Discraft Magnet Disc Review: Unleash Magnetic Precision

As an avid disc golfer with over thirteen years under my belt, I’ve had the chance to test out many putters, and the Discraft Magnet stands out as a go-to choice for players of various skill levels. This Discraft Magnet review will provide a detailed overview of this versatile disc, shedding light on why it’s earned a place in many disc golfers’ bags.

In the fast-evolving world of disc golf, it’s rare for a putter to retain popularity for as long as the Magnet has. Its reputation for reliability and its unique yet comfortable feel have gained the respect of many players.

Are you keen on improving your disc golf game or finding the right putter that fits your style of play? Get ready to discover why the Discraft Magnet could be your game-changer.

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 2
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 1

Not all discs are made for speed, and the Discraft Magnet is a perfect example with its leisurely speed of 2. What it lacks in speed, however, it makes up for with a fair amount of glide, settling in at a rating of 3. The glide allows the Magnet to stay aloft just a bit longer, making it perfect for short and controlled throws.

One of the most significant characteristics of this disc is its turn rating of -1. While some might worry this could make it less predictable, I believe it makes it even more versatile. With this slight understability, the Magnet will turn slightly to the right at high speeds before its mild fade of 1 brings it back to the center.

This combination of low speed, moderate glide, slight turn, and minimal fade produces a disc that flies straight and true. It’s predictable and reliable, perfect for anyone seeking to improve their putting precision.

Disc Specs

  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 2 cm
  • Rim Depth: 0.80 cm
  • Rim Width: 0.80 cm

The Discraft Magnet boasts a moderate diameter of 21.20 cm, placing it in the average range compared to other putters. This size provides a substantial feel without being overwhelmingly large, thus fitting comfortably in most people’s hands.

At a height of 2 cm, the disc sits average in terms of thickness. When you grip this disc, you’ll notice it doesn’t feel too thick or thin — it’s just right. This balance makes it easy to handle and control, enhancing overall precision.

With a rim depth and width both set at 0.80 cm, the Discraft Magnet carries a slimmer profile. This slimness gives you a secure and firm grip, which is crucial for putting and approaching shot accuracy.

When comparing the Discraft Magnet to similar disc golf products, its balanced specs make it an easily adaptable option for many players. These dimensions contribute to its predictable flight path and make it a favorite amongst newcomers and seasoned veterans.

Matching Your Skill Level

Known as Discraft’s flagship putter, the Magnet is an ideal putter for both beginners and seasoned disc golfers—something I have personally experienced, and user feedback reflects as well.

The Magnet offers newcomers a way to learn to throw flat, straight shots, building confidence and accuracy. I remember my first few throws with the Magnet, how quickly it felt natural in my hand and brought consistency to my game, an experience shared by many other players.

Veteran players laud the Magnet just as much. Its stability and predictable flight path make it a go-to putter for many. The soft plastic seems to have an inexplicable attraction to metal chains, often resulting in the sweet sound of a successful putt.

However, this disc isn’t a magic solution for everyone. Players with smaller hands might face difficulty with the lip, and hyzer putters may find it less appealing due to its straight flight.

Putting And Beyond

Blue Discraft Jawbreaker Magnet with Rainbow Stamp

The Discraft Magnet is revered for its stability and predictability as a superb putter. It excels within the circle, offering impressive consistency. In my experience, whenever I line up a short putt, I know the Magnet won’t disappoint me.

Here are some typical shot types the Discraft Magnet can handle:

Straight Putts

The Magnet is a master at flying straight towards the basket. Because of its gentle glide and fade, it doesn’t veer off wildly to the left or right, making confident straight putts a breeze.

Approach Shots

If you’re within 100 feet of the basket and need a reliable approach disc, the Magnet is a safe bet. Its predictability and stability make landing near the basket less of a challenge.

Short Drives

The Magnet might not be a speed demon, but it can pull off a serviceable short drive in a pinch. Thanks to its reliable flight and the not-too-hard, not-too-soft plastic, it grips the chains well upon landing.

Similar Putt And Approach Discs

Birdie Disc Golf Supply Marvel

The Marvel from Birdie Disc Golf Supply is another steadfast putter. It provides an equally consistent flight with a notable emphasis on control. Its resistance to turn allows for straight-flying approaches and confident putts, much like the Magnet.

Discmania Link

With a similar focus on stability and smooth gliding, the Discmania Link is another disc familiar to fans of the Magnet. It may have a tad more speed, but the well-rounded flight characteristics lend themselves to similar situations, making it a reliable option for anyone who already appreciates the Magnet’s stability.

Discraft Banger GT

Last but certainly not least, we have another in-house competitor, the Discraft Banger GT. The Banger GT is another stable putter with a distinctive groove track that sets it apart. While some find this feature increases grip comfort and control, others might prefer the more straightforward design of the Magnet. Regardless, both are consistent players in the putting world.

Discraft Magnet In Review

The Discraft Magnet is a valuable addition to any player’s bag. Its predictability and reliability suit both beginners learning to throw accurate, flat shots and experienced players seeking precision putting. However, its size might not suit players with smaller hands, and its distinct straight shot might not appeal to hyzer putters.


  • Reliable and predictable flight
  • Great for mastering straight, flat shots
  • Suitable for a wide range of skill levels
  • Versatile use as a putter, approach disc, and short-range driver


  • Lip may not fit comfortably for those with smaller hands
  • Not ideal for hyzer putters due to its straight flight