MVP Motion Disc Review: Ultimate Distance Driver For 2024

Ever wondered how the MVP Motion could elevate your disc golf game? Today, you’re in luck! I’m delighted to share my MVP Motion review with you, and I’ll tell you, this is one disc that doesn’t disappoint.

I’ve been playing and reviewing disc golf products for over a decade. I’ve thrown various discs in those years, but the MVP Motion holds a special place in my bag. Its balance of stability, speed, and predictability adds a unique element to my game, which could be game-changing for you too.

Interested to see how? Stay along for the ride as I delve into one of disc golf’s most dependable drivers!

Flight Numbers Decoded

  • Speed: 9
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 4

Disc golf jargon defines the disc’s flight path by a few key numbers. With a speed rating of 9, the Motion is recognized as a fast disc, expertly built for lengthy and precise drives. This mix of speed and versatility makes it geared towards newbies and pros, showing laudable performance in diverse conditions.

A glide rating of 4 indicates that the disc maintains its loft in flight, ensuring it doesn’t drastically drop once it loses its spin. This quality is invaluable for precise fairway drives and extended approach shots.

With a turn rating of 0, the disc showcases a tinge of predictability, holding a straight course during drives. It becomes an excellent ally on windy days when a reliable disc that doesn’t flip quickly is crucial.

Lastly, a fade rating of 4 divulges the Motion’s consistent end-of-flight hook. It guarantees a leftward finish for right-handed backhand throws, suitable for making dogleg lefts or curving around obstacles. The Motion’s flair for delivering a unique mix of speed and stability makes it a true delight to play with.

Breaking Down The Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21 cm
  • Height: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2 cm

Sporting a diameter of 21 cm, the MVP Motion snugly fits into the midrange spectrum of disc golf drivers, offering a natural grip that aids power and control, fitting comfortably in most players’ hands. 

Its height of 1.40 cm is pretty standard and facilitates an effortless release. The low profile minimizes air turbulence during flight, whisking the disc on a smoother trajectory.

Featuring a rim depth of 1.20 cm, the Motion allows for a solid hold – a favorite among players fond of a deep grip. The feeling of certainty and control as the disc leaves your hand is unmatched.

The rim width measures 2 cm, contributing to the disc’s swift speed. The thin, sleek design slices through the air, promising distance and speed while retaining stability, especially during powerful throws.

The Motion stands out from its competitors for its coupling of wieldy size and unwavering shape. It is an excellent pick for players seeking the perfect pairing of comfort and performance.

Tailored For Every Player

A Green/Light Green marbled disc MVP Plasma Motion Distance Driver with Black rims

Designed with versatility, the MVP Motion caters to a broad spectrum of players. Although its remarkable stability and dependable fade lean towards those who have mastered a solid arm speed, as opposed to beginners.

Despite being sturdy during forceful throws, the Motion also serves as a dependable utility for less powerful players due to its noteworthy resistance to wind. This disc’s unfailing ability to deliver a robust, overstable flight with consistent fade—even amidst challenging conditions—makes it an invaluable choice for those tackling windy courses or unexpected gusts.

Its efficiency in forehand throwing makes the Motion an easy choice for players seeking an overstable disc resistant to torque. The disc feels comfortable for both backhand and forehand throws and can withstand high-force throws without turning over.

A word of caution for beginners though—while the Motion guarantees a steady fade and wind resistance, it demands an excellent snap to reach distance. Therefore, beginners or those still perfecting their technique may find the Motion more practical as a utility disc until their throwing force is up to par.

Whether you’re an experienced pro or just starting in the vast universe of disc golf, the Motion is a reliable choice adaptable to varying situations and course conditions.

Versatile Champion

The MVP Motion truly excels as an overstable long-range distance driver. Its straight, steady flight path and trustworthy fade make this a go-to disc for shots demanding distance and precision. Here are a few ways you can put the Motion into action:

Forehand Flicks

This disc does wonders with forehand throws; a dependable fade makes the forehand flick an ideal shot for the Motion. It can resist turnover from power or headwind, meaning it works excellently when throwing around obstacles.

Anhyzer Shots

Despite its overstable nature, the Motion is adept at handling anhyzer shots. With the right angle and power, you can get this disc to turn the way you want, only to have it return thanks to its dependable fade. Perfect for tackling complicated lines under significant trees.

Thumbers and Tomahawks

Uniquely, the Motion excels in overhand throws such as thumbers and tomahawks. Its overstable nature and predictable flight path make it a dependable option for these utility shots, often saving the day when in a tight spot on the course.

Comparable Discs

Innova Firebird

The Firebird, from Innova, is a reliable overstable disc with considerable fade. Much like the Motion, it’s a favorite among players who seek resilience against the wind, and in terms of feel and flight pattern, there’s an undeniable resemblance between the two. The Firebird is suitable for headwind throws, forehand flicks, and various other utility shots.

Discraft Anax

The Discraft Anax, part of the acclaimed Paul McBeth series, is another disc often compared to the Motion. The Anax offers a similar resistance to turnover and promises a reliable fade at the end of its flight, making it a choice worth exploring for fans of the Motion.

Axiom Fireball

Arguably the nearest comparison to the MVP Motion is the Axiom Fireball. They share an almost identical flight characteristic—a straight, stable flight eventually giving way to a strong and dependable fade at the end. Reviews often mention the Fireball as a shorter version of the MVP Motion, making them almost sibling discs in terms of their capabilities.

MVP Motion In Review

As a versatile and dependable disc, the Motion is an excellent addition to any disc golf bag and is one of MVP’s finest distance drivers. It earns its merit as a reliable overstable long-distance driver, coming into its own, particularly for high-power players, lovers of forehands, and those brave souls battling the wind. While its stable flight may not suit beginners for regular throws, its unwavering consistency under power and strong fade make it a convenient utility disc for players still developing their technique.


  • Exceptional wind resistance
  • Stable and reliable fade
  • Versatility— excellent for both backhand and forehand throws
  • Strong performance for high-power players


  • Its overstable nature might not suit beginners
  • Requires significant arm speed for best performance