Discraft Archer Review: Game-Changing Disc Golf Deadeye

Hello, fellow disc golf enthusiasts! I’m here to share my thoughts and experience with a disc that’s gained considerable popularity – the Discraft Archer review. With over 13 years of disc golf gameplay, I’ve tried more discs than I can count, and this stands out for all the right reasons.

I’m excited to walk you through my assessment of its flight dynamics, physical specifications, and overall performance on the course. Whether you’re a beginner just exploring the disc golf world or an experienced player looking for an edge, this review has something for everyone.

Buckle up for a deep dive, and let’s explore what makes this a disc worth considering for your next round of disc golf!

Flight Info: Reliably Understable

Pink/Green Discraft Z Swirl Archer with Blue Stamp
  • Speed: 7
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: -3
  • Fade: 1

A speed of 7 makes this disc moderately fast. It won’t break any records, but it’s speedier than most putters and mid-ranges, putting it firmly in the midrange driver category. Its glide value of 4, which is average, ensures the disc will sustain a predictable pattern without suddenly dropping off.

The disc turns at -3, making it extremely understable. Especially for a disc with this quickness, it makes it quick to turn over right out of your hand, perfect for a right-handed backhand.

Lastly, a fade value of 1 points to a disc that ends its flight gently without a sharp drop to the left. This can be especially handy for threading your disc through trees or other obstacles on the range.

This combination makes the Archer an ideal disc for controlled, accurate drives and long upshots. Even windier days didn’t faze it too much. It handled breezes gracefully, requiring a slight adjustment in angle to achieve the desired path.

Disc Specifications: Easy Grip & Control

  • Diameter: 21.40 cm
  • Height: 1.80 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.20 cm

Physically, the Archer gives off a robust vibe. With its diameter of 21.40 cm, it sits comfortably in the hand, neither too big nor too small. This is roughly the average size of most discs, allowing for a familiar feel.

The disc’s height of 1.80 cm translates to a reasonably flat profile. I find this beneficial for easy gripping and improved control over the disc during the process. Moreover, discs with lower heights tend to cut through the air, which is a bonus easily.

Regarding the rim depth of 1.20 cm, I’ve noticed it’s a little shallower than some discs. This makes the disc feel more streamlined in your hand and a bit easier to release, in my opinion. This feature could be beautiful for those with smaller hands.

Lastly, the rim width of 1.20 cm, which is about average, contributes to the disc’s stability. Wide-rimmed discs tend to be more overstable, and narrow-rimmed discs are often understable. Since its width is smack dab in the middle, it offers a happy medium, which is great for various styles.

Customer Reviews Breakdown: Made For Disc Golf Casuals

The Archer is a splendid disc for beginners due to its understable traits and glide. This translates to a simple, straightforward path with ample hang time. This combination allows even novices to achieve impressive distances and consistent straightness.

This is also quite a versatile tool for those who’ve been around the disc golf course a few times. It’s perfect for those intricate hyzer flips or threaded anhyzer shots, allowing you to overcome tricky obstacles with grace and finesse.

I have used this disc for successful hyzer flips, maintaining flight well, even with a modest release speed. Its ability to maintain its straightness, with a notably gentle turn and fade – attributes several reviewers lauded – makes it a reliable choice for intermediate players looking for a go-to midrange disc.

Several reviewers mentioned employing this as a viable alternative when a forehand isn’t an option. This unique advantage makes this even more appealing to those with limited disc golf experience yet to master the varied techniques.

Its understability may not make it the best choice for those with much power. If you toss it too hard or fast, it may veer off to the right more than you’d like (for a right-handed backhand).

Ultimately, I highly recommend this for beginners and casuals. With its straightforward path and accommodating glide, this disc teaches you as you play, helping you improve with each throw. More experienced users will enjoy its versatility, especially when faced with tricky, narrow shots.

Versatile Mid-Range Driver

Light Blue Discraft Z Archer with Flag Stamp

The Archer truly shines when it comes to its primary use. Its design makes it versatile enough to serve as a fairway driver and a midrange disc. At the same time, the understability lends itself beautifully to tight, precise shots – especially around obstacles or when you’re stuck in a tight spot.

Perfect for those long, down-the-fairway drives, its consistency means you’ll often hit your marks. Here are some techniques that it is suited for:

Straight Shots

Its neutral nature allows for reliable straight shots regardless of wind conditions. You can trust it to follow the line you throw on and land where you intended.


For those tricky right-turning shots (assuming right-hand backhand), a turnover shot is typically the way to go. Its understability makes it a solid choice for this type- Send it off on a slight hyzer angle, and it will flip up and follow a rightwards path.

Hyzer Flips

It can execute stunning hyzer flips in the hands of those who can exploit the disc’s understability. Release it on a hyzer angle, which will flip up to flat and follow a straight line.

Similar Products

Axiom Hex

The Hex shares many characteristics with the Archer, especially the dome top and slight understability. It offers controlled, predictable performance. However, the Hex is a slightly speedier option than the latter.

Discmania MD3

While equally capable of serving as a versatile mid-range disc, the MD3 sports more stability than the Archer. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a disc that won’t turn too much, even when tossed hard. That said, it may not satisfy beginners or intermediate users looking for the straightness and slight right turns the latter offers effortlessly.

Dynamic Discs Patrol

More to the understable side, the Patrol is most suitable for beginners and those with slower arms- or those looking for a disc that accentuates right turns. The Patrol might fit the bill if you’re already comfortable with the Archer but want something that turns even more impressively.

I’ve used these discs multiple times over my disc golfing career, and each has its merits. The Archer, however, stands out with its fantastic combination of speed, stability, and remarkable ability to hold a line. It boasts excellent maneuverability, making it a fine choice for all skill levels.

Discraft Archer Review: Final Thoughts

With its understability and renowned reliability, the Discraft Archer is a valuable disc for beginners and anyone looking for a versatile disc to navigate those tighter shots and long, controlled drives. While it might not suit people with a significantly powerful arm, those ready to leverage its usable characteristics will find this a reliable, go-to disc.


  • Excellent choice for beginners, thanks to its understability and reliable glide.
  • Offers impressive versatility, serving well as a fairway driver and a midrange disc.
  • Brilliant for threading through tricky obstacles.
  • Comfortable grip and practical dimensions.


  • Those with a strong, fast throw may find it too understable.
  • May not fare well in exceptionally windy conditions.