MVP Relativity Review: A Top Disc Golf Distance Driver

As someone who has flipped, soared and spun a fair number of discs over my 13+ years of playing, I get genuinely excited when I come across a disc that makes waves in the disc golf scene. Today, we’re diving into one such item in this comprehensive MVP Relativity review.

What intrigues me about Relativity is its reputation as a dynamic distance driver. It’s lauded for its unique understability and high-speed design, promising both high coverage and control. But does it hit the mark?

Ready to find out how this disc fares from tee to basket? Let’s dig into the details and discover if this can really be your game-changer. Buckle up; it’s going to be a thrilling ride!

Benefits Of Speed And Control

  • Speed: 14
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -3
  • Fade: 1.5

Relativity truly encapsulates speed, clocking an impressive 14 on the rating chart. This means it’s one of the fastest you can get! The high speed, combined with a glide score of 5, lets it cover big stretches, even with less effort on your throw.

The turn rating of -3 indicates a significant understable nature. In the initial part of its path, it tends to move to the right (for right-hand backhand throws). This makes it fabulous for long anhyzer or squeezing extra stretch with an S-turn path.

The fade ends at 1.5; it’s gentle but prominent enough to make it return left near the end. So don’t worry – it won’t drift too far off right. This ensures a reliable, consistent finish.

These numbers, together, indicate a design crafted to give you maximum reach while still offering control. However, you must have the throwing strength to bring the best out of it.

Dimensions And Additional Info

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.90 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.50 cm

Relativity holds standard size dimensions with a diameter of 21.10 cm, which fits comfortably in hand. Its height is quite typical at 1.90 cm, not too tall or short, accommodating a variety of grip styles.

Where it really stands out is the rim. A rim depth of 1.20 cm provides a relatively shallow feel, allowing for a cleaner release and better control.

However, the star of the show is a wide rim width of 2.50 cm. This attribute of fast discs allows them to cut through the air with less resistance.

It falls very much into the long-distance category compared to similar products. Its physical characteristics suggest it’s purpose-built for power throws and enhancing the throwing span.

It’s not too different from other high-speed options, but its wide rim might need some getting used to, particularly for those with smaller hands.

For Disc Golf Professionals

Relativity isn’t just a disc; it’s a powerhouse. As a quick, wide-rimmed driver, it demands considerable arm strength to throw effectively.

This also means that it aligns best with professionals who play regularly and whose throwing ability can match its superior speed. Its understandable nature also requires skilled manipulation of release angles for maximum effectiveness.

However, that’s not to say that the intermediate class can’t use it. Reading through reviews, even some golfers who described themselves as “noodle arms” or thrown a max of around 325 feet praised how it added reach to their drives.

It’s sensitive to release pitches and has a high speed — but if you’re working on developing your throws, this could be a great training companion.

Though I’d advise beginners to steer clear from using it as their go-to driver, perfectly understable discs, particularly at this speed, could result in control issues. For them, trying an Impulse or Inertia might be a better bet.

What’s fascinating is that its performance somewhat aligns with throwing capacity. Lower-power throwers found it reasonably stable, while stronger throwers relished its subtle but pronounced understability.

Forms To Use: Turnovers, Roller, And High-Line Distance

A green MVP Neutron Relativity Distance Driver Disc with black rim and black stamp

Across the disc golf fairways, Relativity shines for its versatility, which is perfect for the long haul. With its understable nature and quick design, it’s primed for those majestic shots that cover huge spaces on the course.

One of the key things that makes this a gem is its ability to allow various styles. Even with its unpredictable understable twists and velocity, its fade controls things, preventing it from landing too far off the side.

Here are a few types where it proves to be a power player:

Controlled Turnovers

With its -3 turn, it is great for executing controlled turnovers. For right-handed people throwing backhand, it offers a smooth drive to the right before finishing with a soft drift left.


It has been praised repeatedly as a fantastic roller. Its quick flip and significant turn help it hit the ground at the right angle and let it roll for substantial spaces.

High-Line Distance Shots

Looking to reach a far landmark or outdrive your buddies? This can help you there. With its speed and controlled drifts, it follows a lovely S-shaped path, breaking barriers with each throw.

Effective use of this item is all about mastering the release angles and point of release. Once you get the hang of it, this could become your go-to for maximum reach.

Similar Products

Innova Tern

The Tern is also an understable and shares a similar ability with the Relativity to cover long sweeps. The Tern, however, has a bit more fade, so it might be a tad more beginner-friendly.

Discraft Nuke SS

The Nuke SS is another disc that’s built for reach. It has a similar speed and glide, but its turn is more aggressive, initially making it more overstable.

MVP Catalyst

As another member of the MVP lineup, the Catalyst shares many similarities with the Relativity. Both have similar ratings, but the Catalyst offers slightly less speed and more fade, which makes it potentially friendlier for newbies who want to dip their toes in quick discs but aren’t yet ready for the power.

These all offer impressive capabilities and share some understable tendencies. However, each has unique characteristics and patterns, so it’s worth trying each out and seeing which fits most with your playing style.

MVP Relativity Review: Quick Summary

The MVP Relativity is a supreme distance driver, tailor-made for players who can muster great arm speed and control. It may not be ideal for beginners due to its speed, but it’s a perfect fit for intermediate and advanced players seeking to squeeze out additional reach from their drives.

Here are the notable pros and cons of this disc:


  • Maximum distance due to high-speed design
  • Understability allows controllable turnovers, rollers, and high-line distance shots
  • The fade prevents unwanted rollers
  • Fantastic disc for hyzer flips and as a roller disc


  • Not beginner-friendly due to high speed and understable nature
  • Requires skillful manipulation of release angles