Innova Rhyno Disc Review: Unleash Precision Putting Power

I’ve been playing and testing disc golf equipment for over thirteen years. During this time, I’ve come across countless discs, each with its unique charm and functionality. Occasionally, a disc stands out in the crowd, etching an impression that’s hard to ignore. One such disc is the Innova Rhyno.

In this review, I’ll walk you through my experiences and observations of the Rhyno, breaking down its performance and giving you the information you need to determine if it’s the right disc for your game.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a new putter that features control and stability, keep reading. Trust me; the Innova Rhyno might just be the reliable accomplice you’ve been looking for on the course.

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 2
  • Glide: 1
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 3

The Rhyno is a slow flyer, coming in at a speed of 2. This implies a disc that’s not designed for covering vast distances but for precise, controlled throws. The glide factor is also quite low at 1, indicating that the Rhyno isn’t one to rise and sail in the air. Instead, it’ll very much prefer a straight, steady path.

Helping it maintain this path is the zero turn. Turn is all about how a disc veers to the right during the initial part of the flight. A zero here means the Rhyno will maintain its line without deviating off course.

Finally, the Fade is a 3. The fade of a disc comes into play towards the end of its flight, referring to the disc’s inclination to move left (again, from the perspective of a right-handed, backhand thrower). The Rhyno has a significant fade, meaning it will finish hard to the left in its flight.

Innocuous as they might seem, these numbers beautifully dictate the Rhyno’s flight characteristics. It’s a disc suited for well-controlled, steady throws that require precision over distance. So, if you want to nail your short-range game, the Rhyno will serve you perfectly.

A Closer Look

  • Diameter: 21.30 cm
  • Height: 1.90 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.30 cm
  • Rim Width: 1 cm

The Innova Rhyno disc has a moderate diameter (21.30 cm), sitting well within PDGA’s accepted norms for discs. The height comes in at a compact 1.90 cm, revealing the low-profile nature of the Rhyno. This makes it very comfortable to grip, especially for players with smaller hands.

The rim depth of 1. and the low-profile height contribute to the disc’s ease of grip. You can securely clamp down on the Rhyno, aiding your control on short throws. Furthermore, the 1 cm rim width points to the disc being slow and controllable.

In terms of comparison, the dimensions and characteristics place the Rhyno amidst putters on the lower end of the speed spectrum. The compact form, combined with the controlled speed, makes it an excellent option for precision throws, especially in windier conditions. Given its specs, you can expect the Rhyno to exhibit stability and resistance toward turning over, which are ideal traits in a reliable putter or approach disc.

Is The Rhyno For You?

Yellow Innova Gregg Barsby Nexus Rhyno with Black Stamp

The Innova Rhyno is a distinctive disc golf putter loved by many for its dependable characteristics. Perhaps the best part of Rhyno is that it plays nicely with golfers of various skill levels.

For beginners, its low speed and high over-stability can be a challenge to handle initially. However, it can also serve as an incredible learning tool. You’re not always looking for distance in a round of disc golf, and with Rhyno, you will learn to focus on control and precision.

It might seem underwhelming or even off-putting when you first hold and throw it, as noted by some players, but don’t be mistaken; the Rhyno’s charm unfolds as you grow more experienced in the game. It transitions from an oddball to an irreplaceable asset in your disc arsenal.

Intermediate and advanced players often appreciate the Rhyno’s ability to withstand strong winds and secure a straight, steady flight. Its fade and over-stability will help you pull off those crucial approaches without fearing the disc turning over.

This disc stands out impressively when it comes to short to mid-range shots, wind-handling capabilities, and precise upshots. Its unique Thumtrac™ gives it a sure grip and reliable performance in any situation, making it more accessible to various players.

The Rhyno is a solid choice for players looking to polish their controlled throws and wind-play. However, beginners might need a bit of patience to harness this disc’s full potential. For those with a strong arm or a developed game, this might just become your go-to putter.

Putting Versatility

The Rhyno’s primary use is as a putter and an approach disc. Being an overstable disc with a low glide, it’s most effective for short to moderate-range shots. Here are a few common shot types you can accomplish with this disc:

Approach Shots

The Rhyno works wonders for controlling the pace and aiming directly at the basket without the fear of overshooting. Its low glide ensures it doesn’t sail too far, while a sure grip guarantees stability.

Wind Play

Playing against the wind can be tricky, but the Rhyno’s overstable nature allows it to hold its line beautifully, even in headwinds. So, when the wind tries to mess up your game, the Rhyno would be an excellent disc to pull out.

Overstable Putts

The Rhyno’s overstable nature and notable fade make for reliable overstable putts. This is particularly advantageous when dealing with wind or when needing to navigate around obstacles.

Similar Putters

Several other discs in the market share specific functional characteristics with the Rhyno.

Discraft Challenger OS

The Challenger OS is Discraft’s more overstable putt and approach disc. Like the Rhyno, it’s not a disc for sailing long distances; instead, it thrives in controlled, tactical shots. The Challenger OS also possesses over-stability that provides predictability in various wind conditions, similar to the Rhyno.

Reptilian Disc Golf Scale

The Scale is a disc that benefits from increased stability, similar to the Rhyno. This disc was designed to handle controlled approach shots and manage tricky winds as effectively as the Rhyno. Furthermore, the Scale offers a reliable fade, comparable to the Rhyno.

Premier Discs War Pigeon

The War Pigeon from Premier Discs is another overstable putt and approach disc that falls into the same classification as the Rhyno. Its enhanced stability allows for an assured line-holding and resistance against the wind. While I’m not thoroughly familiar with the War Pigeon, its described characteristics seem to parallel those of the Rhyno.

Innova Rhyno In Review

The Innova Rhyno is an excellent disc for those seeking to dial in control, precision, and wind play in their game. You’ll find that its strength lies in stable, low-glide, and slow-flying characteristics, making it one of Innova’s best putters. It’s available in GStar, Star, Champion, DX, and R-Pro plastic.


  • Great for controlled, short-ranged shots
  • Impressive stability in headwinds
  • Reliable fade for overstable putts
  • Thumbtac grip enhances control


  • Not ideal for long distances due to low speed and glide
  • Might be challenging for beginners at the outset due to high over-stability
  • May not suit players who favor high-glide discs or forehand throws