Innova Savant Disc Review: Ultimate Fairway Dominator

Ever found yourself scanning the vast array of disc golf options and struggling to pinpoint the ideal blend of control, speed, and glide? That’s where the Innova Savant comes into the picture.

Welcome to my Innova Savant review. I’ll share insights gained from over a decade of disc golf experience and tap into the wider community’s feedback on this disc.

The Innova Savant is a disc of many faces — it offers predictability and distance and serves beginners’ needs yet does not disappoint serious throwers. Keep reading to understand why you might just want to make this trusty disc part of your collection.

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 9
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 2

Clocking in with a speed of 9, the Innova Savant disc golf disc darts through the air with swift assurance. This generous speed makes it accessible for most players, yet fast enough to create satisfyingly long throws.

As for its glide rating of 5, I found that this disc stays aloft impressively well. It just seems to float effortlessly through the air, providing ample distance for your shots.

With a turn of -1, the Savant promises a hint of a slow fade when thrown with power. In other words, this disc is moderately stable with a subtle, predictable turn. You don’t need to worry about sudden, unexpected shifts throwing your shot off course.

Finally, the fade of 2 adds a delightful touch of stability at the end of your throw. I noticed that the Savant promises a smooth and predictable finish, tailing off gently to the left (for right-handed, backhand throws) as it slows down.

The Savant feels and flies like a beat in Thunderbird, offering a valuable mix of distance and control. Whether you’re trying to scale a towering tree or nudge through a tight fairway, this disc gives you the precision you need.

A Detailed Look

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.60 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.90 cm

With a diameter of 21.10 cm, this disc feels firm and comfortable to grip. The height of 1.60 cm adds an excellent compact quality to the Savant. This low profile helps the disc slice through the air, reducing drag and boosting distance. It also makes the disc feel sleek and agile in hand.

A rim depth of 1.10 cm and a rim width of 1.90 cm make this disc exceptionally comfortable to hold and release. Specifically, the relatively shallower rim depth makes it less bulky and easier for your fingers to wrap around.

The Savant seems to shape a more streamlined profile than similar discs. It doesn’t have the chunky feel of some other distance drivers. The Savant’s specifications lend it an excellent ‘in-between’ quality that bridges the gap between longer distance drivers and faster fairway drivers, giving you the best of both worlds.

From Novice To Pro

Novices to disc golf will appreciate Savant’s incredible glide and predictable handling; it’s a disc that provides a reassuring level of control while still delivering impressive distances. It’s incredibly forgiving to those who may not yet have refined their technique, as it responds reliably even to less-than-perfect releases.

As for the veterans, they’ll find the Savant offers consistent, predictable flight paths and the ability to shape various shots. It’s a great mold that can take the power and speed seasoned players bring to their games while maintaining its stability and delivering good distance.

However, the Savant might not be the ideal match if you’re a player who leans heavily on high-speed throws with a lot of natural turn and fade. While perfect for many players, its relative straight-line stability might not cater to those who prefer discs that offer more inherent movement during their flight.

Savant’s ability to handle the demands of advanced throwers without becoming unpredictable or volatile suggests its suitability for players looking for a dependable ‘workhorse’ in their bag. To quote Innova, “The Savant will give you power and control for your Distance Driver shots. More control than a Wraith and less fade than your Thunderbird, the Savant is a capable club that can save you strokes.”

Navigating The Course

Light Blue Innova Halo Savant with Silver Stamp

The Innova Savant proves to be an indispensable addition to your disc golf bag with its multi-functional uses. It shines exceptionally bright as a control driver, gracefully bridging the gap between mid-range and distance drivers.

Controlled Straight Shots

With its predictable flight and subtle turn, the Savant is excellent for shots where accuracy is vital. It provides a straight flight path, making it perfect for fairways that require strict precision.

Hyzer Flip Shots

Given its inherent stability and predictable fade, the Savant can handle power throws and is exceptional for hyzer flip shots where you want the disc to start on a hyzer angle and then flip up to flat.

Tailwind Drives

The Savant’s glide comes into its own on tailwind drives. It’s ideal for maximizing long-distance throws when you’ve got a helping wind at your back.

Comparable Discs

For those familiar with other discs on the market, the Innova Savant shares similarities with a few notable counterparts.

Discmania CD1

Like the Savant, the Discmania CD1 has a balanced blend of speed, control, and stability. Both discs cater to a broad spectrum of players and lend themselves well to multiple shot types, especially those demanding precision and predictability. If you appreciate the CD1’s reliable performance, you’ll likely enjoy the Savant.

Discraft Undertaker

Despite different ratings, the Discraft Undertaker shares the Savant’s enthusiasm for maintaining a steady and controlled flight. If the Undertaker’s stability and glide appeal to your playstyle, but you desire just a little more speed, the Savant could be an excellent next step.

Dynamic Discs Vandal

While categorized as slightly slower and more understable than the Savant, the Vandal from Dynamic Discs similarly excels in control and ease of throwing. Players transitioning from the Vandal to the Savant can expect enhanced speed and a similar level of control.

Innova Savant In Review

From the novice still exploring their throwing style to the advanced player seeking a reliable control driver, the Innova Savant boasts universal appeal. Its combination of speed, glide, and predictable fade makes it incredibly versatile, designed for precision and distance in equal measure.

Get one today from your favorite disc store to try it out for yourself (I’d recommend the Halo Star Savant as the Halo Star material makes for a superior look and feel)!


  • Capable of generating impressive distances while maintaining manageable speed
  • Consistent and controlled flight path, ensuring predictability
  • Adaptable for numerous shot types (straight, hyzer flip, tailwind drives, etc.)
  • Suitable for a broad spectrum of skill levels — beginner-friendly yet satisfying for experienced players


  • Might not cater well to players preferring discs with a lot of natural turn and fade
  • Champion Plastic grip might come across as uncomfortable for some players