Discraft Machete Disc Review: Ace Specialty Shots

With the ever-expanding horizon of the sport, there are disc models that make an unforgettable mark on your gameplay. Today, I bring attention to one such game-changer: the Discraft Machete.

The name itself evokes a sense of power and precision, doesn’t it? That’s precisely what I aimed to explore in this Discraft Machete review. I dove deep, cut through the hype, and laid bare the truth about this formidable disc.

Is the Discraft Machete the tool you’ve been missing to hack your way to triumphant rounds? Are you ready to uncover the disc that could revolutionize your game strategy?

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 11
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 4

Coupled with a high-speed rating of 11, the Discraft Machete will tear down the field like a gazelle. It comes off the hand quickly and maintains speed throughout the flight, making it superb for long-distance shots.

The glide ranking of 4 means the Machete will stay aloft for a while, but it won’t noticeably extend your range on its own. This makes it a reliable disc for expected outcomes, a handy feature in competitive play.

A turn rating of 0 indicates absolutely no turn for the Machete. In layman’s terms? This disc isn’t going off course. This straight shooter is excellent for predictable throws—great for beginners and seasoned pros alike who must make a direct line throw.

Finally, the fade of 4 tells us that the Machete is a hard left hooker (if you’re a right-handed backhand thrower) towards the end of the flight. This strong fade gives it a decisive finish, making it great for navigating around obstacles or playing in windy conditions.

Disc Specs

Yellow Discraft Z Machete with Rainbow Glitter Stamp
  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.60 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.10 cm

The Discraft Machete disc golf disc brings standard dimensions to the table, boasting a diameter identical to most drivers on the market. At 21.10 cm, this disc holds up comfortably in hand, and it’s a consistent feel I like for both practice and match play.

Its slim height of 1.60 cm makes the Machete a notably flat disc, further contributing to its speedy flight profile. The flat top often felt smoother to release and more aerodynamic than domey discs.

The rim depth of 1.10 cm is something I appreciate as well. A shallow rim makes it easier for a firmer grip and excellent control. I found this attribute welcomed when throwing power shots or when your palms are sweating in tense match situations.

Lastly, the medium rim width is 2.10 cm, indicating the Machete’s high-speed nature. It takes a bit of strength to get this disc up to speed, but when it hits that sweet spot, it flies beautifully down the range. I’d say this makes it a reliable favorite in my disc bag.

Is This Disc For You?

The Discraft Machete thrives in the hands of players comfortable with powerful anhyzer releases. It’s perfect for those determined to conquer headwinds or pull off jaw-dropping S-curves and hyzer bombs. If you’re the type who can customize your delivery for each play, you’ll appreciate the Machete for its unique abilities and astonishing consistency.

For beginners, trying to command the Machete might prove a challenge. Its dramatic overstability often requires considerable power to perform as intended, and its returns can ()sometimes be unpredictable for the novice player. If you’re fresh on the scene, the Machete might make a better investment later in your disc golf journey.

However, for players looking to step it up a notch or experiment with more complex shots, the Machete makes a highly worthy addition to the quiver. This disc is outstanding if you’ve ever wanted to execute picture-perfect skip shots, hyzers, thumbers, or forehand rollers.

It’s also worth noting that many seasoned players consider the Machete their trusty utility disc — not necessarily the all-rounder, but the “go-to” for pulling off very specific and often tricky shots.

To sum it up, the Machete is a disc that’s as versatile as it is unique but better suited to more seasoned players. That being said, when it comes to disc golf, no two throwers are alike. Thus, while the Machete might be a tricky master, that doesn’t mean it can’t become your next secret weapon on the course.

Slice Through Headwinds

The Discraft Machete is primarily used when battling the wind. It’s been designed and crafted to tackle gusty conditions and still deliver a predictable, overstable flight. This strength and its low profile make it a formidable tool for direct placement precision, whether for hyzer or flex shots.

Some of the unique shot types the Machete is commonly used for include:

Hyzer Shots

Built to slice through the air, the Machete is ideal for those severe hyzer shots where a strong, predictable fade is crucial.

Headwind Shots

Picture a coastal hole with both headwind and crosswind gusts; this disc can be launched into the air, where its strong stability will keep it steadfast and unswerving.

Skip Shots

The Machete also exhibits a fun knack for entertaining skip shots. Picture a low ceiling shot with a hard-packed ground. A low release with the Machete can result in the disc hitting the ground early, skipping, and bouncing straight toward the objective.

Comparable Distance Drivers

Here are a few discs that come to mind when discussing the Machete’s strategic niche in the world of disc golf:

Clash Discs Pepper

While not as common a name as Discraft in my playing circle, Clash Discs’ Pepper might surprise you with its wind-fighting, overstable abilities. While comparable in stability to the Machete, I have found the Pepper’s slightly slimmer rim an appealing feature for players with a smaller grip. It’s worth giving it a try.

Discraft Crush

A fellow member of the Discraft family, the Crush, lives up to the standards set by the Machete. However, its flight ratings suggest that it’s a bit less stable. While the Crush also excels in headwind situations, it’s got a bit more glide to its flight profile, which allows for extra distance when thrown correctly. I’d recommend the Crush for anyone who enjoys the Machete but is looking for a bit more distance on their throws.

MVP Phase

The Phase from MVP is another overstable beast. With a thicker rim than the Machete and a significant fade at the end of its flight, the Phase is an equally dependable disc for hyzer shots and combating headwinds. It’s a bit heavier in hand, but MVP’s proprietary Gyro technology does bring smoothness to its flight.

Discraft Machete In Review

Peach Discraft Machete Cool Bear with Red Stamp

The Discraft Machete is a powerhouse of a disc—it can handle torque and wind resistance well. Perfect for any experienced player looking to add an incredibly overstable, wind-fighting weapon to their bag. It’s available in a wide variety of colors and durable plastic types.


  • Excellent for combating headwinds
  • Overstable nature allows for reliably predictable flight patterns and fades
  • Ideal disc for specialty shots
  • Comfortable and easy to grip


  • Overstability can make it difficult for beginners
  • Might be too niche for everyday gameplay, limiting its use to specific situations