Discraft Fierce Review: The Signature Paige Pierce Putter

Hey there, fellow disc golf enthusiast! Buckle up because I’ll navigate you through my Discraft Fierce review today. Regarded as Paige Pierce’s signature putter, this understable jewel has garnered quite the attention. And boy, it deserves every bit of it.

Playing disc golf for over 13 years has given me a keen eye for quality discs. I’ve used a massive variety, each with its personality over the years. I’ve examined them for how they glide through the air and respond to wrist flicks, backhands, forehands—you name it.

So, what’s so special about this that’s got the disc golf community buzzing? Well, let’s find out, shall we? Trust me, you’ll want to stick around for this.

Flight Numbers Breakdown: A Paige Pierce Special

Orange Discraft Metallic Z Fierce with Red Stamp
  • Speed: 3
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 0

A speed rating of 3 ensures the Discraft Fierce is not exactly speedy. Instead, it gives effortless control, requiring minimal power to achieve the preferred distance, guaranteeing a seamless, consistent release.

Boasting a glide rating of 4, this disc gracefully sails through the air, promising a lengthy, serene flight, a sheer delight for those who savor the view. The Fierce putter demonstrates straight flights with effortless glide and excels at understable putt.

The disc’s turn is rated at -2, making it ideal for right-handed backhand (RHBH) throwers, as it tends to veer slightly right when tossed with some enthusiasm. Left-handers and right-hand forehand (RHFH) players will experience the reverse effect.

Lastly, with a fade of 0, the disc won’t heavily swerve left at the end, giving a straight, predictable finish, highly beneficial for those aiming for precision.

These flight numbers blend into one predictable, manageable disc adaptable across many performances. You’ll soon learn it perfectly lives up to its name, the Fierce.

Disc Info: A Worthy Purchase

  • Diameter: 21cm
  • Height: 2.30 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Width: 1 cm

With a small diameter of 21 cm, the Discraft Fierce snugly fits into the disc golf bag, promising a comfortable grip at any time. It is coupled with a 2.30 cm height and presents an ideal disc profile without excess bulk or flatness. It is an understable putter designed along with Paige Pierce to create a small-diameter putter with a good hand.

Furthermore, its 1.40 cm rim depth delivers a healthy equilibrium between comfort and control. Not too deep to cause awkwardness, yet sufficient to assure a safe grip, crucial for those high-stake moments.

With a 1 cm rim width, the disc is comfortable in shape, allowing for a smooth release. Relative to similar discs, its dimensions illustrate its role in controlled, short-range drives.

Key measurements amalgamate to provide an ideal symphony of control, comfort, and stability. It distinguishes itself amongst several putt and approach discs, representing a compelling disc golf tech piece.

Aside from its performance, another good thing about this disc is its price and design. It’s available in many color versions and stamps, ensuring you can play with style.

Customer Reviews Analysis: For All Disc Golf Skill Levels

As a devoted player of 13+ years, I’ve amassed a fair array of discs and tested even more. However, the Discraft Fierce, a new signature putter from Page Pierce, is truly taking the spotlight. It’s a beadless, understable putter with a grippy feel that’s simply remarkable.

Many golfers call it their go-to straight-flying putter, and it’s no wonder why. It offers an even trajectory and a straight delivery up to 40+ feet. It enables those comfortable, consistent, lofty bids at the basket without worrying about overshooting.

If you’re a spin putter like me, you’ll appreciate how this disc maintains its line to the pin. It screams reliability, which is far and away the most valued aspect of my game. You’ll find it turning much for backhand throwers on approach shots. As always, there’s a bit of give-and-take.

Its beauty is in its versatility – it’s phenomenal for both throwing and putting. Its shallow rim gives it a great in-hand feel and makes it a delight to rip off the tee pad. And the plastic blend? That’s some seriously durable stuff.

As a throwing putter, expect to get those understable flights that can go surprisingly far, thanks to its high amount of glide. It does hold to the designated line but requires a touch of finesse. I can vouch for that – the amount of “right curve” shots I’ve salvaged thanks to this is a respectable number.

From the reviews I’ve read, others echo this. It’s a fantastic upshot putter, can work when required, and fits right in the hand. It’s the type of disc that might not be the star player initially but becomes a trusty lieutenant the more you play.

So, my verdict? Suppose you’re looking for a new putter with accuracy, versatility, and exceptional feel. In that case, the Fierce should be a top consideration. Trust me, no matter your skill level or style, there’s a good chance you’ll come to love this just as much as I and many others have.

A Reliable Putt & Approach Disc

Pink Discraft Z Fierce with Blue/Green Gradient Stamp

The versatility of the Discraft Fierce makes it an asset to your disc golf game in more ways than one. Primarily, it is an exceptional putter, accurate and reliable for those crucial moments when aiming at the basket.

Here are the primary situations it excels in:

Straight Drives

This one’s a no-brainer. Step up to the tee or stand at the edge of the green, aim straight, and throw. Fierce is a straight-flying putter that takes care of the rest with its predictably straight flight.


This comes through for those tricky conditions when you need to maneuver around obstacles. Its understable nature lets it reliably turn to the right (for RHBH), holding the line down.

Approach Shots

It delicately glides to the pin when used as an approach disc. Its high glide factor and predictable finish make it perfect for touch shots around the green.

Similar Discs To Shop For

Dynamic Discs Deputy

The Deputy is another beadless, understable putter. It, too, has a nice glide and turns right (for RHBH). They’re pretty much siblings, with the Deputy possibly being more understable. However, the latter sneaks ahead with its shallower rim, which offers better control and comfort.

Innova Dart

The Dart is a unique straight-flying disc that remains consistent regardless of the power. It’s all about control. However, the Fierce edges out the Dart regarding glide and is more comfortable because of its shallower rim depth.

Westside Swan

The Swan is a relatively understable putter that provides easy control for approaches. It compares similarly with the glide and speed of the Fierce. However, the Fierce again takes the win with its shallower rim and superior feeling in the hand.

While these discs have similar flight characteristics, it’s important to note that disc golf is a very personal sport, and what works best for one person might not work for another. In my personal experience, I’ve found the Fierce to provide the perfect balance of control, comfort, and stability, making it a standout contender among these comparable disc options.

Discraft Fierce Review: Final Thoughts

Black Discraft Paige Pierce ESP Fierce with Chrome Bottom Stamp

The Discraft Fierce is a versatile staple in the world of putters. Cherished as a go-to putter by maestros and beginners alike, it wins with its exceptional grip, reliable stability, and precise control. Whether nailing those straight shots, maneuvering around tricky obstructions, or approaching the green, it masterfully rises to the occasion.


  • Predictable Flight: Its understability and straight finish offer remarkable predictability. Whether you’re a right-hand backhand player or favor forehand, its consistency is truly impressive.
  • All-Around Versatility: This disc shines in all situations, from putting to approach to turnovers. This makes it a valuable all-arounder in any disc golf bag.
  • Great Feel: Its comfortable grip and plastic blend give it an outstanding feeling in the hand. Its beadless design, diameter, rim depth, and speed work together to ensure a smooth release and control.
  • High Glide: The high glide factor ensures the disc stays airborne longer, making possible seemingly impossible shots.


  • Not Ideal for Windy Conditions: The understable nature can make it a shaky option for heavy winds. Its flight may waver and become less predictable in such circumstances.