Discraft Hades Review: A Promised Disc From Paul McBeth

As someone immersed in the sport for over 13 years, I’ve had the opportunity to test and play with various discs. Today, I’m super excited to share my experience – and that of other avid fans- with a disc that’s been creating waves in the disc golf world. Welcome to my Discraft Hades review.

This caught my attention in my quest to find the perfect long-distance driver. Soon enough, it wasn’t just another disc but a staple in my bag, deserving of an in-depth review.

Ready to enhance your game with an incredible driver? Stick around as we dive deep into this product and explore its unique flight characteristics, physical features, perfect use cases, and more!

Flight Numbers Breakdown: Breaking The Limit

  • Speed: 12
  • Glide: 6
  • Turn: -3
  • Fade: 2

The Discraft Hades’ fast speed rating of 12 grants it a high velocity, allowing it to slice through the air easily. It ensures satisfyingly long distances on your drive.

The high glide of 6 enhances that distance even further. It stays aloft longer, affording delightful moments where it lazily floats on the wind before gently coming to rest.

The -3 turn rating is a distinct “right curve” for right-hand backhand throws mid-flight. This allows for more strategic shots, especially when dealing with obstacles or maneuvering around bends.

The fade of 2, representing the disc’s tendency to hook left towards the end of its flight, is moderate. It offers a balanced counter to the turn, helping to keep the disc on a consistent trajectory. It provides a fascinating flight path that is a treat to observe and learn. Expect some fun rounds as you master its unique characteristics.

Disc Info: Signature Paul McBeth Special

Black Discraft 6x Claw ESP Hades with Holo Reptile Stamp
  • Diameter: 21 cm
  • Height: 1.60 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.30 cm

The Discraft Hades has a standard diameter of 21 cm, fitting comfortably in most hands. The height of 1.60 cm is on the lower side, but it grants this disc a slim profile that easily slices through the air.

A rim depth of 1.10 cm provides good grip depth, facilitating a firmer and more controlled grip while playing. This works wonderfully with the 2.30 cm rim width, ensuring a manageable, secure hold on the disc while powering those high-speed throws.

Compared to similar discs, it has a slightly thinner rim and lightweight plastic, contributing to its exceptional speed upon release. Transitioning to it might need a bit of time, but it is worth it for the performance it delivers.

Another pro to consider is its availability in premium molds, such as the Signature ESP and Big Z. The Signature ESP Hades is primarily known for having lots of glide and a controllable fade.

Customer Reviews Analysis: Made For All Disc Golf Skill Levels

As part of the celebrated Paul McBeth series, the Discraft Hades is marketed as a straight-to-understable driver. With its remarkable glide, this is a slightly understable distance driver suited as a go-to for covering vast distances effortlessly.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this beauty of a disc is only for advanced users, though. You’ll find this a game-changer even if you’re an intermediate player. As for the big-handed people, prepare to be amazed by the distances you can achieve with this understable gem!

Based on my experience and customer reviews, this seems unrivaled. One reviewer pointed out how accurate the turn rating is: power up your throw, and it flips, sails straight, and then delicately fades. It’s a delight to watch in action.

This is surprisingly beginner-friendly for novices or those without a powerful arm. It delivers good distance with little effort, and the high-quality plastic feels great in hand, leading to satisfying throws every time.

A few reviewers, including myself, have three beauties in their bag. It’s hard not to appreciate it for its performance but for the impressive range of shots it can handle. Aptly named, it’s a real powerhouse of a disc.

So, consider making this part of your disc arsenal regardless of your skill level. You won’t regret the addition of long-distance drives that glide effortlessly and understable shots that add spice and excitement to your game.

Versatile Distance Driver

The Hades is widely recognized as a long-distance driver, with its high speed and under-stability, delivering extensive distances immediately. This disc can practically be used across varied scenarios you might encounter on the course, making it a versatile asset in your disc bag.

Given the high glide and notable turn, this can be employed strategically to maneuver around obstacles or mold the full flight path to your advantage.

Hyzer Flips

Given its understable nature, it performs impressively when thrown with a hyzer flip. The disc flips up, glides in a straight line, and ends with a subtle fade and a big distance.

Tunnel Shots

This is the right product for tunnel shots, especially for right-handed sidearm throws. It cruises straight, offering minimal and manageable fade.

Windy Condition

Despite its understable nature, it showcases remarkable stability when thrown into the wind. As one reviewer pointed out, it does impressively well in windy scenarios, going long and straight.

Similar Discs To Shop For

Clash Discs Wild Honey

This disc is not one I’ve personally tried, but it’s known to have comparable glide and turn. Like the Hades driver, Wild Honey caters well to those versatile shots and is more geared towards advanced players.

Discmania Enigma

The Enigma shares a similar speed rating with the Hades but offers a lesser turn, making it slightly more stable. It’s a fabulous disc in its own right, and the similarities with the latter make it a competitor.

Gateway Apex

The Apex is another disc with similar flight ratings. However, it tends to be more understable. The Apex might be an interesting disc if you love the Hades but want even more turns.

While these discs are similar, each disc golfer’s skill and preferences influence the “best” disc. I encourage you to try these discs if you’re intrigued by the performance of the Hades and seek a slightly different throw profile.

Discraft Hades Review: Final Thoughts

Pearl Discraft Big Z Hades with Blue Stamp

In summary, the Discraft Hades is an exceptional go-to distance driver, offering people of nearly all skill levels a way to cover large distances comfortably. Even for those with a slower arm like mine or just starting, it is remarkably forgiving and provides a satisfying distance with minimal effort.


  • It boasts an impressive combination of speed and glide
  • The turn and fade balance provides unique and strategic flight patterns
  • The comfortable grip depth and rim width ensure a secure hold
  • The versatility of the disc allows it to be used in diverse situations


  • Players with a less powerful throw might not see the touted under-stability
  • It might not be the best choice in severe windy conditions