Discraft Avenger SS Review: Unbeatable Disc Golf Glide

Welcome, fellow disc golf enthusiasts! I’m here to share my take on a disc that has garnered much attention recently. Come and read the Discraft Avenger SS review.

With over 13 years of disc golf experience, I’ve seen, handled, and thrown my fair share of discs. I’ve developed a reliable understanding of what makes a good disc through countless games, practice throws, comparisons, and analyses.

We’ll dive deep into this disc’s unique characteristics and performance. Will it outperform your current go-to, or is it suited for a budding disc golfer? Either way, this is a story that’s worth hearing. So get comfortable; let’s take this disc for a spin!

Flight Info: Glide For Days

  • Speed: 10
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -3
  • Fade: 1

Wow, what a disc the Discraft Avenger SS is! With a speed of 10, this disc blasts off quickly from your hand, racing to the basket with enviable speed. I have noticed that the Glide, rated at 5, allows this disc to swoop elegantly through the air, giving you the range you need without sacrificing control.

The Turn, at -3, deeply intrigues me. This makes it one to reach for if I want to achieve significant in-flight adjustment. Its ability to turn or curve to the right makes it an incredibly useful tool for navigating obstacles.

A fade of 1 denotes a gentle end-of-flight curve to the left. This subtle side-to-side action at the end of the disc’s path means it predictably comes back online, helping you nail those accurate shots every time.

In simpler terms, this disc gives an S-shaped flight path, which I’ve seen is favored by many disc golfers over the years. There’s something truly satisfying about watching its precise, predictable performance. Occasionally, it even tempts me to take that roundabout route to the basket to watch it fly.

These flight numbers indicate that this is a versatile disc capable of delivering distance, control, and a certain flare to your game – an admirable three-in-one package. Its capability has consistently put it on the best beginner disc golf drivers list.

Prioritizing Ease Of Control

A Pink Discraft Z Avenger SS with Gold Stamp
  • Diameter: 21.40 cm
  • Height: 1.80 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.90 cm

Stepping into the realm of numbers again, the Avenger SS touts dimensions that contribute largely to its desirable characteristics. With a diameter of 21.40 cm, it fits comfortably in your hand, neither too big nor too small – just right, like Goldilock’s perfect porridge.

Its height is a standard 1.80 cm, a common denominator among many of my reliable drivers. This uniformity comforts me when I grip the disc without looking at it.

The rim depth is worth noting here. At 1.20 cm, it’s on the shallower side. And for me, that’s a good thing. My fingers have an easier time finding a secure grip, which aids in a smoother release. It’s always a welcome feature.

The rim width of 1.90 cm caters to the disc’s high-speed properties while not making it challenging to hold. I found this disc to be well-balanced in terms of dimensions.

It sits comfortably in the middle compared to other discs, especially within the same speed category. It’s neither too intimidating for beginners nor easy for pros, achieving a harmonious medium that appeals to a wide range of disc golfers. A fair share of its popularity can be attributed to its thoughtfully crafted dimensions.

A Perfect Transition Disc

Purple Discraft Big Z Avenger SS (Ledgestone) with Winter Sunset Stamp

Hold onto your hats – or rather, your discs – because the Avenger SS holds a lot of promise for those just entering the distance game or for the skilled hand looking for a new flip-happy friend. This understable disc has quickly become a favorite of mine and many other players with various skill levels.

For the budding disc golfer, this is a step up from fairway drivers, offering a chance to add more range to your throws without being overly intimidating. As many user reviews confirm, this disc can help bridge that gap between fairway and distance driver discs.

Intermediate players, you’re in for a treat too. It assumes greater significance once you’ve honed some essential techniques. You’ll find it a reliable companion for controlled hyzer flips, making it particularly handy on wooded courses.

Even surprisingly skilled throwers can benefit from having this in their bag. Despite its understability, given the right power and angle, it can be an unexpected workhorse for hyzer flips, turnovers, or even rollers.

Remember, it’s not always about brute force; finesse and strategy often hold the upper hand in disc golf. This disc understands it– which speaks to Discraft’s thoughtfulness in designing this disc.

A Versatile Distance Driver

As a disc primarily designed for breaking records, the Avenger SS has been a trusty weapon in my arsenal when longer throws are called for. But it’s not just a one-trick pony. The Avenger SS has a versatility that allows it to step up when facing different shot requirements.

Let’s take a look at the different techniques you can use this disc for:

Hyzer Flips

This is my go-to disc for controlled hyzer flips. Swing it out on a hyzer angle, watch it flip up to flat, and continue pushing forward on an almost absurdly straight trajectory. Perfect for those narrow, straight wooded fairways where precision is the name of the game.


With its high turn rating, this is a champ at executing sublime turnovers. Flying predominantly to the right, it can weave around obstacles or easily follow the contours of a right-bending fairway. If you’ve got a tricky right-turning approach, this disc could be your savior.


This can pull off some pretty impressive rollers for those who’ve perfected the art. It’s understability, and high glide make it an excellent choice when you want to get low and roll.

Similar Discs

Discmania Astronaut

The Discmania Astronaut is an incredibly understable distance driver similar to the Avenger SS. Check out my Discmania Astronaut Review here!

Lone Star Disc Tumbleweed

The Tumbleweed, I’ve noticed, tends to have a similar in-flight behavior as the Avenger SS – predictable with a rightward turn and mild end-fade. It might be a bit more difficult for beginners, but it’s almost a lookalike for intermediate players.

Mint Discs Freetail

The Freetail takes the understable principles of the Avenger SS up a notch or two. It requires a stronger arm to utilize, but once you’ve got the power down, its range and turn-to-fade ratio echo the reliable performance of the latter.

Knowing about these similar discs is useful for comparing and finding the perfect one for your game – like test-driving a few cars before making your pick. But remember, each disc is unique, just like each thrower’s style. It’s all about testing and finding what fits you best.

Discraft Avenger SS Review: Final Thoughts

A Pink Discraft  ESP Avenger SS with Pink Rainbow Stamp

The Discraft Avenger SS is a much-loved and widely-appreciated disc that caters to a wide scope of disc golf enthusiasts, from beginners making their first foray into distance drives to intermediate players honing their skill and even to advanced players looking for a versatile and reliable understable partner on the course.


  • Versatility: With its ability to serve many requirements, from hyzer-flips and turnovers to straight-distance drives, it refuses to be shoehorned into one category.
  • User-friendly: Despite its class, its ratings make it an accessible choice for beginners looking to step up their game.
  • Unbeatable glide: It has an outstanding capability that lets players achieve impressive records.
  • Predictability: With its characteristics, it helps offer a consistent, dependable game.


  • Wind Sensitivity: While it performs admirably under perfect conditions, this could be inconsistent in windy conditions.