Discraft Banger GT Review: Up Your Putt and Approach Game

Have you ever been swept off your feet by a disc golf putter? Today, we will dive deep into the Discraft Banger GT in this comprehensive Discraft Banger GT review.

It’s been my trusty partner in the greens, offering unmatched precision and consistency. So, why all the fuss with the Banger GT, you wonder?

With its stable flight paths, unique Groove Top design, and suitable speed for beginners and experts, this disc truly stands out in the crowd. I’ll share my personal experience and detailed insights about this fantastic performer, the Discraft Banger GT. Ready to tee off?

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 2
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 1

The Discraft Banger GT comes up on the slower side with a speed of 2. This means it won’t rocket off the tee pad, but that’s okay – it’s not meant to. As a putter, its strength lies in accuracy and precision.

With a decent glide of 3, you’ll perceive an excellent lift to it, keeping the disc airborne longer than those with lower glide ratings. This equates to an effortless float perfect for controlled approach shots and long putts.

A turn value of 0 and a consistent fade of 1 simply suggest a very stable nature of this disc. It resists turning over in the wind and has a slightly predictable finish to the left (RHBH throw) at the end of the throw.

To sum it up, the Discraft Banger GT provides trustworthy and accurate shots, making it an excellent choice for those clutch moments where a precise throw can mean the difference between saving par or an unwanted bogey.

A Closer Look

Blue Discraft Banger GT (Limited Edition Gorilla Stamp) with Winter Sunset
  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 2 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.60 cm
  • Rim Width: 1 cm

The Discraft Banger GT boasts a sizeable 21.20 cm diameter, making it a full-size disc with a comfortable grip. The generous diameter can provide a stable and predictable release, whether you’re putting or throwing an approach shot.

The disc stands at a height of 2 cm, providing ample structure without being too cumbersome. The balance of size and height sits just right, ensuring the disc remains comfortably lodged in your hand until the release point.

With a rim depth of 1.60 cm and a rim width of 1 cm, the Banger GT sits comfortably in the hand and is easy to control during your wind-up and release. Its unique “Groove Top” design aids in a better grip, ensuring a controlled and smooth throw each time you take your shot.

Is It The Putter For You?

The Discraft Banger GT is a unique putter that can effectively cater to players from varying skill sets. Novices will appreciate its reliable stability that allows for predictable flight paths, which can be especially helpful in building confidence and learning accuracy. Additionally, its slower speed gives new players more control over their throws.

Meanwhile, skilled players will find the Banger GT an excellent tool for dependable short-range shots. It’s the go-to putter for many scenarios due to its stable flight characteristics and grip-enhancing Groove Top design.

That being said, this disc might not be ideal for players who prefer a faster, more aggressive play style. The Banger GT is about finesse and control — power throwers might find its characteristics limiting their throwing capabilities, particularly for longer drives.

Disc Golf Putter Versatility

Orange Discraft Jawbreaker Banger GT with Rainbow Stamp

The Discraft Banger GT is a disc designed primarily for putting and, sometimes, for short to medium-range approach shots. Its slower speed and predictable stability make it superbly suited for these tasks.

That said, the Banger GT’s exceptional control and precision also lend themselves well to a variety of shot types:

Straight Putts

Given its speed and stability, the Banger GT shines at the basket. It confidently glides straight towards the chains, making those crucial par-saving putts a reality.

Hyzer Approach Shots

Thanks to its light fade, you can confidently use the Discraft Banger GT for hyzer approaches without worrying about it turning over.

Short Drives

While it’s not a long-range driver, the Banger GT’s unique Groove Top design provides exceptional control for reliable short drives off the tee.

Alternative Putt And Approach Discs

Clash Discs Butter

The Clash Discs Butter is similarly built for those finesse shots around the basket. With its proficiency in reliable short-to-midrange shots and its trusted stability, it aligns closely with the Discraft Banger GT.

Discmania Link

With equal parts control and reliability, the Discmania Link matches closely with the Banger GT in terms of speed and stability. It is another prime option for those seeking a trustworthy navigator around the greens.

Daredevil Polar Bear

The Polar Bear from Daredevil offers similar characteristics to the Banger GT, predominantly in the putting and approach category. Its slower speed and predictable fade make it another worthy option for players looking for control and precision in their short-range game.

Discraft Banger GT In Review

Blue Discraft Puttler Line Banger GT with Jellybean Stamp

Due to its low speed and super reliable stability, the Discraft Banger GT is primarily made for beginners and intermediates. However, it can also be a strategic asset for expert players looking for precise control around the basket.


  • Exemplary control in short-range shots
  • Brilliant ‘Groove Top’ design for added grip
  • Stable and predictable flight paths
  • Serves beginners to experts


  • Might not be suitable for long-distance throws
  • May not respond well to aggressive, power throws