2024 Discmania Astronaut Disc Golf Distance Driver Review

Through my 13 years of playing disc golf, with countless throws and trying a myriad of disc types, I’ve come to understand one thing: the choice of disc can make or break your game.

This brings us to the Discmania Astronaut, a disc hailed for its impressive capabilities. In this Discmania Astronaut review, I’ll draw on my extensive experience to provide a comprehensive breakdown of this high-speed wonder.

So buckle up, as I’ll discuss whether the Astronaut should be the next addition to your bag. Is this disc as out-of-this-world as it seems?

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A Closer Look At The Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 12
  • Glide: 6
  • Turn: -4
  • Fade: 1

A disc golfer’s dream come true, the Discmania Astronaut exhibits an intriguing, predictable, yet varied flight path. A high speed of 12 indicates that it’s a fast disc, ideal for those drives that require serious distance. Looking at the glide number, a whopping 6 promises plenty of loft.

One unique attribute coming to the forefront is the turn. With a -4, the Astronaut is guaranteed to have a tangible degree of understability. Translation? It will veer to the right at the peak of its flight (when thrown by a right-handed, backhand thrower), allowing for more intricate maneuvering around obstacles. The disc won’t disappoint fading back to the left either, signaled by a Fade of 1, but this will occur gradually and with control.

All things combined, the Discmania Astronaut provides an excellent mix of speed, glide, noticeable turn, and moderate fade. It’s the kind of flight character that brings versatility and excitement to anyone’s round of disc golf.

Disc Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 1.80 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.30 cm

The Discmania Astronaut truly embodies its ‘space age’ name when you inspect its physical characteristics. This disc boasts a diameter of 21.20 cm, landing it in the more substantial disk class, perfect for commanding presence and stability during flight. There’s a substantial advantage in the height, sitting at a comfortable 1.80 cm. The extra loft does wonders for the disc’s overall performance and control.

One standout feature is the Astronaut’s Rim Depth of 1.10 cm – a little shallower than some of its counterparts. This makes the disc easier to grip, particularly for those of us with smaller hands. Coupled with a Rim Width of 2.30 cm, the disc offers a steadier grip and a suitable departure from your fingertips during release.

Launching Into Orbit

A discmania active glow-premium astronaut white rims and blue spaceship stamp

The Discmania Astronaut is known for unleashing maximum power, which is particularly beneficial for players advancing toward their first high-speed driver. Given its tremendous speed, glide, and low-speed fade, the Astronaut is a favorite across a spectrum of skill levels.

Regardless of the initial challenge, it’s worth persisting. This disc introduces an exhilarating range to your game. Even though I found the Astronaut to be a bit on the quicker side initially, I discovered significant improvements in my distance over time. If you have greater throwing power, prepare yourself for astonishing achievements with this disc—particularly when you can harness its full potential to flip it up.

In terms of the grip, the Astronaut’s 2.3mm rim may feel quite wide, especially if you’re new to wider-rimmed discs. But I can promise you that the disc’s premium active line plastic is terrific. Smooth yet grippy with just the right amount of flexibility, and with some use, the wider rim becomes the new normal.

Here’s my bottom line: This disc is not meant for beginners due to its demanding speed and angle control. However, if you’re at the cusp of graduating from light-weight drivers or want to achieve expert anhyzer shots, the Astronaut might just be your ticket to an elevated disc golfing experience.

Interstellar Throws

The Discmania Astronaut shines the most when it comes to achieving impressive distances. Whether it be vast open fields or a demanding requirement for additional distance, the Astronaut reliably serves as an easy-to-throw distance driver. While the Astronaut does take some time to master, the effort pays off tremendously in terms of power and the ability to shape shots.

The Astronaut excels in certain shot types, especially those requiring the disc to bend to your will. Here’s my experience with the kind of shots the Astronaut has been a champ with:

Hyzer Flip Shots

These shots are all about manipulating the understability of the disc. With the Astronaut’s Turn of -4, it’s a fantastic disc for practicing hyzer release angles for flip-up flat and flip-up turnover shots.

S-Curve Shots

The Astronaut is great at S-curve shots, especially for beginners. It has just enough turn to go far out before fading, significantly increasing distance. Given a wider fairway, you can get a remarkable S curve from the Astronaut.

Roller Shots

For those who love disc-rolling, the Astronaut delivers very well. Due to its glide and turn, you can get the Astronaut to roll significantly far. It’s worth noting that it is considered one of the easiest to work in the understable max distance driver category.

Reviewing Similar Distance Drivers

To help you better understand the Discmania Astronaut, let’s take a brief look at some similar discs in the market.

Discraft Avenger SS

The Discraft Avenger SS is another incredibly understable distance driver that is great for players with slow arm speeds!

MVP Orbital

With very similar flight numbers of 11/5/-4.5/1, the MVP Orbital is another driver that offers an extremely understable flight.

Divergent Discs Basilisk

The Basilisk from Divergent Discs is another disc with similar flight parameters to the Astronaut. Emphasizing distance and speed, the Basilisk is known for its controlled flight path. While not as understable as the Astronaut, it offers an excellent alternative for players seeking more predictability in their high-speed drivers.

Discmania Astronaut: Flight, Features, And Beyond

The Discmania Astronaut is a distance driver built to deliver maximum distance for disc golfers of various skill levels, especially those advancing toward their first encounters with high-speed drivers.

While the Astronaut isn’t ideally suited for beginners due to its speed and demand for precise angle control, it is gratifying for those transitioning from lighter discs or seeking to master anhyzer shots.

Here is a quick overview:


  • Delivers impressive distance
  • Excellently suited for varied shot types, including hyzer flip shots, S-curve shots, and roller shots
  • The understability helps extract maximum distance
  • High-quality plastic provides a smooth yet grippy feel


  • May be a little too speedy and demanding for less powerful throwers or beginners
  • Despite its stunning visuals, the transparent plastic can make locating the disc a bit challenging in certain terrains