MVP Impulse Disc Review: Blasting Through Boundaries

If you’re searching for a versatile, control-friendly disc, sit tight because I’ve found a gem that might end your search! Enter the MVP Impulseā€”a distance driver with a graceful blend of speed, glide, and a predictably gentle finish that demands to be included in any disc golfer’s repertoire.

As a passionate disc golf player for over thirteen years, I’ve tossed a plethora of discs. But few have managed to impress me as this disc has. It’s a disc that’s proven itself time and again, despite the challenges of the course.

So, you might want to stick around for this MVP Impulse review if you’re looking for consistent hyzer flips, rocking those tailwind shots, or pushing for more distance. This disc may just become your new fairway favorite!

Power And Precision

  • Speed: 9
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -3
  • Fade: 1

This disc brings a speed of 9 to the table, which puts it somewhere in the middle of the pack compared to other discs. This gives the disc a versatile speed range, ideal for disc golfers transitioning to higher-speed discs. The glide assures a generous hang time, perfect for those wide-open courses where you can let it soar.

A turn of -3 leans towards understability, which means it’s fabulous for anhyzer and tailwind shots. It’s also useful for those with slower arm speeds, as it tends to veer right at high speed before settling.

As for the fade, expect a gentle curve back to the left at the end of the flight, allowing for dependability and predictability during your round.

Reading these numbers, it’s clear that the Impulse combines an inviting mix of speed, glide, and a gentle finish, producing a disc that’s consistent and easy to predict in calm conditions or tailwinds. Its speed-gliding combination can carry it a long way down the course!

 A Sleek And Streamlined Beast

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2 cm

The Diameter of 21.10 cm puts this disc in line with standard disc sizes, with nothing too large or too small. Its height gives it a low-profile feel in the hand, making it comfortable to hold and easy to release.

A rim depth of 1.20 cm suggests a shallow design perfect for those with smaller hands or who simply prefer a more shallow disc for comfort and control. The rim width of 2 cm offers a good grip while still providing the speed and distance potential you’re looking for.

Comparing these dimensions to similar discs, you’ll see that this disc offers a perfect blend of comfort, control, and performance. Its moderate size, low profile, and shallow rim make it an approachable disc for a wide range of disc golfers while still packing enough punch for those long fairway shots.

Mastering The Impulse

The Impulse is a blessing for intermediate players or those with lower arm speeds seeking increased distance and control. This disc’s high-glide properties and its understable flight pattern allow it to reliably carry further and more accurately, even without exerting maximum power. When I first started playing, this disc drastically improved my performance by offering reliable hyzer flips and increased distance, making me a firm fan.

Advanced throwers with a powerful arm will find it helpful, but maybe not as their primary disc. With the proper technique, this disc is an excellent utility driver for tailwinds or performing masterful hyzer flip shots. However, if you’ve got a strong arm, this disc tends to be highly responsive to flip and turnover, so be prepared for some solid anhyzers unless you’re going for a pure hyzer flip.

This disc might be a slight challenge for beginners still honing their throwing technique due to its understability. But, as you gather more mastery and snap, the Impulse can be a handy tool in gaining those extra yards on the course, becoming a disc you can truly grow with.

Ignite Your Game

Light blue MVP Impulse Distance Driver with black stamp and rims

The Impulse is typically used as a distance driver, delivering reliable hyzerflips and long turnover shots, making it a weapon of choice when you must make the disc dance through the air. Whether it’s a straight shot on a narrow fairway, a long turnover shot to maneuver around obstacles, or a calculated anhyzer throw, this disc can easily handle it.

Hyzer Flip

The complementing blend of understability and glide makes the Impulse a dream come true for hyzer flips. Just tilt it slightly upon release and watch it flip upward, race straight down the course, and gently fade toward the end. I’ve noticed that it’s my go-to disc for threading tight tunnels with precision.

Long Turnover Shots

Throw the Impulse flat, and it’ll reward you with a gorgeous turnover arc that can get you past obstacles and closer to the basket. It doesn’t fade off sharply. Hence it’s perfect for controlled turnover shots that need to cover significant fairway distance.

Anhyzer Throws

For right-handed disc golfers, this disc is a genius at executing anhyzer shots. The Impulse is my go-to disc when I need my disc to veer right and take an extended downhill flight. The degree of turn can depend on how hard you rip it, so it’s excellent for a spectrum of anhyzer angles.

Disc Alternatives

Here are a few discs similar to the MVP Impulse, along with a brief overview of each:

AquaFlight Swift

The AquaFlight Swift has similar characteristics to the Impulse regarding speed and glide. However, it is more beginner-friendly due to its lighter weight. The Swift offers similar control and versatility but might lack the distance potential that the Impulse provides.

Infinite Discs Sphinx

The Infinite Discs Sphinx is another understable distance driver comparable to the Impulse. It provides accuracy and control with added speed and glide. If you’re a fan of the Impulse, the Sphinx makes another excellent understable option with slightly more speed.

Innova Roadrunner

The Innova Roadrunner is a well-known understable disc with a slightly smaller rim for comfort. Though the speed and glide are similar to the Impulse, the Roadrunner typically has more turn and less fade, making it more understable. This disc works wonderfully for beginners due to its easy throwability and superb handling.

MVP Impulse In A Nutshell

The MVP Impulse is a control-friendly understable distance driver that knows how to work its magic across various shots. It’s no wonder it’s one of MVP’s best distance drivers! Whether you’re an intermediate disc golfer looking to add versatility to your shots, or a power thrower seeking a dependable utility disc, this disc can be a valuable addition to your collection.


  • Excellent glide for additional distance
  • Moderate speed makes it appealing to intermediate players
  • Dependable and predictable flight trajectory
  • Versatility across a variety of shots – hyzer flips, turnovers, or anhyzers


  • Might be hard to handle for beginners due to its understability
  • High-power players might find it too flippy for regular shots