Innova Sonic 2024 Review: From Frisbee to Disc Golf

Disc golf is a game of strategy and skill, and to excel, you need the right discs in your bag. Enter the Innova Sonic, a disc with unique features that might just take your game to new heights.

As someone who has spent over 13 years testing and enjoying the gamut of disc golf discs, I’m now up to the task of giving you an honest and informed Innova Sonic review.

I’ve already thrown countless discs, but the Innova Sonic stands out in a way that begs us to delve into what sets it apart. Let’s dive in and explore whether this disc might be the secret weapon you’re missing in your disc golf arsenal.

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 1
  • Glide: 2
  • Turn: -4
  • Fade: 0

Despite having a modest speed of 1, the Sonic’s hallmark is its glide number of 2, which makes it a perfect choice for approaches where precision and control are paramount. The low speed also means this disc launches easily and doesn’t require a strong arm or abrupt snap.

The most unique aspect of the flight numbers is the aggressive turn of -4. This extreme negative turn allows the Sonic to readily flip and turn over when thrown flat or with a slight hyzer, which is perfect for shaping shots through narrow gaps or executing short, controlled anhyzer throws.

Finally, the Sonic has a fade of 0. This means it maintains its flight path once it peaks, making it predictable and reliable even in windy conditions. The lack of fade at the end of the flight enhances accuracy and minimizes skipping or sudden veering. These flight characteristics make this disc ideal for making strategic short throws and executing precise approach shots.

A Closer Look

  • Diameter: 21.60 cm
  • Height: 2.30 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.60 cm
  • Rim Width: 0.60 cm

The Sonic flaunts a solid diameter of 21.60 cm, lending the disc a solid feel in the hand and contributing to its stable flight. The height of the Sonic sits at a comfortable 2.30 cm, adding enough profile for a secure grip but not so much it becomes unwieldy.

One notable characteristic is the disc’s rim depth of 1.60 cm. This deeper rim allows a traditional grip akin to a Frisbee, making it a familiar feel for players who’ve transitioned from Ultimate or those who simply prefer a deeper grip.

The modest rim width of 0.60 cm keeps the Sonic compact and allows for excellent control and handling. This size is narrower than other disks, allowing for better handling, especially for those with smaller hands.

Perfect For Beginners

The Innova Sonic disc is a dream for beginners! It’s incredibly easy to throw, with its grooved edge around the rim offering superb grip, and its slow speed allowing delicate control even by those new to disc golf. You can achieve a straight flight line of up to thirty feet with a light flick, making those starter putts more fun and less frustrating.

Yet, the Sonic is not just for newbies. More experienced players from Ultimate will appreciate the familiar tall, thin rim. For these players, the Sonic can serve as an excellent transitional disc between the world of catch Frisbees and disc golf. Even seasoned disc golfers who seek a versatile short-range approach or an escape disc can benefit from this disc’s predictable turn and a flat landing.

Bear in mind that the Sonic, especially in heavier weights (in DX plastic), isn’t built for a game of brute force. Collisions with trees or rocks are likely to result in a crack due to the thin mold and weight distribution, so it’s best suited for open field throws or carefully crafted shots through the trees. Should you want to brave the more obstacle-laden courses, I’d recommend going for the lighter weights, which can sustain more run-ins with the elements.

Game-Changing Versatility

Black Innova Halo Star Sonic Garret Gurthie Tour Series

The Innova Sonic shines brightest in delicate upshot scenarios and challenging putts. Its unique properties present a fun, versatile addition to any player’s bag, whether your game is on the course or a simple game of catch.

As someone with a sweet spot for catch-frisbee-type discs, I can’t stress enough how fun and utility-packed this disc is! I often reach for the Sonic more than anticipated, particularly on tricky, shorter shots.

The Sonic can pull off various shot types to add even more versatility to your game. Here are a few examples:

Anhyzer Shots

Given its -4 turn rating and predictable flight pattern, the Sonic is perfect for executing anhyzer throws. Release it high and flat, and watch how beautifully it curves in the air, creating an ideal rightward movement for right-hand, backhand (RHBH) throwers.

Left-to-Right Approaches

When thrown sidearm, the Sonic holds the line and delivers a controlled left-to-right movement, making it a valuable tool for bypassing obstacles in your line of play.

Straight Line Shots

One of the Sonic’s huge advantages is its ability to fly in a straight line. It travels straight and true when thrown with a light touch, ideal for direct shots at the basket.

Comparable Discs

Innova Birdie

The Innova Birdie shares many characteristics with the Sonic. It’s also designed as a slow, straight flyer, making it another reliable option for beginners and those looking to perfect their controlled approach shots and putts. However, the Birdie boasts a thumbs track design for enhanced grip and control, which the Sonic also has.

MVP Glitch

The MVP Glitch is another disc aimed at those starting their disc golf adventures. It has a reputation for being beginner-friendly, featuring a slow, steady flight similar to the Sonic. However, from my experience, achieving the same flight distance as the Sonic requires a little more power behind the throw.

Yikun Claws

Like the Sonic, the Yikun Claws is known for its stable and precise flight, excelling in approach and putt situations. The way this disc holds the line might remind you of the Sonic’s dependability. The Claws can be an excellent alternative for someone looking for a slightly more overstable putter than the Sonic.

Innova Sonic In Review

The Innova Sonic is a unique putt and approach disc that unifies ease and precision. It is a superb choice for beginners and a valuable addition to any advanced player’s disc golf bag. It particularly benefits those transitioning from Ultimate or anyone who appreciates a deeper rim. Its predictable flight path, high glide, and fade resistance make it a go-to disc for delicate approaches and straight-line shots.


  • Perfect for beginners and those transitioning from Ultimate
  • Provides excellent control and precision
  • Exceptional for approach shots and straight-line shots due to predictable flight path
  • Unique design and flight characteristics


  • Not suitable for strong-arm throws or collision-heavy environments
  • Heavier weights, especially in DX plastic, can be susceptible to damage