Discmania MD5 Review: Unwavering Stability & Precision Disc

Our featured disc, renowned for its unwavering stability and precision, is snug in the crosshairs of today’s Discmania MD5 review. This disc holds a solid reputation among players, so I couldn’t resist putting it through its paces.

I’ll break down everything from flight numbers to skill-level suitability in this article. I’ll also compare it with similar discs and share feedback from fellow disc golfers.

If you’re eyeing a dependable, overstable disc that excels in precision, stick around for a deep dive. Let’s explore how it can potentially step up your game.

What The Flight Numbers Say

  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 4

With a speed of 5, the MD5 is slower than many discs, which lets you throw with more controlled precision. The glide of 3 indicates that the disc doesn’t stay in the air very long and is more likely to drop straight down without drifting off course.

The zero turn indicates the highest level of stability. Regardless of the wind condition, you can trust this disc not to flip or turn over.

And then there’s the fade of 4 – the highest level. This means that the disc leans heavily to the left (for a right-handed, backhand thrower) as it nears the end of its flight.

This strong fade is particularly useful when overcoming obstacles or making a final approach toward the basket. Its dependable overstable flight is well worth the price.

A Resilient And Stable Plastic

  • Diameter: 21.00 cm
  • Height: 1.90 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.30 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.40 cm

With a diameter of 21.00 cm, the MD5 falls within the average range for overstable midrange discs, giving it a familiar size for most disc golfers. This is ideal as it tends to sit comfortably in the hand, creating an ease when lining up a throw.

The height of 1.90 cm gives it a robust profile which helps increase its solidity in flight. Meanwhile, the rim depth of 1.30 cm allows for a secure and confident grip.

Its rim width is 1.40 cm, which might not seem much, but it greatly affects the disc flight! The relatively thin rim helps maintain the disc’s equilibrium and contributes to a smooth release every time.

It leans towards a ‘no-nonsense’ functionality mantra. It’s crafted well, and its dimensions and specifics combine to provide a disc that feels as good as it flies. Its resilience in all sorts of windy showdowns is a direct testament to its brilliant design.

Best For Professional Use

A light blue clear Discmania Prototype Metalflake C Line MD 5 with Orange Stamp

The MD5, a cornerstone of the Discmania Originals lineup, is designed with a specific player’s profile in mind. It’s not for someone who’s a newcomer to the sport but a highly useful disc for a player familiar with the game’s dynamics, someone who has the fundamentals down.

As collected from multiple reviews, it has been lauded for its application in forehand upshots, hyzer approaches, and flex shot situations. Critics praise its signature overstability, even calling it the ‘Firebird of midranges’ – a testament to its reliance, trustworthy nature.

It performs notably with both forehand and backhand shots, making it a versatile choice. Seasoned players have remarked on its strong fade and dependable performance, especially under strong headwinds.

Beginners, however, might find this a challenge. They may struggle with distance and could become frustrated with its early fade.

But for the more experienced players, this is not merely another disc but an essential tool in their bag. This would be a trustworthy companion if your fundamentals are mastered and need unwavering performance in your midrange game.

Primary Use

Regarding its most common applications, the MD5 from Discmania mainly shines as a trustworthy approach disc. Its overstable nature makes it a reliable ally for those crucial moments when you need to get close to the basket.

Its strong fade makes it a great foundation to build your approach game. Let’s break down some various situations this can be used for:

Hyzer Approaches

This disc is for when you need your disc to curve strongly toward the direction opposite your throwing hand. Its strong fade makes it the perfect disc for such situations.

Forehand Upshots

Due to its comfortable grip and strong fade, it shines in this particular shot aspect. User reviews consistently praise its versatility and performance here.

Flex Shots

If you require your disc to start anhyzer and then turn back to hyzer mid-flight, its reliable fade allows you to easily perform this shot. The disc’s overstable nature guarantees an accurate finish on an overstable path.

Whether you’re trying to navigate through a narrow fairway, attempting to go around obstructions, or dealing with pesky headwinds, its unwavering steadiness makes it a trustworthy companion on the course. Its beauty lies in its precision and reliability.

What’s In The Shop? Disc Golf Discs Like MD5

Innova Gator

The Gator is a go-to of many for overstable mid-range discs. It has that dependable fade, especially in windy conditions. However, the Gator feels slightly less comfortable due to the bead on its rim.

Discraft Drone

The Drone, another overstable mid-range disc, has garnered praise for its resilience under strong winds and reliable fade. However, many have noted that it doesn’t perform perfectly with forehand shots but stands out with its backhand throws.

MVP Deflector

The Deflector is a disc that’s earned its stripes through dependability and its ability to power through high-speed winds. Some have even compared the MD5 directly to the Deflector regarding overstability. However, One small difference is how they finish; the MD5 has a slightly stronger finish than the MVP Deflector.

While there’s a general overlap of characteristics between these available discs, Discmania’s MD5 stands out in its comfortability in grip. Its overstable nature and superior hand feel make it a reliable option worthy of consideration.

Discmania MD5 Review: Product Summary

No disc is for everyone, but if you’re someone with solid fundamentals looking for an overstable disc for precise approach shots, the MD5 by Discmania should be right up your alley. Its comfort in hand and reliability in wind conditions make it a practical midrange choice.


  • Known for its stability and precision
  • Great for hyzer approaches, forehand upshots, and flex shots
  • Comfortable in the hand, be it forehand or backhand
  • Performs well under windy conditions


  • Less ideal for beginners due to its overstability and lack of distance
  • High fade may not be suitable for straight-line shots