy use.


  • Consistent and reliable in its flight
  • Versatile across different shot types
  • Ideal for players of different skill levels
  • Resilient and grippy in various conditions


  • Beaded design might not suit everyone’s grip preference
  • Might show wear and tear upon heavy usage