Discraft Vulture Review: Unleash Your Inner Bird of Prey

I’ve been playing disc golf for over thirteen years. Disc after disc, throw after throw, the game continues to pull me back to the fairway with its charm. When the Discraft Vulture landed in my hands, it promised to rise to the challenge.

In this Discraft Vulture review, we’re stepping into the eye of the storm with one of the most reliable fairway drivers I’ve had the pleasure to throw. With remarkable flight dynamics, a comfortable grip, and an uncanny ability to brave the wind, it became a faithful companion on countless courses.

Ready to discover why this disc could become the powerful wind under your wings? Let’s soar right in!

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 10
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 2

When it comes to flight and stability, the Discraft Vulture doesn’t disappoint. With a speed rating of 10, it’s a fast disc, capable of covering distance impressively. I’ve found it to be consistently reliable in terms of power and speed.

Sitting at 5, the glide factor lends an excellent high angle of descent, giving your throw an admirable distance even in headwind conditions. This means the Vulture tends to stay in the air longer, giving you that extra bit you might need to reach the basket.

The Vulture showcases a turn rating of 0, which translates to resistance to turning over or banking sharply to the right during the initial part of its flight. This feature can be a boon for newer players still honing their control skills.

As for fade, the Vulture touches down with a rating of 2. It has a predictable moderate fade at the end of the flight. This provides a rightward motion (for a right-hand, backhand throw) as it slows down, allowing for savvy positioning around obstacles near the target.

Measuring Up

Midnight Discraft Midnight Z Vulture with Black Stamp
  • Diameter: 21.40 cm
  • Height: 1.60 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.80 cm

When it comes to the physical specifics, the Discraft Vulture provides an indisputable sense of quality the moment it rests within your grip. With a diameter of 21.40 cm, it offers a reliable size that feels substantial enough for a firm grip without feeling bulky.

The height of the disc is a comfortable 1.60 cm, which gives it a sleek profile, making it versatile for different throwing styles. This elegant size, paired with a rim depth of 1.20 cm, ensures a secure grip for confident throwing.

The rim width strikes a balance at 1.80 cm, wide enough for a solid grip but also narrow enough for smooth, efficient release.

Can You Master The Vulture?

Green Discraft Vulture Holyn Handley Tour Series 2023 with Red Sparkles Bottom Stamp

The Discraft Vulture is a disc that appreciates both the finesse of seasoned disc golfers and the determination of the ambitious novice alike. Its superb stability and glide efficiently manage moderate headwinds and help newer players find a consistent, predictable flight.

Having personally used and watched others play with the Vulture, it doesn’t take long to appreciate its shot-shaping ability. I’ve seen it used to masterfully manage upwind shots with what seems like brute force, but in reality, it’s just the excellent design of the Vulture at play. The more experienced players will find joy in this.

The Vulture is quite versatile as it accommodates both backhand and sidearm throws, providing extra glide irrespective of the throwing style. The positive impressions from other players evoke a similar sentiment — a disc that is reliable, resilient, and offers impeccable control down the course.

However, I do want to append a caveat here. Players with slower arm speeds might find the disc starts to fade too early, potentially causing the disc to stall out. As such, this disc might not be ideal for beginners still developing their throwing power.

Disc Golf Versatility

Yellow Discraft Big Z Vulture with Dark Blue Stamp

Your playing repertoire would notably expand with the addition of the Vulture, as it’s a long-range placement driver specially designed for controlled, predictable flights. It is versatile and can be thrown in various ways to offer different outcomes. Here are a few shot types the disc lends itself well to:

Straight Drives

An absolute beast in this department. I’ve consistently found the Vulture to hold perfect lines on big open-field throws. It’s the shot I often use to approach a distant basket dead-on.

Controlled Fades

The dependable fade at the end of the Vulture’s flight is a valuable asset. This disc finds a path to the target, even around obstacles. I frequently use this shot when I’m trying to skirt a troublesome tree near the basket.

Headwind Drives

The Vulture’s stability is a boon when there’s a strong breeze in my face. The disc handles upwind throws admirably.

Birds Of A Feather

Let’s look at how the Discraft Vulture stacks up against some other discs on the market.

Doomsday Discs Dystopia

The Doomsday Discs Dystopia offers a similar speed and fade to the Vulture, creating reliable flights. Where the Vulture might edge over the Dystopia is the glide factor, helping the disc stay in the air a little longer. Both, however, render commendable control and consistency.

ABC Secret Weapon

The ABC Secret Weapon, much like the Vulture, is an excellent disc for developing players but specializes primarily in helping beginners master hyzer throwing. With a long flying S-Curve, it’s a straight to understable driver that advanced players can use for turnovers and rollers, providing a different type of utility than the stable, wind-resistant Vulture.

Latitude 64 Musket

The Latitude 64 Musket is one disc I’ve had some significant time with. It is similar to the Vulture—from its impressive glide to its straight flight trajectory. The Musket also has remarkable turn resistance and a consistent fade. However, the Vulture could be a perfect choice for players who prefer a disc with a bit more of a lean into the wind and an even more reliable fade at the end of the throw.

Discraft Vulture In Review

Light Blue/Red Discraft ESP Vulture with Red Stamp

The Discraft Vulture is a solid choice for intermediate to advanced disc golf enthusiasts. Its ability to offer a controlled, predictable flight with impressive glide and reliable stability makes it a standout in any player’s arsenal.


  • Excellent control and reliable flight pattern
  • Comfortable hand-feel and medium rim for optimal grip and release
  • Superb in managing upwind shots and moderating headwinds
  • Versatile in shot types—straight drives, fades, headwind drives


  • Beginners with slower arm speeds may find it challenging to control
  • Availability of the Vulture in different plastic types can sometimes be limited