Innova Toro Review: Mastering the Disc Golf Rodeo

Ever thrown a disc and wished it was just a touch more reliable, a bit more overstable? I had the same quest until I stumbled upon the Innova Toro. I’m writing this Innova Toro review to share my experience with this gem of a disc.

As a dedicated disc golf player with over 13 years under my belt, my search for the perfect disc has led me to test hundreds of discs, each with its unique characteristics. The exciting part is that each disc unravels a new aspect of the game.

The Innova Toro is no exception. With its reliable approach, comfortable grip, and stability under torque, it’s a disc that made me rethink my game strategy. Read on, and you’ll discover how the Toro could also enhance your disc golf experience.

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 4
  • Glide: 2
  • Turn: 1
  • Fade: 3

Don’t let the low numbers fool you; the Innova Toro packs a punch. Starting with a speed of 4, it’s safe to say this isn’t going to be your fastest disc. However, the controlled tempo of the Toro allows for more precise delivery, making it an ideal choice when you need accuracy over speed.

As for the glide, the Toro is rated at a mere 2. The Toro keeps it low and steady compared to some more floaty discs. It’s more about getting to the point directly rather than soaring through the air.

The turn is where the Toro shows its character. At a 1, the turn is gentle and predictable. This disc won’t suddenly swerve off course on you. It’s a disc you can trust.

Then there’s the fade of 3. The Toro has a solid fade but nothing too dramatic. Expect a good, consistent curving finish as you near the end of the flight. This consistent fade and its reliable turn make the Toro impeccable for navigating around trees and obstacles.

A Close Look

  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 1.70 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.30 cm

Dive into the specifics of the Innova Toro, and you’ll find a beautifully balanced disc. The first thing you notice about this disc is its size. With a diameter of 21.20 cm, the Toro stands among the wider discs in the market. This larger size allows for a full and balanced grip, aiding players to achieve a better and more controlled throw.

Moving onto the height, standing at 1.70 cm, it falls into what I like to call the ‘Goldilocks zone.’ Not too tall that you can’t get a good grip on it, but not so short that it’s lacking substance. It’s just right!

Now, let’s talk about the rim. The rim depth is 1.40 cm, which is relatively shallow. This makes for a comfortable grip, especially for people with a smaller hand size. The rim width, on the other hand, is 1.30 cm, which may feel a bit slim. However, it provides a firm grip, ensuring control and stability when making that crucial throw.

Can You Master The Toro?

Orange Innova Champion Toro (Reaper Edition) with Red Stamp

The Innova Toro, inspired by power player Calvin Heimburg, was designed to be that overstable, reliable, slow-speed midrange disc that can perform under heavy torque. This disc stays true to its description and is well-suited to intermediate and advanced players.

While beginners could theoretically use the Toro, its overstable nature and strong fade might be challenging. And, of course, with its low glide, beginners will need more power to get a decent distance, which could lead to frustration.

For the intermediate to the advanced players, the Toro is a gem. If you throw forehand and like a shallower rim, this disc will feel exceptionally comfortable in your hands. It has proved its resilience in the wind and maintains utmost reliability for both forehand and backhand approaches.

Personally, this disc has given me a newfound love for my approach game. Its overstable nature and apt control over torque have allowed me to play some of my best approach shots.

From Tee To Basket

You can reach for the Toro when you need a reliable disc to track the basket from medium to short distances. Its low glide and strong, overstable nature also make Toro a trustworthy disc in windy conditions, and the predictable fade gives you the confidence to control your shot on tighter lines.

Apart from its usual use for approach shots, the Toro does an excellent job of being a utility disc on the course. Its reliability and stability allow it to handle various types of shots. Here are a few that shine with the Toro:

Overstable Approaches

The Toro’s heavy overstability makes it an incredible disc for hyzer approaches. You can count on the Toro to hold the line and bring you close to the basket.

Forehand Shots

The Toro proves to be comfortable and reliable for forehand shots, thanks to its flat top and shallow rim. It’s a disc that will make even those unfamiliar with throwing forehand look like they’ve been doing it for ages.

Controlled Hyzer Shots

The Toro’s predictable fade can be a lifesaver if you aim to thread the needle on a heavily wooded course. Its ability to hold a hyzer line and its controlled speed make it an ideal choice for tight, technical throws.

Comparable Disc Golf Discs

Clash Discs Mint

The Mint is tailored to perform a straight flight with a consistent dump at the end, excelling on approach shots and tricky angles. As for its adaptability, it can handle an array of adverse weather conditions, making it a trustworthy staple for your bag. If you’re looking for a solid, reliable throwing putter, the Mint might be worth a toss!

DGA Breaker

The DGA Breaker is another reliable overstable putter with a break-in period that leads to predictability and control over time. I’ve found that the Breaker can handle quite a bit of power and, like the Toro, provides a reliably overstable finish.

Discraft Zone

Ah, the Discraft Zone. This is the disc that most of my fellow disc golfers have compared the Toro with. Many claim the Toro feels like a shallower version of the Zone, providing a familiar yet unique feel. As an overstable putter, the Zone is equally proficient in wind and various shot choices. If you’re a fan of the Zone, the Toro would likely be a worthy counterpart to explore.

Innova Toro In Review

The Innova Toro is a highly reliable, overstable approach disc, perfect for players who value control and predictability in their shots. It has proved to be a fantastic solution for advanced players and those seeking a disc that holds its course in wind and during forceful throws. No wonder it’s considered one of Innova’s best discs.

Beginners might find the Toro challenging to handle due to its overstable nature. But, for players ready to step beyond the basics, the Toro presents a marvelous tool to refine their game and achieve greater accuracy.


  • Superb control and reliability for approach shots
  • Feels comfortable for forehand shots
  • Excels in windy conditions
  • Provides consistent ground action for approach shots


  • May be a bit challenging for beginners due to the overstable nature
  • Lower glide requires more power for extending distance