Discraft Challenger SS Disc Review: Putter Perfection

Today, I’m thrilled to bring you an in-depth look at an impressive disc — the Discraft Challenger SS. As someone who has thrown countless putters in over 13 years of being an avid disc golf player, I can confidently say that the Discraft Challenger SS occupies a unique position on the spectrum.

Throughout this Discraft Challenger SS review, we’ll zoom in on its flight properties, dimensions, skill level suitability, primary use, and even a comparison to similar discs in the market.

Drawing from my rich experience in the field and extensive testing sessions, I’m excited to guide you through the ins and outs of this stand-out disc. Whether you’re a disc golf rookie or a seasoned player, there’s something here for everyone. So, come and join me as I delve into this disc’s specs.

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 2
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 2

Let me shed some light on what these numbers mean for the Discraft Challenger SS. With a speed of 2, this disc isn’t the fastest in your bag, but that’s not a bad thing. Instead, it offers control and consistency, especially on shorter shots.

The glide rating of 3 implies a steady and sure flight. Even though it won’t hang in the air as long as higher-rated discs, the Challenger SS makes up for it with predictability.

The turn of -1 and a fade of 2 shows this disc to be very balanced. Upon release, it’ll have a slight inclination to the right (for right-hand backhand throws), with a dependable fade back to the left at the end. This stability makes it a joy to throw, offering a reliable flight path every time. I’ve tested many similar discs, and the Challenger SS excels in this department.

A Closer Look

  • Diameter: 21 cm
  • Height: 2.20 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.60 cm
  • Rim Width: 1 cm

The Discraft Challenger SS’s dimensions are consistent with the kind of control and stability it offers. With a diameter of 21 cm and a height of 2.20 cm, it sits comfortably in your hand, making it easy to grip and release.

The 1.60 cm rim depth aids in control, whether you’re making precise drives or subtle approaches. It’s deep enough to allow a balanced grip without being too wide to manage. The rim width of 1 cm further underscores its commitment to control and precision — thin enough for a firm grip yet substantial enough to provide the stability you need.

When comparing it to similar discs, the Discraft Challenger SS sets itself apart with the comfortable grip and control it provides. In my years of experience, I have found these physical characteristics crucial for those close-range shots where feel and finesse matter more than raw power.

Will This Disc Challenge You?

Purple Discraft Jawbreaker Challenger SS with Gold Sparkles Stamp

Here’s something worth noting about the Discraft Challenger SS: it’s versatile enough to benefit players of all skill levels, from rookies to advanced players.

As an understable disc with a flat top and a rounded edge, it provides a familiar, comfortable grip that is inviting to beginners. The beadless rim makes it even more approachable, reducing the flight’s complexity and making it easier to handle, particularly on those tough-putting greens.

At the same time, the Discraft Challenger SS can show its worth to more advanced players with the added speed and precision inherent to this disc’s lineage. This is why it has been my go-to putting putter for so long.

However, this popular Challenger putter might not be the right fit for seasoned players who prefer an aggressive disc with a ton of speed or those who love a significant bead on their putters. It’s built for smooth, controlled flight, not a blistering dash to the bucket. I’ve found this control to be a game-changer for my short game, but I understand this feature may not feel that way for everyone.

Great Glide And Excellent Grip

The Discraft Challenger SS shines in a precise role: it’s a putting putter extraordinaire. Whether it’s a nail-bitingly close putt or a long-distance challenge, this disc has you covered.

The Challenger SS offers a beadless rim for a comfortable grip. Its understability and flat-top design provide accuracy and precision, making it a perfect player in those intense putting situations. 

However, don’t let its fantastic putting ability overshadow its impressive versatility. This disc can also serve effectively as a driving putter, thanks to its stable flight and decent glide. Here are a few shot types where the Challenger SS comes in handy:

Straight Putts

This disc will fly true to your aim with a consistent fade at the end, allowing for confident straight putts.

Controlled Drives

The Challenger SS is an excellent choice on a straight, narrow fairway, where precision trumps distance.

Anhyzer Shots

With its slight turn, this disc is perfect for anhyzer shots, holding the line excellently before the soft fade.

Similar Putt And Approach Discs

Looking into other options, a few discs could be considered similar to the Discraft Challenger SS. But remember, each disc carries its unique nuances.

Alfa Discs Theios

The Theos is a stable putter with a similar control and touch as the Challenger SS. However, this disc has a bit more glide and a minor difference in the rim. If you find the Challenger SS slightly too understable, you might enjoy the extra stability of the Theios.

Discmania Shogun

I’ve got plenty of mileage from the Shogun, which provides similar control to the Challenger SS. It has a deep, comfortable grip, and consistent stability that mirrors the Challenger SS, making it another fantastic option for putting and controlled throws. The Shogun offers a bit more turn and can hold an anhyzer line more stubbornly.

Doomsday Discs Land Mine

The Land Mine is an intriguing approach putter where its thicker-than-average, blunt-edge rim promotes controlled flight. This distinctive design facilitates a slower, controlled flight perfect for forehand and backhand throws. If you are looking for a disc that can land close to your target without deviating from its path, the Land Mine could be a solid pick.

While these discs share similarities with the Challenger SS, their slight variations in speed, glide, turn, and fade could offer a slightly different experience on the course. Be sure to analyze these aspects before making a choice.

Discraft Challenger SS In Review

The Discraft Challenger SS is a reliable, versatile putter that suits most players. Its emphasis on control and precision makes it especially useful for beginners looking to improve their game and experienced players seeking consistency on the putting green or modest drives.


  • Excellent for beginners due to its understability and comfortable grip.
  • Suits a range of shot types, from short putts to controlled drives.
  • Reliable, consistent flight path with a predictably soft fade.
  • Available in various plastic types, offering various grips and durability.


  • May not appeal to players demanding high-speed discs.
  • Might not be a favorite for those who prefer a substantial bead on their putters.