Discraft Crank SS Review: Crank Up Your Disc Performance

Greetings, dear disc golfers! Let’s dive into the dynamic world of disc golf with this comprehensive Discraft Crank SS review. With over 13 years of experience in the sport having tested numerous discs with diverse capabilities, I’m thrilled to share with you what makes this disc truly gold-worthy.

If you’re seeking a disc that can conquer the field with only moderate power, then you’ve just found the right place. This is a disc driver that’s all about breaking new records.

Let’s dissect its impressive features, shedding light on how it works, who it’s meant for, and how it stacks up against other discs in the market. So strap yourself in because we’re about to go on a thrilling ride!

Flight Info: Fast And Controllable

  • Speed: 13
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -3
  • Fade: 2

The Crank SS has a speed of 13, indicating that it’s among the speediest discs on the golf terrain. It requires considerable arm speed or force to achieve its true potential. Those who can throw with significant power will savor the thrill this disc brings.

With a glide rating of 5, this airborne missile maintains loftiness for extended periods. It is the perfect ally for golfers seeking maximum distance, especially on open courses or longer drives.

The turn of -3 showcases the disc’s quality to veer towards the right in the early flight when thrown by a right-hand backhand player (RHBH). This understable trait makes it a top pick for shaping shots around obstacles or launching a lengthy turnover drive.

Lastly, a fade of 2 implies that it will smoothly swerve back to the left as it loses velocity towards the end of its path, giving you a controlled finale. This fade degree also proves it endures moderate wind without massively altering your intended path.

Overall, this provides the best of both worlds – impressive speed, excellent glide, controllable turn, and moderate fade, presenting an exquisite balance for golfers seeking extended drives with good control.

Disc Info: Comfortable Grip Design

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.50 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.40 cm

The Crank SS has a standard diameter of 21.10 cm, offering many users a pleasant and familiar grip.

The disc’s height of 1.50 cm renders it neither overly tall nor exceedingly flat, making it versatile to accommodate diverse grip styles.

The rim depth of 1.10 cm favors those with smaller hands, potentially offering enhanced control, which is especially handy for power throwers.

The disc’s rim width is at the bulkier end, at 2.40 cm. This sturdy grip, augmented by the wider rim, adds to the range potential, making it the perfect ticket for those long drives. However, it might feel slightly large for those with smaller hands.

In a nutshell, while it promises substantial reach, it demands considerable grip strength. Its design signifies a disc primarily suitable for users favoring a larger rim paired with a shallow depth.

Great For All Skill Levels

White Discraft Crank SS with Rainbow Stamp

Based on numerous reviews and Discraft’s description, it’s evident that the Crank SS benefits a broad array of skill levels. Its forte is the ability to deliver substantial distance, even to golfers who may lack powerful arm strength. With a stability rating of 0.7, its understable nature makes it ideal for beginner or intermediate players who could use an extra kick of range in their throws.

For seasoned users, its understable character allows for quick flips on hyzer releases, allowing them to navigate intricate paths around obstacles or shape-specific lines.

Most reviewers, across skill levels, acclaim the disc for its excellent blend of speed and controllability. The grip is also noted for its comfortable feel, enhancing the throwing experience.

Proceed with caution, beginner! Some weight variants, like the 167g, maybe a little too fast and less understable than desired for an absolute newbie.

This can be a fantastic tool for lower-power throwers wanting to break records, intermediate players seeking understable drivers for shot shaping, and pros looking for discs that provide nifty flip-ups for versatile use. It offers an enticing balance that can suit various skill levels.

Quintessential Distance Driver

The Crank SS shines as an archetypal distance driver in disc golf- designed for those critical moments when you need to launch significant distance off the tee or when you’re craving that extra yardage on long, open fairways. However, don’t let its categorization limit your mastery. The disc’s understable nature makes it a perfect tool in many situations.

The Crank SS is commonly used for the following:


When you must steer the disc to the right (for RHBH users), this turns over smoothly and holds the line, offering predictable paths.


Its propensity for quick flipping makes it an excellent choice for hyzer flips, transitioning from a hyzer angle to a flat flight for a straight approach before the fade begins.


When you want your disc to veer right and then curve back to the left, this can deliver a dynamic flight path when thrown on a slight hyzer.

Similar Discs

Axiom Mayhem

The Axiom Mayhem shares similar traits with the Crank SS. It mimics the speed, glide, and stability. Perfect for people relying on S-curves, Mayhem could be an interesting alternative with a slightly more enduring finish.

Dynamic Discs Sheriff

The Dynamic Discs Sheriff has the same speed and glide as the Crank SS but is more stable. Due to its increased turn resistance, it makes for a viable companion in windy conditions.

Innova Shryke

The Innova Shryke, demonstrating similar characteristics, fits into the category of fast, understable drivers as the Crank SS. However, it tends to be slightly less understable, diluting the turn’s sharpness but strengthening the fade’s consistency.

Crank SS positions itself among an outstanding family of distance drivers. Whether you prefer it over the Axiom Mayhem, Dynamic Discs Sheriff, or Innova Shryke will likely depend on your preference and specific game requirements.

Discraft Crank SS Review: Final Thoughts

The Discraft Crank SS is an essence of speed, distance, and control crafted for a broad set of skill levels, including those who might not possess high arm strength. Offering impressive glide, manageable turnover, and a predictable fade, it covers a significant range while being an effective strategy tool for navigating around obstacles.

However, fresh beginners, particularly those with lighter-weight variants, may find its quickness challenging.


  • Superb coverage, even for lower-power throwers.
  • High versatility in shot shaping due to its understable character.
  • Achieves more air time due to its high glide.
  • Well-balanced speed and fade for optimal range and control.


  • High speed can be tough for absolute beginners to control.
  • Shallow rim depth might not be comfortable for people with larger hands.