Discraft Drone Disc Review: Unwavering Mid-Range Flight

Ever wondered how to triumph over winds on the disc golf course? Do you need a disc that not only rides the air currents but tames them? Hold tight; you may just find your answer in this Discraft Drone review.

I’m not just a disc golf enthusiast; I have over a decade of experience playing, analyzing, and testing discs. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the proper disc makes all the difference.

In the following sections, we’ll take a deep dive into the Discraft Droneā€”a disc often touted for its impressive stability and unwavering flight path. Over the years, the Drone has made a mark for itself among seasoned players. Is it worth the hype? Should it find a place in your disc bag? Let’s find out!

Flight Numbers

Green Discraft ESP Drone Bar Stamp with Gold Stamp
  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 1
  • Fade: 4

The speed of 5 implies a medium-paced disc, neither too fast nor too sluggishly slow. Flying a solid, straight line ensures easy control and consistency, making the Discraft Drone great even for beginners.

Then there’s glide, sitting at 3. It won’t hang around in the air aimlessly but drops firmly where directed. Great for weaving through trees or approaching the basket without the disc straying off.

A turn of 1 means the disc only slightly veers to the right during flight when thrown by a right-handed, backhand player. It’s excellent for fighting the wind and keeps a very predictable line.

Lastly, this disc is predictably overstable with the fade set at 4. It has a strong tendency to hook left at the end of its flight, ideal for navigating those tricky, left-leaning dogleg holes. It’s like a loyal retriever, always returning to your side.

When you combine these figures, the Discraft Drone emerges as a reliable, overstable mid-range disc that you can depend on, even under windy conditions. It’s my go-to disc when I need firm control and predictable flight.

Discraft Drone Specs In Review

  • Diameter: 21.50 cm
  • Height: 2 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.30 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.50 cm

Starting with the diameter of 21.5 cm, this value is quite typical for most mid-range discs and contributes to the Drone’s tried-and-true performance. It sits comfortably in the hand, giving you confidence in your grip, no matter your hand size.

The height of the Drone is 2 cm, which signifies a relatively flat profile. This means it fits snugly in the palm and allows for a sleek, stable release. A rim depth of 1.3 cm indicates a slightly shallow disc. Here’s the beauty: it means you can grip the disc more firmly, minimally reducing the risks of potential slip-ups when you throw.

The rim width is 1.5 cm, a generous spec that assists with stability and control. When I first started throwing the Drone, I noticed this feature helped to create consistency and precision in my throws.

Overall, these dimensions make the Discraft Drone a well-rounded, user-friendly disc, ready to perform in just about any environment or weather condition. You’re not just buying a disc; you’re investing in reliability and trust.

Beefy And Unflinching

Magenta-ish Discraft ESP Drone Cool Bear with Red Stamp

Discraft has given the Drone a stability rating of 2.6, characterizing it as a force to be reckoned with. Yes, this midrange guy is beefy, overstaying its welcome in a headwind, holding its own, and refusing to turn over. I’ve personally had friends in windier places swear by the Drone’s absolute refusal to stray off a headwind.

However, all this stability, plus its hard fade, means it’s best suited for advanced players and strategic hyzer throws. In other words, the Drone isn’t just a walk in the park for beginners or players with low arm speed.

Underestimating the Drone as a beginner could be your disc golf downfall. But if you have decent form and a level of comfort in the game that goes beyond beginner status, you can flip this powerful disc to your advantage.

Unswerving Disc Golf Soldier

The Discraft Drone recognizes the need for persistent reliability in the disc golf game and delivers just that. A mid-range disc that fights against any headwind, stubbornly refusing to turn over, the Drone is primarily deployed for strategic throws that demand staunch stability and a predictable flight path.

The Drone proves itself boldly useful for the following shot types:

Hyzer Shots

If you ever need a disc to make an impressive hyzer line, reach out for the Drone. Its predictably commendable hyzer performance made my buddy grab one himself after he noted how it held its line during my throws.

Forehand Shots

The disc sits comfortably for forehand shots. Be it clearing a congested fairway or delivering a controlled approach, trusting the Drone with a forehand shot rarely results in disappointment.

Anhyzer Shots

With the Drone, shaping up for scrambles with anhyzer shots is no sweat. It displays remarkable stability and refuses to be dictated by air currents.

Comparable Mid-Range Discs

Now let’s see how the Discraft Drone stacks against similar stalwarts:

Clash Discs Mango

The Clash Discs Mango is a true pillar of stability in the world of midrange discs. It settles comfortably in the niche between your ever-loyal overstable midrange and a slower approach disc. Its steadfastness lends equally well to forehands and backhands, making it a versatile companion on the course.

Dynamic Discs Justice

The Justice is a known entity when it comes to overstable midranges. Though it shares the Drone’s dense stability and intolerance of turning over, in my experience, the Justice tends to be a smidge more overstable and less forgiving. However, the Justice and the Drone are in similar leagues, especially for those winding days.

Legacy Recluse

Unlike the Recluse’s more user-friendly nature, the Drone is fiercer, demanding more experienced throwers for optimal performance. While the Recluse is more of a rounded player, the Drone maintains an unyielding echo of its strong stability, standing true to its hard, leftward fade.

To Drone Or Not To Drone

The Discraft Drone is a hard-core disc suited to advanced players due to its high degree of overstability and substantial fade. It offers unflappable performance and isn’t swayed by the wind. It’s the disc you can depend on when other discs capitulate to air currents.

This disc excels in windy situations, making complex shots easier with its stubborn straight flight and predictable fade. However, this steadfast consistency comes at a cost; beginners or less powerful throwers might find it too much to handle due to its whopping fade and intense level of overstability.

Furthermore, the Drone provides unwavering performance for hyzer, forehand, or anhyzer shots. Many disc golfers commend its wind-cutting capabilities, deeming it a “must-have” in their arsenal, especially on windier days.


  • Solid build with a comfortable grip
  • Unyielding stability, essential for wind-fighting
  • Substantial, predictable fade
  • Versatile for different shot types
  • Dependable performance


  • High overstability might be challenging for beginners
  • Less forgiving for those with less arm speed
  • Its flight path could be too predictable for those seeking variety