Discraft Luna Review: A Putter’s Disc Golf Dream

Hi there! Today, I want to chat about one of my favorite pieces of golfing gear that I’ve been testing out across various courses: the Discraft Luna. I’ve spent over 13 years being involved in disc golf, playing and reviewing countless discs, and I must say, this has managed to catch my eye.

Pink Discraft Swirl Soft Luna with Black Stamp

In this Discraft Luna review, I will leave no stone unturned. Drawing from my experience, extensive disc knowledge, and valuable feedback from other players, we’ll break down every aspect of this trusty disc.

Are you eager to level up your game? Stay with me as we delve into the characteristics, dimensions, and how it caters to different skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just a fairway newbie, this review has something for you. So let’s get started!

Flight Numbers Breakdown: Reliable Fairway Putter

  • Speed: 3
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 3

The Discraft Luna is a new putter co-designed by Paul McBeth, which harnesses a moderate pace of speed at 3, contributing to a controlled, steady flight through most course conditions. The glide is also pegged at 3, promising a reasonable amount of ‘lift’ to get the disc airborne without drifting excessively off course.

A turn rating of 0 indicates that the Luna is resistant to flip, making it an ace player for those headwind throws. It maintains the thrown line and doesn’t cut hard to the right (for right-handed throws), regardless of the power behind the throw.

The fade, at a score of 3, means it leans towards the end but in a good way, ensuring it settles softly with a dependable finish to the left. This makes it a great choice for ironing out your aim and nailing those precision-focused shots.

These numbers indicate a disc that excels at stability and predictability, making it a reliable bet in your disc golf arsenal. It’s the kind of disc that you can depend upon once you get to know its attributes for a range of throwing situations.

Disc Info: A Plastic Blend From Paul McBeth

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 2 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.10 cm

The Discraft Luna has a standard diameter of 21.10 cm, placing it in most players’ often-favored, comfortable zone. The height of 2 cm gives the disc a flat-top profile that feels fantastic in hand and promotes a smoother release.

The rim depth of 1.4 cm might seem a tad deep to some, but it’s a feature that contributes greatly to control and stability; it gives more handle on the disc, making it easier to be precise with your shots.

The Luna’s rim width, at just 1.10 cm, is slightly narrower than average. This lean rim design makes it way more grippy, especially for those with smaller hands or those who find fuller, deeper rims challenging to control.

All these factors combine to create a disc with a great hand feel and stability well suited for putting and short to mid-range throws. Compared to similar discs, the Luna offers a remarkable balance between size, comfort, and performance – a disc that lives up to Discraft’s reputation for innovation and quality.

The disc also comes in various limited edition premium plastic, such as Elite Z, Big Z, and Jawbreaker. The Jawbreaker is particularly known for having a rubber blend, which makes for a great beadless putter.

Customer Reviews Analysis: A Guide For Disc Golf Pros

Blue Discraft Big Z Luna with Grey Stamp

Designed as part of the Paul McBeth line for Discraft, the Luna is his primary putter and stands out for being more overstable than many other putters. It has a certain charm that comes off well with experienced players. It’s a putter that calls for confidence, boasting a low-gliding, beadless design that works wonders in the hands of adept players.

The Luna is formulated using Jawbreaker’s high-quality plastic mixed with rubber’s durability and extra tackiness. This unique blend offers an excellent grip, which, as many reviewers will testify, instills confidence during release.

Given its unique design and plastic blend, the Luna fits snugly into the palm, empowering you with comfort and control. It has a rounded rim with no bead that sits well into the first notch of your index finger, taking shot-making precision to a new level. Reviewers have continuously appreciated its grip and comfort across different hand sizes.

The flight, when putting, is standard but gets interesting when thrown as a driver. Contrary to its numbers, it exhibits understable behavior, making it a reliable choice against wind. The Discraft Luna is a testament to Paul McBeth’s winning reputation and a loyal comrade for advancing disc golfers.

There’s a consensus amongst beginners and advanced players alike about its ease of control. That said, it will thoroughly reward those experienced in the game, with the potential to tame and maximize its unique attributes. However, getting the right control over the Luna might require some practice for those fresh to disc golf.

A True Staple Of Putt And Approach

The Discraft Luna holds the fort as a dependable putter, delivering controlled, steady performance, making it an invaluable asset when precision is key. It’s also crafted to tackle different angles or putting styles, displaying its full potential in heavily wooded and open-style courses.

Straight as an arrow and wonderfully manipulable, it’s a fantastic partner for players who appreciate a disc that offers excellent control with a satisfying level of glide. Perhaps the Luna’s ultimate superpower is its reliable ground action. It sits tight on landing, refusing to roll away or deviate from its path.

Straight Putts

The Discraft Luna’s zero turn and low glide ensure a predictable path, making it a favorite for straight-putting within the circle.

Driven Shots

Despite being a putter, it shows surprising understability when thrown as a driver. It can flip up and remain stable, even in windy conditions—an attribute experienced throwers can exploit for controlled driving along the fairway.


Users particularly note this for its approach shot capability. Its overstable nature brings it home with a predictable fade, making it an ideal go-to for approach shots.

Similar Discs

Innova AviarX3

With a similar flat-top profile and beadless design, the AviarX3 presents an overstability that holds lines well. However, the AviarX3 might be slightly more overstable and less forgiving in terms of control than the Luna. That said, for players comfortable with the Luna and looking for a bit more finish and wind-fighting capability, the AviarX3 could be a suitable step up.

Prodigy A1

The A1 is a fast, overstable putter with a unique, flat-edged profile. It noticeably differs from the Luna, showing a more pronounced end-of-flight fade and less glide. While this disc might be too much of a handful for beginners, it’s well-suited to experienced players who can use its speed and overstableness for pinpoint approaches or windy-day putts.

Streamline Stabilizer

The Stabilizer shares the Luna’s rounded, comfortable feel but comes from a different mold family and shows distinctly different characteristics. With a hint more speed and a strong end-of-flight fade, it is excellent for those tricky, twisty shots or when facing a gusty headwind. It could be interesting if you’ve already settled with the Luna but want a disc that offers more speed and hook.

Of course, each disc has unique attributes and quirks, and it’s always worth testing out each one individually to see which fits your style of play the best. The Luna, however, tends to stand out with a balanced combination of features that’s not easy to replicate.

Discraft Luna Review: Final Thoughts

Green Discraft Metallic Z Luna Paul Mcbeth Tour Series with Black Stamp

The Discraft Luna is an ace performer, blending stability, control, and versatility. The Luna is geared towards experienced and seasoned players who can exploit its diverse features. However, that’s not to say that beginners won’t find it equally appealing—several reviewers have highlighted its manageable handle and understated introduction to different throwing techniques.


  • The Discraft Luna provides an exceptional feel, enabling a confident release.
  • Its moderate flight numbers make it an all-rounder with good control and predictability.
  • It suits a range of situations, from putting to driving to approaching shots.
  • It’s well-loved for its rounded, beadless profile and comfortable hand feel.


  • Luna’s understable behavior when thrown as a driver can seem confusing or tricky to beginners.
  • While offering an exceptional grip, the plastic blend might be more prone to dents and scratches from impacts.