Discraft Flick Disc Review: Flick into Action

As someone who’s thrown more kinds of discs than I can count in my 13+ years of playing disc golf, I assure you I’ve got the scoop on the top picks in the market.

Today, we will dive deep into the world of the Discraft Flick. Beautifully built and physics-defying, it’s a speed-rushing vessel of disc golf dreams. But is it really what it seems like?

In this Discraft Flick review, we’ll dissect this magnificent beast from all angles. I’ll share my experiences, customer feedback, and expert analysis to highlight its features, strengths, and potential drawbacks. Stay tuned; this is one thorough review you won’t want to miss!

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 12
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: 1
  • Fade: 5

Now, let me explain what these flight numbers mean. Flight numbers give players an idea of how the disc will behave in the air. Each number estimates a particular aspect of the disc’s behavior.

Speed, rated at 12, measures the disc’s potential pace. It suggests this fast disc is aimed precisely at those impressive long-distance throws.

Next up is glide, sitting at 3 for the Discraft Flick. Lower glide numbers like this imply the disc doesn’t hover in the air for too long but instead dives toward its target more quickly.

A turn of 1 indicates a slight tendency for the disc to veer to the right on release, which can be helpful when tactically maneuvering around those pesky obstacles, trees, and bushes on the course.

Finally, the Flick sports a fade of 5, the strongest degree of fade. This means it has a sharp leftward curve as it slows down. Its speedy and low-glide attributes make it perfect for a reliable hyzer finish.

A Closer Look

Blue Discraft Z Flick with Rainbow Shatter Stamp
  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.30 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.10 cm

Let’s dive deeper into what these dimensions suggest about the much-praised Discraft Flick.

With a diameter of 21.10 cm, the Flick sits comfortably within the average range for disc golf discs, ensuring that it fits appropriately in hand without feeling too unwieldy or too petite.

Its height of 1.30 cm makes it sleek and low-profile, contributing to its impressive speed rating. A lower profile helps the disc cut through the air in a more streamlined fashion.

A rim depth of 1.10 cm suggests that the Discraft Flick isn’t a deep dish, making it more approachable for golfers with smaller hands or those who prefer a shallower grip.

Lastly, the Flick boasts a rim width of 2.10 cm. A wider rim often translates to faster speeds and longer throws, but it may require an assertive grip and good wrist snap to make the disc fly as intended.

Not For The Timid

The Discraft Flick is not a disc for the faint-hearted or the novice disc golfer. It’s a hardcore frisbee with a bias towards advanced players. It thrives in the hands of golfers with a strong arm and an established flair for forehand flicks and overhand drives.

If you’re a beginner eyeing the Flick with keen interest, consider refining your form first. It’s a common agreement among disc golfers that starting with a Flick is akin to trying to wrangle a bull on your first rodeo. It’s better to gain confidence and improve your technique with more forgiving discs like the Zone before working your way up to the Flick.

Interestingly, some find the Flick beginner-friendly, particularly for those who prefer to play with a sidearm throw. However, using the Flick as a crutch for heavy anhyzer might get you through some games, but it will not improve your form or your long-term play.

As for intermediate players, this disc can function as a powerful utility tool. With its aggressive, overstable nature and reliable fade, it’s just the ticket for pulling off sharp doglegs or escaping trouble spots when navigating heavily wooded courses. The Flick also shines as a fantastic disc for achieving sizable sky flexes.

Versatile Utility

The Discraft Flick is primarily a powerhouse of a driver, featuring prominently in the “extra long-range drivers” category designated by Discraft. With its specific design characteristics, this disc lends itself well to forehand flicks and overhand throws. The Flick is your prime companion if you’re going for distance and have a strong arm.

Its standout feature is its resistance to turning over, even on power-heavy throws. The Flick’s ability to hold a line before maneuvering its assured fade is impressive. There won’t be any “Oops, it turned over” moments with this disc.

But wait, there’s more! The Flick is exceptional for headwinds and big flare shots, thanks to its stability. You might also find it dependable for low ceiling corridors and sharp hyzers around obstacles.

Here are several types of shots the Flick succeeds in:

Big Anhyzers

The Flick will hold an anhyzer line before reliably fading back.

Forehand/Sidearm Shots

The Discraft Flick has been routinely praised for its excellent performance during forehand throws. Its design feels comfortable in hand, making it easy to achieve both precision and power.

Long Distance Thumbers

The Flick’s overstable characteristics and thin, flat top make it prime for reliable, long-distance thumbers.

Comparable Discs

Let’s take a look at some other disks that bear resemblance to the Discraft Flick:

MVP Energy

The MVP Energy, part of their 23mm high-speed disc series, is the most overstable of the group. This monster needs a solid arm to send it down the field, especially as it’s engineered to confront wind while maintaining maximum glide.

Discraft Machete

The Machete, another offering from Discraft, shares a similar flight path with the Discraft Flick. It is also widely appreciated for its reliability in windy conditions. Notably, it has a tad more traditional feel than the Flick, with players comparing flights and noting a stronger finish from the Flick.

Discmania Tilt

The Discmania Tilt is perhaps one of the few discs that contest the Discraft Flick in terms of overstability. It is hailed for its extreme resistance to turning over, even under powerful throws. However, it’s good to note that the Tilt’s bulky design contrasts with the Flick’s sleek, flat profile.

Discraft Flick, A Performance Powerhouse

The Discraft Flick is a performance disc for advanced players showcasing proficiency in forehand flicks, overhand drives, and those skillful long-distance thumbers. It thrives in the hands of players who can throw with power and precision, unfailingly holding tight to anhyzer lines before executing its signature fade.


  • Great for power forehand flicks, overhand throws, and big anhyzer angles
  • Excels as a utility disc, perfect for getting out of trouble
  • Exceptional wind-resistant qualities
  • Reliable and overstable, it’s great for precision drives


  • Requires significant power and refined form
  • May feel uncomfortable for backhand throws due to its distinctive flat and thin design