Discraft Buzzz OS Disc Review: Buttery Mid-Range Flight

As someone dedicated to disc golf for over 13 years, believe me when I say I’ve seen and used a variety of discs. Each has unique characteristics and values, some proving more valuable than others. Today, we’re focusing on a particular mid-range disc that has consistently delivered results—the Discraft Buzzz OS.

I can tell you that this disc stands firm as one of the most dependable releases in Discraft’s lineup. But trust me when I say there’s so much more to this disc that merits a deeper dive.

So, get ready as we take flight on this Discraft Buzzz OS review, exploring its characteristics, stability, dimensions, and more. Discover why the Buzzz OS could be the missing piece in your disc golf game.

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 3
Bright Green Discraft Buzzz OS with Blue Stamp

Let’s break these down. The Buzzz OS has a moderate speed rating of 5, so it won’t require a herculean arm to send this disc soaring across fairways. With a glide of 4, you can expect a solid amount of lift to take place, adding altitude to your throws, making this one efficient right out the gate.

A turn of 0 signifies the Buzzz OS’s relative stability, resisting the urge to veer off to the right (for right-handed, backhand players) at high speeds. If you’re in windy conditions, this feature becomes a serious game changer, safeguarding against unpredictable tosses.

But what gets me every time is the fade of 3. Expect this disc to hook back to the left as it slows down. It’s sharp, making it ideal for those utility shots or navigating obstacles you’d rather avoid. Overall, this disc promises accurate, controlled flights. You throw it—the Buzzz OS obeys.

Disc Specs

  • Diameter: 21.70 cm
  • Height: 1.70 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.30 cm

With a diameter of 21.70 cm, the Discraft Buzzz OS settles comfortably within the standard size range for most midrange discs, perfectly balancing flight stability and ease of grip. It’s got a height of 1.70 cm, trim enough to provide a lower profile that cuts through wind resistance like a pro.

What sets this disc apart for me personally are the rim dimensions. The slightly deeper 1.20 cm rim targets improved grip security, ensuring a confident release each time. Pair that with a moderate rim width of 1.30 cm, and you’ve got a design that balances stability and distance—making it a very user-friendly piece of equipment.

Is This The Disc For You?

The Discraft Buzzz OS is a disc that speaks to a broad spectrum of players. Discraft describes it as being more overstable than a Wasp but less than a Drone. This disc is versatile and suits various backhand and forehand throw styles.

While it can prove a solid choice for a beginner looking to step up their game and learn to control an overstable disc, the Buzzz OS is a reliable stalwart for the more seasoned players. It’s a disc that demands and rewards control, reliability, and a slightly stronger arm than a beginner might have. For newbies still wrestling with throwing a straight line, the persistent fade back to the left might frustrate more than flatter.

Disc Golf Versatility

The Discraft Buzzz OS is a utility disc, a well-rounded mid-range workhorse that thrives in roles where precision, control, and a bit of oomph all intertwine. Need something to hold the line against a stout headwind? Buzzz OS. Got a tough around-the-corner shot to nail? Call on your Buzzz OS.

Given its profile, it thrives in performing the following shot types:

Yellow Discraft Buzzz OS with Light Blue Stamp

S-Line/Spike Hyzer

I’ve found the Buzzz OS does wonders on a spike line, moving straight up, then down, with a lovely stability that drops it like a stone wrapped in feathers.

Flick Forehand Shots

Seasoned players would love this when they need a forehand shot to go the required distance.

Headwind Control

Stand and deliver. When faced with a headwind and needing to maintain a straight line with a hard finish, the Buzzz OS has your back.

Backhand Flex Shots

With a controlled backhand flex, the Discraft Buzzz OS will reliably drop out of the sky, planting itself on the ground and defying an unexpected gust. It’s a cool trick I didn’t know I needed until I saw the placement advantage it gave me.

Similar Mid-Range Discs

DGA Quake

Like the Buzzz OS, the Quake is a reliable, overstable mid-range disc with a flat top and comfortable grip. I’ve found the Quake to be more overstable, making it ideal for those windy days or when you need that hard fade at the end. It’s a dependable addition to any player’s bag.

Dynamic Discs Verdict

The Verdict is another overstable mid-range with a similar feel and flight to the Buzzz OS. I’ve found it to offer a little more glide, adding extra distance. The fade feels similar, ensuring the Verdict stays true to its intended course.

Full Turn Beacon

An overstable midrange, much like the Buzzz OS, the Beacon shines in situations that demand predictable flights. The Beacon comes through when you need that reliable, overstable finish tied to a generous nod of glide. It has quickly earned a dedicated spot in my gear bag and may just find a place in yours.

Short on distance and long on control, the Discraft Buzzz OS fits snugly between your putters and fairway drivers. From looks to feel to flight, it’s been designed with an overt nod to practicality and performance. It’s the reliable staple that gets you closer to a disc golf win.

Discraft Buzzz OS In Review

The Buzzz OS is an incredibly dependable mid-range disc perfect for intermediate to advanced players looking for precise control in their throws. Its consistent stability and predictable hard fade make it ideal for navigating harsh winds, tackling tricky shots, and managing those forehand opportunities.

Beginners might struggle with its overstable nature, but mastering it can be valuable to their skill set. I wouldn’t readily recommend it as a first disc, but it can be a real game-changer for players looking to increase the variety of their throws.


  • Stable and reliable in various wind conditions
  • Great for both forehand and backhand throws
  • Excellent hard fade offers precision and control
  • Comfortable grip and feel


  • Not recommended for beginners due to overstable flight characteristics
  • Not designed for maximum-distance throws