Innova AviarX3 Review: Stability & Control For Disc Golf

Do you revel in the feeling of a well-controlled throw slicing through the air and landing just where you intended? Does a disc that offers impressive stability and predictability, particularly in windy conditions, catch your attention? If that sounds like you, this Innova AviarX3 review is a must-read!

I’m a disc golf veteran with over 13 years of experience on the course. I’ve tested, thrown, and pored over countless discs, which has caught my attention.

This review brings together everything I’ve learned about the AviarX3, coupled with insights from fellow enthusiasts in the disc golf community. Dive in, and see if this disc is the secret weapon your disc bag has been missing.

Flight Numbers Breakdown: A Reliable Putt & Approach Disc

  • Speed: 3
  • Glide: 2
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 3

These numbers show that it is not particularly fast, with a speed rating of 3. This lower speed rating makes it easier to control the trajectory, marking it ideal for those aiming to improve their precision.

With a glide of 2, this doesn’t stay aloft for long. Essentially, it goes where you hurl it before promptly falling. While this may not be ideal for long-distance travel, it is perfect for predictable, controlled shots.

The turn of 0 signifies this is very stable. You won’t have to worry about it flipping or deviating mid-flight. It embodies truthful, straight lines giving you that pinpoint accuracy on the course.

The fade of 3, however, indicates that this has a significant left curve (for right-handed backhand). As a result, you need to plan accordingly when planning your trajectory.

In summary, these flight numbers convey that it offers fantastic control and predictability, perfect for those par-saving opportunities.

A Star Among The Aviar Line

  • Diameter: 21.30 cm
  • Height: 1.80 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.60 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.00 cm

The diameter of 21.30 cm is fairly standard for a disc golf putter, fitting comfortably in hand for a firm, confident grip. This accompanies a height of 1.80 cm, which makes it lean and easy to handle.

The deep rim depth of 1.60 cm allows for a secure grip, adding to the disc’s overall control. This depth is paralleled with a slim rim width of 1.00 cm. The thin width may not look like much, but it complements the disc’s characteristics.

These specifications place it as a relatively streamlined putter compared to chunkier alternatives. It is tailored for precision, accuracy, and control, designed with reliable stability that makes it ideal for headwind upshots.

This makes it starkly different from discs with wider rims and higher speed ratings. It is also available in various plastic molds, such as DX and Star, like its sister Aviar3.

Great Feel For Professionals

Innova pushes the boundaries of disc versatility with the AviarX3. This putt-and-approach disc is highly lauded for being incredibly torque-resistant.

This feature adds to its range of functionality – suitable for both headwind upshots and drives, regardless of whether you’re a backhand or forehand player.

Many players praise that backhand and forehand throws are a breeze with this throwing putter. It holds lines well and seldom deviates from the projected path – a feature cherished by the disc golf community.

Players’ accounts underscore it as wonderfully versatile, serving as an asset during woodland scrambles or tackling trickier scenarios. People feel highly confident in this disc due to its predictability and diverse applicability.

However, it is important to highlight that while advanced and professional users can maximize its potential, beginners may find this challenging due to its overstablility. Less experienced players might struggle with its sharp fade, especially when tossed at lower speeds.

That being said, this has the potential to function as a huge chance for newer players aiming to understand and incorporate overstable disc flights into their repertoire.

This mighty disc requires a capable thrower to unlock its potential. It may be a journey for beginners to tame, but it is worth embarking on. For seasoned professionals, this could easily become a go-to in their bag.

Primary Disc Golf Uses

Purple Innova Star AviarX3 (Maria Oliva 2022 with Purple Stamp

The AviarX3, being an overstable putter, shines when called upon for those critical upshots and drives, particularly under windy conditions.

Due to its overstability nature, it is reliable and precise, invoking players’ confidence. Here are some shot types that it is well-suited for:

Headwind Drive

It possesses precisely the stability you’d want when facing a headwind. You can trust it to power through the wind, retaining its path without turning over.


With its high torque resistance and control, this is a trusty disc for approach shots on the greens. It holds its line effectively, guaranteeing a clean throw toward the basket.

For instance, if your drive has veered off-course, you can aim it to the bank left and easily reach the fairway or the basket.

Forehand Flicks/Sidearm Throws

Many players applaud its exceptional functionality in forehand flicks. Its features allow it to be easily flung on a wide range of angles, making it a versatile selection for tricky sidearms.

Similar Discs To AviarX3 Putter

Infinite Discs Ruin

The Ruin stands out for its nearly identical numbers to the AviarX3, making it another excellent choice for players seeking an overstable. It performs similarly, excelling at powering through tough winds and providing a predictable end.

Streamline Stabilizer

While the AviarX3 is renowned for its dependable overstability, the Stabilizer is also known for being highly stable and having controllable speed, making it quite similar in function. It’s a solid choice for those players who relish consistency and precision in their game.

Discraft Luna

The Luna shares many resemblances in path and usage, making it a viable alternative for certain players. It gained fame for its overstability, boasting commendable control during headwind drives.

In essence, while there’s no denying the uniqueness of the Innova AviarX3, these discs showcase similar characteristics in terms of the path, performance, and usage scenarios. Depending on player preferences and specific course conditions, they could serve as alternatives.

Innova AviarX3 Review: Final Thoughts

The Innova AviarX3 is a champion in terms of stability and control. With its predictability and overstability, it’s the perfect companion for players looking to enhance precision in their gameplay.

While it may be challenging for newbies to handle initially, seasoned players would find it a valuable tool for consistent approach or spot-on headwind drives, especially under windy conditions.


  • Excellent stability, holding a straight flight path with a predictable end.
  • Highly torque-resistant, allowing for aggressiveness.
  • Ideal for both backhand and forehand, increasing its versatility.
  • Perfect for precision approach and headwind drives.


  • Might be a bit challenging for beginners to handle due their unfamiliarity with overstable discs.
  • The low glide may not cater to those looking for discs that stay in the air longer.