Innova Shryke Review: Disc Golf Distance Driver Delight

As a devoted disc golf enthusiast and expert for over 13 years, I’m the guy friends turn to when they’re contemplating a new addition to their disc bag. And more often than not, the Innova Shryke emerges as a crowd favorite in our discussions. I’ve decided to make this Innova Shryke review for all Innova fans.

Produced by the popular company Innova, this has earned the title of a game-changing distance driver in the disc golf world. It’s an alluring blend of advanced design features and flight characteristics that appeals to a spectrum of people, each with varied skill levels.

Strap in for an in-depth analysis before purchasing. I’m excited to unravel its properties, strengths, and quirks by drawing on my experiences, lending insights from my extensive testing, and even referencing customers’ experiences. Buckle up; let’s dive deep inside the world of the Shryke!

Flight Info: Up Your Disc Golf Distance Game

Blue Innova Halo Shryke with Red Stamp
  • Speed: 13
  • Glide: 6
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 2

Its high-speed rating assures that the Shryke is no slowpoke—it slices through the air with effortless grace. Add an impressive glide rating, and you’ve got a disc promising long, smooth flights, perfect for open long holes.

The turn rating hints at the disc’s understability—veering slightly to the right during the high-speed phase. But fear not. This fantastic disc follows a predictable path—just the right touch of flippiness for exciting distance control.

Finally, a moderate fade rating provides a dependable hook to the left at the end of its path. Wind conditions and throwing power won’t intimidate this reliable disc.

It achieves a harmonious dance with its numbers, presenting a predictable yet thrilling throw—a perfect symphony for those vast open fairways.

A Destroyer On The Field

  • Diameter: 21.00 cm
  • Height: 1.70 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.30 cm

At a comfortable diameter of 21.00 cm, the Shryke fits various hand sizes. Neither too thin nor too bulky, this well-sized disc offers an optimal grip.

Meanwhile, its regular height and rim depth strike an uncanny balance, ensuring you hold an ergonomic design that provides consistent releases.

The wide rim, a highlight of this disc, brings thrilling speed and distance to your game. Don’t worry if you have smaller hands—an adjustment period should help you master this star player.

To sum it up, its dimensions and specifications compose a unique blend of comfort and performance. Combined with its PDGA approval, this could be the MVP in your disc golf collection.

Customer Reviews Analysis: Perfect For All Skill Levels

The Shryke effortlessly blends in a unique capacity to adapt to your skill. From all the years I have been experimenting with discs, this undoubtedly stood out as versatile, friendly to beginners, and advantageous for advanced players.

Those just beginning their journey in disc golf will find this an approachable choice as a distance driver. When you’re new to the game and aiming to achieve those long turnover throws coupled with a dependable fade, it does not disappoint.

Nevertheless, it isn’t purely a beginners’ champion. Once you’ve built a knack for speed and control, this disc in a heavier weight and Champion plastic is a challenging yet rewarding companion.

It offers more stability for seasoned users, accentuating the ‘glide mode’ phenomenon. It shines most vibrantly downhill, with headwinds and a slight cross tailwind, allowing experienced disc golfers to reap substantial distance.

However, this doesn’t dodge the wind flawlessly like any other equipment. While it perseveres remarkably in the face of headwinds, its extreme gliding does subtract from predictability.

The disc does demand substantial power from customers to explicate its performance. Hence, for beginners, I advise testing it out at a range before you make it a regular in your disc bag.

For all its worth, this disc forms a well-refined choice for an advancing beginner transitioning to the intermediate level, seeking a deeper dive into the pool of distance drivers while still catching reliable fades consistently. If it were up to me, this is a must-have for any disc golf enthusiast, numbering among Innova’s best distance drivers.

An Outstanding Distance Driver

Primarily touted as a distance driver, the Shryke serves multiple purposes on the fairway. Its unique properties make it an apt choice for achieving long turnover shots, colossal hyzer flips, and immense uphill distances. Given its high speed, maximum gliding, and controlled balance between stability and understability, this disc encourages expansive throws to pin down those far-off targets.

When it comes to shot types where it notably excels, a few come right off the top of my head:

Long Straight Shots

Due to its impressive performance, it thrives in situations that call for long, direct throws. I’ve found that releasing it on a slight hyzer or flat can result in a stunning straight path traversing a long distance before its gentle fade kicks in.

Turnover Shots

The slight understability, characterized by its -2 turn, makes it ideal for executing long turnover shots. Especially when tossed with enough power and a slight tilt on the angle, making a right curve (RHBH) before finishing off with a reliable yet mild fade.

Hyzer Flip Shots

One of my personal favorites is using this for hyzer flip shots. Its flying characteristics lend themselves superbly to transforming a hyzer release into a long, straight path. As a disc that’s relatively easy to flip and loaded with glide, it carries effortlessly through the air, creating impressive distances even when launched from a steep hyzer.

Similar Discs

Axiom Mayhem

We have a substantial competitor with the Axiom Mayhem, a disc maximized for straight-propelled shots with an extended glide. The Mayhem presents a larger turn and is considerably understable. While it demands more control to tame the extra turn, the Mayhem offers impressive distances, much like the Shryke.

Discraft Crank

The Discraft Crank is a disc that aligns closely with the Shryke regarding flying characteristics. However, the Crank is slightly less understable than the latter, proving more resistant to turning over. If you desire more stability, the Crank might be your answer.

Dynamic Discs Sheriff

The Sheriff from Dynamic Discs presents comparable numbers. It essentially requires a very similar power level to the Shryke. However, the Sheriff exhibits less turn, granting it a sturdier, more predictable path—particularly beneficial for those dealing with stronger winds.

These discs share similarities while possessing unique charm and strengths. Your perfect companion would come down to personal preference and specific needs on the disc golf course.

Innova Shryke Review: Final Thoughts

Blue Innova Halo Cap'n Crush Shryke with Blue Stamp

The Innova Shryke makes an irrespective choice for a disc that amps up your game while balancing distance, speed, and control. It’s a comfortable fit for beginners dabbling with distance drivers without compromising on the depth it provides to advanced players.

Its brilliant amalgamation of controlled stability/understandability, high speed, and exceptional maximum glide justifies its popularity among disc golfers, and the way it has won hearts on the course mirrors its value.

However, this might demand a learning curve from those with a casual interest, given its requirement of substantial power to unravel its full potential that can subtract from predictability in windy conditions.


  • High speed resulting in impressive distances
  • Maximum glide providing extended, smooth flights
  • Comfortable for beginners as well as advantageous for advanced players
  • Predictable fade assures reliable path


  • Requires substantial power
  • Might not fare super well in high wind conditions