Axiom Pyro Review: All About The Pyro’s Performance

Have you ever wished for a mid-range disc that delivers consistent flight, expertly navigates windy conditions, and leaves you feeling confident in your disc arsenal regardless of your skill level? Then you’re in luck! Today, I’ll be sharing my Axiom Pyro Review – a disc that seems to check all those boxes and more.

As an avid disc golfer for over 13 years, I’ve tested my fair share of discs, and the Axiom Pyro truly stands out as a go-to choice for various shots on the course. From its stellar path and reliable fade to its comfortable grip, this disc has something for everyone.

Whether you’re still fine-tuning your skills or a seasoned professional looking for the perfect disc to rely on, keep reading for an in-depth look at why this might just be your next favorite mid-range!

A Stable Mid-Range Disc for Consistent Flights

A Purple Axiom Prism Pyro with Green Rims with White and Yellow Stamp
  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 2.5

The Pyro, with its flight numbers of 5 / 4 / 0 / 2.5, is a stable mid-range disc that you can rely on for consistent flights. The low speed (5) paired with the moderate glide (4) allows the disc to maintain its path while not being too fast or difficult to control.

In other words, it’s an ideal disc for players who need trusty, straight flights with just a touch of fade at the end. The disc has a turn rating of 0, which means it will resist turning over and hold a straight path even into headwinds.

Not bad for something designed as Axiom’s first overstable midrange. The fade rating of 2.5 is gentle enough that it won’t require a massive effort to keep the disc inbounds, but it will still have a notable fade at the end of the path.

Overall, this is one of the best Axiom discs to see, perfect for those looking for an option that offers the benefits of overstable mid range.

Dimensions and Specifics for Versatile Performance

  • Diameter: 21.50 cm
  • Height: 1.60 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.30 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.60 cm

This disc comes in a standard diameter (21.50 cm) for mid-range-disc golf discs, fitting comfortably in most hands. The height (1.60 cm) and rim depth (1.30 cm) are fairly typical for its class, allowing you to get a good grip without feeling overwhelmed by its size or shape.

The rim width of 1.60 cm sets it apart from other mid-range discs, as it’s on the wider side. This width contributes to its stability and fades, along with a more secure grip for users with larger hands.

Those who appreciate a slightly wider rim will likely find this disc an excellent choice. Thanks to these dimensions and specifics, the Pyro suits various playing styles.

A Disc For All Skill Levels

Thanks to its dependable and overstable nature, the Pyro is designed for various skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to move up from an understable mid-range or a more advanced person seeking a consistent disc for strong winds and powerful plays, this disc can be a perfect fit.

Many users have shared that they find the Pyro particularly useful for both backhand and forehand throws, praising its stable flight and fade and its ability to correct off-axis torque.

This disc stands out as a favorite forehand mid-range, providing a comfortable grip and accuracy regardless of skill level.

Beginners might find the Pyro slightly more challenging than an understable mid-range disc, but it can be advantageous for learning and developing disc golf techniques. It is highly recommended for all skill levels but shines the brightest among intermediate and advanced players.

Primary Use And Benefits

The Axiom Pyro is ideal for various situations on the course, excelling in strong winds and showcasing a steadfast fade. Its exceptional consistency makes it the go-to disc for many scramble shots and precision shots needed to navigate tight fairways or approach the basket confidently.

Some of the specific shot types the Pyro can be used for include:

Hyzer Shots

The disc’s overstable nature helps it maintain a Hyzer line throughout, making it perfect for shaping around obstacles and controlling the angle of your shot.

Forehand Drives

Many customers have praised this disc as their favorite midrange for forehands. Its flat profile, resistance to off-axis torque, and comfortable grip make it an excellent choice for accurate forehand drives.

Backhand Drives

This disc also excels as an overstable mid-range option for backhand throws, offering a consistent flight and steadfast fade contributing to its versatility.

Its primary uses lie in its adaptability and consistency, making it a valuable addition to any disc golf arsenal for various shots.

Blue Axiom Prism Pyro Midrange Driver with Red Rims and White Stamp

Similar Discs To Pyro

Guru Disc Golf Silent Cruiser

The Silent Cruiser is another overstable mid-range disc that provides consistent flights and a reliable fade. The Silent Cruiser could be a great choice if you’re looking for a dependable disc to lean on in various course conditions.

Infinite Discs Ra

The Ra is an overstable mid-range with a slightly faster speed rating and fade rating similar to the Pyro. If you’re interested in trying a slightly speedier overstable mid-range disc with similar characteristics, the Ra could be a good option to explore.

Kestrel SubZero

The SubZero is an overstable mid-range with similar flight and fade characteristics to the Pyro, but may offer slightly less glide. If you’re looking for a disc with those qualities and a different feel, the SubZero could be worth trying.

While these similar discs may share some key traits with the Pyro, the former stands out for its exceptional stability, accuracy, and grip combination. This makes it a must-try for those seeking an overstable mid-range disc to enhance their game.

Axiom Pyro Review: Final Thoughts

Pyro is a versatile and reliable overstable mid-range disc that suits various skill levels and can be used for multiple shots on the course. This disc is perfect for those looking for a dependable disc with a true flight path, a touch of fade, and a comfortable grip.

Beginners will find it slightly more challenging than an understable mid-range, while intermediate and advanced players will appreciate its ability to handle powerful throws and windy conditions.


  • Reliable and consistent flight
  • Stable in strong winds
  • Suitable for both backhand and forehand throws
  • Appropriate for various skill levels


  • It may be slightly more challenging for beginners.

The Axiom Pyro is a must-try overstable mid-range disc for players looking to add stability and accuracy to their game. From forehand drives to hyzer shots, the Pyro will not disappoint.