Axiom Envy Review: Is It the Best Putt & Approach Disc?

As a disc golfer with 13 years of experience under my belt, I’ve had the privilege of extensively testing and launching a wide variety of discs. Today, I want to bring you my Axiom Envy review, a slightly overstable putter renowned for its throwing and putting capabilities.

The Axiom Envy has gained recognition in the disc golf community as the disc that helped James Conrad secure his victory at the 2021 World Championships. In this comprehensive review, I will break down why the Envy’s characteristics and why it’s one of the best Axiom discs in 2023

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the review and explore why this disc should be considered for your bag!

Unleashing Precision And Control

  • Speed: 3
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 2

The Axiom Envy’s flight characteristics make it an ideal putter for players seeking a stable and predictable disc. With a speed rating of 3, this disc is perfect for controlled short-range throws and approach shots. Its glide rating of 3 contributes to a straight flight path with just enough lift to reach the target smoothly.

Its zero turn rating and minimal fade rating of 2 ensure the Envy’s resistance to flipping over during windy situations. This reliable flight pattern showcases a consistently straight path with a smooth, fading finish at the end of the throw.

Perfect Balance Of Size And Feel

A teal, green and purple marbled disc Axiom Plasma Envy disc with white and black stamp
  • Diameter: 21 cm
  • Height: 1.80 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.10 cm

The Axiom Envy’s well-designed PDGA specifications provide a comfortable and unique feel. With a diameter of 21 cm and a height of 1.80 cm, it has a slightly more compact profile than some other putters on the market. This allows for a confident grip and smooth release, translating to more accurate throws.

Its rim depth of 1.40 cm and rim width of 1.10 cm also contribute to the Envy’s easy handling and consistent flight. The slightly deeper rim offers a comfortable grip for players, while the slim 1.10 cm rim width gives the disc a streamlined feel. These dimensions and specific characteristics set the Envy apart from similar discs, making it a reliable choice for precise and controlled putting.

For Pros And Novices

Axiom Envy has earned a reputation as one of the best throwing putters ever made, as illustrated by James Conrad’s iconic shot during the 2021 World Championships. Both putting and approach shots benefit from its stability and flight characteristics.

Suitable for players of various skill levels, the Envy is recommended for anyone looking to develop their driving form. Its versatile stability on a multitude of shots and approachability makes it an excellent addition to every disc golfer’s bag, from novices to seasoned veterans.

Professional players and those with more experience will appreciate the disc’s resistance to power and torque, modern feel, predictability, and consistent flight. Additionally, players who prefer a thinner profile or beadless putters tend to favor the Envy.

The Envy excels in the hands of a wide range of players, surpassed only by its well-deserved reputation as one of the best throwing putters in disc golf.

Versatile Companion

The Envy’s straight flight and gentle fade make it an excellent choice for various shot types, allowing players to navigate various situations on the course. Some reputable shot types for the Envy include:

Straight Putts

With its smooth, reliable high-speed stability, the Envy is ideal for confident, straight putts. Its predictable flight path allows you to trust the disc to stay on target and minimize the chances of missing.

Hyzer Approaches

The Envy’s gentle fade makes it an excellent option for hyzer approaches, as it will predictably curve back towards the basket. Throw it out wide with a hyzer angle, and it will smoothly return to the target with accuracy.

Anhyzer Approaches

Although the Envy has a minimal turn rating, it can be manipulated for anhyzer approaches when thrown gently with the proper release angle. The disc will hold the angle briefly before slowly resuming its natural fade toward the end of the throw.

Similar Discs To Axiom Envy

Light blue Axiom Soft Envy Disc with Red Rim and White/Grey Stamp

Gateway Devil Hawk

The Gateway Devil Hawk is another stable putter and approach disc with a deeper rim for those who prefer a more traditional feel. Its flight characteristics are similar to the Envy; however, its deep rim may not suit players looking for a slimmer disc design.

Innova Hydra

The Innova Hydra offers a similar flight pattern to the Envy, but it is also designed to float in water, making it an ideal choice for courses with water hazards.

Kastaplast Reko X

The Kastaplast Reko X is a flatter, more stable version of the classic Reko putter, designed to excel as an approach putter. Its modified design allows it to be thrown with more power and provides excellent performance for headwind putts or confident spin-putting situations. With flight numbers of 3, 3, 0, and 2, the Reko X shares similar characteristics with the Axiom Envy, making it a relevant alternative for those seeking a different feel while maintaining the stability and versatility of the Envy.

Unlocking Superior Putt & Approach Game Performance

The Envy is an exceptional choice for players of all skill levels, offering reliable and predictable flight, approach shots, and short drives. Its unique feel and consistent performance ensure it has a place in every disc golfer’s bag. However, those seeking more distance may find its lower speed a drawback.


  • Reliable and consistent flight
  • Unique, comfortable feel for various hand sizes
  • Suitable for various shots, including putting, approaches, and short drives
  • Versatile stability for players of all levels


  • Lower speed limits distance potential for experienced players
  • Slightly thinner profile may not be preferred by some players