Discraft Wasp Disc Golf Disc Review: Wield Mid-Range Mastery

Nothing tests your control and agility on the greens quite like a tricky mid-range throw. Enter the Discraft Wasp — a disc that’s become my trusted companion on the course for precisely these moments.

With over 13 years of disc golf experience, I’ve seen, thrown, and tested my fair share of discs. The Wasp, with its assured performance and trustworthy stability, definitely stands out. In this Discraft Wasp review, I aim to give you an in-depth look at what sets this disc apart from others in the market.

So, if you’re searching for a reliable, versatile midrange disc that doesn’t compromise on control, this thorough breakdown of the reliably consistent Discraft Wasp may just be the answer you’re seeking.

Overstable Midrange With Excellent Control

Blue Discraft Z Wasp with Rainbow Sunset Stamp
  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 2

Disc golf is all about getting the perfect balance and control, right? Well, the Discraft Wasp does not disappoint when it comes to those essential numbers. The speed of 5 indicates that it’s a mid-range driver perfect for controlled, deliberate shots versus sheer distance throws.

The glide of 3 showcases its stability in the air, though it might not stay airborne as long as some other discs. However, the real game-changer here, in my personal experience, has been its turn and fade numbers.

With a turn of 0, it holds a straight line remarkably well, and the moderate fade of 2 gives it a gentle, predictable finish to the left (for right-hand backhand throws) without any unexpected curving or veering off course.

In simpler terms, you’re getting a disc that’s balanced in performance and perfect for controlled flight. It’s like that reliable friend— it does precisely what it’s supposed to do every time. I’ve had some of my best fairway drives with the Wasp, especially when the wind tries to play spoilsport. Talk about a sturdy flight path!

Delving Into Disc Golf Specs

Pink Discraft CryZtal Ledgestone 2022 with Silver Stamp
  • Diameter: 21.60 cm
  • Height: 1.80 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.30 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.20 cm

With a diameter of 21.60 cm, the Discraft Wasp sits comfortably within the average size for a mid-range disc. When I hold it, the size feels just right—not too bulky or small. This goes a long way in offering that much-needed consistency while throwing.

The Wasp’s height of 1.80 cm and rim depth of 1.30 cm ensure a snug grip and easy release. The deeper rim provides an excellent hold, especially for players like me who prefer the power grip. During one of my games, I realized how this grip facilitated a straighter flight path and a controlled release unlike any other.

The rim width of 1.20 cm strikes a balance—thick enough to provide a sturdy grip yet slender enough for a swift, smooth release. It’s similar to most of my favorite mid range discs in this aspect.

Is It The Disc For You?

Being a popular overstable midrange disc, the Discraft Wasp is a go-to disc for windy conditions and strategic fading shots. Akin to its counterpart, the Buzzz, the Wasp feels like home in your hands due to the similar feel, but its unique flight profile sets it apart.

This disc caters perfectly to beginners and intermediate players. If you’re transitioning from ultimate disc to disc golf or just have a slower arm speed, this disc will work wonders for you.

For more experienced players, throwing the Wasp on an anhyzer line or utilizing hyzer shots will generate more success. However, if you’re a player seeking to cover extensive distances or shape your throws intricately, the Wasp might not be your best bet — something like the Malta would be a better fit there.

The Discraft Wasp is a splendid pick for players seeking consistent, controlled throws, particularly those transitioning from other discs or beginners seeking to up their game with a straight, reliable flight. But if your focus lies in covering extensive distances or mastering intricate throw shapes, you might want to explore other alternatives.

Revel In Consistent Flight

The Discraft Wasp is your secret weapon for achieving consistent, controlled midrange shots in the 250-350 foot range. Now, let’s delve into a few shot types you can execute with the Wasp, backed with examples from my gameplay:

Straight Shots

I remember using the Wasp on a tightly wooded track, where the narrow path demanded precision and a straight flight. To my delight, the Wasp flew dead straight, bagging me a birdie on a hole where I typically score a par.

Hyzer Shots

Once, when I had to curve the disc around an obstacle and allow it to drop sharply, the Wasp was my disc of choice. With this disc, it’s easy to achieve successful hyzer finishes.

Anhyzer Flex Shots

On another occasion, the Wasp served me well when I was stuck in a tight spot and needed a disc to take a long curve before settling. I executed a forced anhyzer flex shot, and it flexed back beautifully to score some substantial ground on a tough throw.

Similar Mid-Range Discs

AGL Discs Magnolia

A beloved staple in AGL’s midrange collection, the Magnolia matches the Discraft Wasp in terms of dependable stability. Known for its incredible glide and versatile control, the Magnolia promises predictable fades and great precision, making it a go-to option for intermediate players.

Alfa Discs Apollo

The Apollo is the first disc from Alfa Discs. This straight-flying, beaded midrange is designed to be the workhorse midrange of your bag. It has excellent glide for sneaky distance and can hold any line. It’s a great disc for any player at any level.

Dynamic Discs EMac Truth

This is a midrange disc I’ve had personal experience with. The Wasp™ aligns closely with Dynamic Discs’ EMac Truth in terms of stability with a straight flight profile and reliable fade.

Discraft Wasp In Review

Yellow Discraft CT Blend  Wasp Ledgestone 2023 with Light Blue Stamp

The Discraft Wasp disc is a fantastic midrange for beginners to intermediate players seeking accurate, controlled midrange throws. It has a Discraft stability rating of 1.5 and is available in durable Elite Z and Titanium plastics. It is also ideal for Buzzz lovers as it supplements the Buzzz greatly, holding up beautifully even in windy situations.

However, players fixated on covering large distances or requiring intricate throw shapes might want to explore other discs that cater more specifically to those needs.


  • Stable and predictable flight
  • Excellent control, perfect for precise throws
  • Holds up well in windy situations
  • Similar feel to the much-loved Buzzz, making it a comfortable transition


  • Limited glide can affect distance
  • Not best suited for very intricate throw shapes and massive distances
  • The bead on the rim may not appeal to all players’ grip preferences