Discraft Raptor Disc Review: Soar Above the Competition

As a seasoned golf disc enthusiast with 13+ years of experience, I’ve played and tested hundreds of discs. Among the stack of favorites, the Discraft Raptor is one disc that grinds my gears for all the right reasons.

With this Discraft Raptor review, I aim to provide loyal Discraft fans and curious newbies with a comprehensive analysis of the Raptor. A disc that boasts stability throughout its flight, it’s touted as being “designed for confident, gutsy play.”

I’ve had the pleasure of using this disc in every condition imaginable, so you can expect a no-holds-barred breakdown from a seasoned player’s perspective. So, buckle up for an in-depth disc analysis!

Flight Numbers

Midnight Discraft Midnight CryZtal Raptor (DGLO 2022) with Black Stamp
  • Speed: 9
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 3

The Discraft Raptor comes with a moderate speed of 9, which means it reaches a significant distance within a short time but not so fast that you lose control. Think of it like the speed of a classic muscle car — just enough firepower to keep things exciting.

Couple that with a glide rating of 4, and you have a disc that keeps airborne long enough to cover more ground – think of it as the disc’s ability to ‘hang in the air.’

One of the features I adore about the Raptor is its zero turn. That means the disc doesn’t bank right while throwing hard, staying true to the line. It’s a godsend for those windy days when you want your disc to cut through the air like a burly lumberjack through a log.

Finally, the Discraft Raptor’s fade number reads 3. This means it has a predictable left curve at the end of the flight. It’s perfect when you want that extra bend to skirt an obstacle towards the end of your throw.

Disc Specs

Light Green Discraft ESP Lightweight Sparkle Raptor Ledgestone with Holo Stamp
  • Diameter: 21.30 cm
  • Height: 1.90 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.90 cm

Diving into the specifics of the Discraft Raptor, it has a wholesome diameter of 21.30 cm, making it a medium-to-large disc — a perfect fit for an average adult hand. Its height of 1.90 cm strikes an excellent balance between a slim, streamlined body for cutting-edge speed and enough girth for a comfy grip.

The rim depth of 1.10 cm feels neither too shallow to slip nor too deep to obstruct a solid grip. This disc sits comfortably in hand before a powerful throw, giving it that personal touch. The Raptor’s rim width measures 1.90 cm, which offers stability during the flight and a fair degree of control.

Unleashing The Beast

Pink Discraft Jawbreaker Raptor Ledgestone with Blue Stamp

The Discraft Raptor has been fine-tuned to deliver astounding performance, specifically for confident players, regardless of forehand or backhand preferences.

Putting this disc to use can immensely benefit your game if you’re a player teetering on the edge of amateur and intermediate skill levels. The negligible flip and ability to withstand headwinds make this disc ideal if you’re looking to push past the 300ft mark with control and a solid grip.

However, true beauty unveils itself when the Raptor gets slightly weathered — it evolves into a rewarding hyzer flip disc, illustrating its versatility. My first Raptor and I had been through some testing times together, and yet, it never failed to surprise me with its adaptability over time.

Newbies might initially find the Discraft Raptor challenging to tame due to its overstable nature, especially if you’re still working on increasing your throwing power significantly. However, it can be an invaluable solution for honing your forehand game with its consistent performance and trusty fade.

The Raptor can serve as a stepping stone for players yearning to improve and explore various throws while delighting seasoned players seeking stability and control in their drives.

Level Up Your Disc Golf Game

Orange Discraft Z Raptor with Light Blue Stamp

The Discraft Raptor is your answer to major challenges, particularly when the weather decides to be uncooperative. It’s designed to be your best pal when driving into the wind or executing precision shots. The Raptor lives up to its hype by providing an incredibly reliable and versatile flight path for throws under 300ft.

The Raptor can be particularly useful for:

Flex Shots

On an anhyzer release, this disc holds the line beautifully and then predictably fades back, giving you a satisfying ‘S-curve’ shot when needed.

Overstable Forehand Throws

The Raptor’s stability shines here, providing a solid flight path before performing a dependable fade to the right. Remember, confidence is king!

Headwind Shots

The moment I knew the Raptor was a keeper was when I waltzed through a gusty round at my local course. With its steadfast, overstable nature, you can trust it to hold its line in a strong headwind — no nasty surprises!

Whether you’re a right-hand or left-hand player, the Raptor offers consistent performance with barely any flip and a trustworthy fade, be it backhand or forehand. The unbeatable grip and optimal rim depth ensure you execute each shot confidently and precisely.

Discs Similar To The Raptor

Discmania FD3

The FD3 and the Raptor are remarkably alike in their shared overstable flights and roles as utility discs. If you’re trying to make a case for the Raptor, think of FD3 with an even more robust feel and predictability.

Gateway Blade

The Gateway Blade shares a similar overstable quality with the Raptor but carries a chunkier rim. While the Blade is a speed 10 disc, its flight can be compared to the Raptor’s, especially in terms of reliability in windy conditions.

Kastaplast Stal

A match in speed, the Kastaplast Stal is quite similar to the Raptor with its overstable flight. But the Stal bears a unique characteristic — its remarkable ability to sink fast towards the end of the flight, which isn’t as prominent in the predictable fade of the Raptor.

Discraft Raptor In Review

The Discraft Raptor is a great overstable fairway driver that delivers beautifully whether you’re forehanding, backhanding, or throwing into the wind. If you’re seeking predictable performance with elements of controllable versatility, the Discraft Raptor could become your go-to disc.


  • Exceptional stability in windy conditions allows for controlled, predictable throws
  • Decomposes into a versatile hyzer flip disc with use, unlocking new throwing strategies
  • Impeccable grip and rim depth contribute to a comfortable in-hand experience
  • Performs superbly for both backhand and forehand throws


  • Its overstable nature might be daunting for beginners or those with lower throwing power
  • Requires a few uses for true versatility to shine through