Discraft Meteor Review: Up Your Mid-Range Disc Golf Game

Whether you’re a beginner testing the disc golf waters or an experienced player looking to refine your game, choosing the right disc can make all the difference. Having spent over 13 years playing and testing numerous discs, I’ve come to appreciate the nuances that each one brings. Today, I will be sharing my experiences in this Discraft Meteor review.

The Discraft Meteor has created quite a buzz in the disc golf world. Renowned for its forgiving flight characteristics, impressive glide, and control, it appeals to various players across the skill spectrum.

Join me as I delve deeper into the performance metrics of the Discraft Meteor. I’ll be drawing from experience and industry knowledge to give you a comprehensive understanding of this disc’s capabilities. Buckle up, and let’s get started.

Flight Numbers

Midnight Discraft Midnight Z Meteor with Holographic Stamp
  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -3
  • Fade: 1

Don’t let the modest speed of 5 fool you. The Meteor might not break any speed records, but it’s designed for finesse rather than sheer velocity. And thanks to its high glide rating, it can cover some ground. It’s perfect for long, controlled drives that require precision over power.

The turn tells us a lot about the understability of the disc. At -3, the Meteor is significantly understable, making it an ideal choice for new players unfamiliar with managing disc stability. It also creates opportunities for veterans to throw some fun, unconventional shots!

The Meteor’s low fade of 1 round off its flight characteristics. After performing its understable turn, it gently comes back but not too hard. This control makes it an excellent tool for executing shots that require a straight finish or a slight right curve (for right-handed, backhand throws).

Size and Structure

  • Diameter: 21.50 cm
  • Height: 2 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.30 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.30 cm

The Discraft Meteor falls perfectly within the standard disc golf size range with a diameter of 21.50 cm. It sits comfortably in hand, making it a fantastic entry-level disc for newcomers still getting the hang of the grip.

The Meteor is considered relatively flat, with a height of just 2 cm. This compact design helps the disc be more aerodynamic, allowing it to glide smoothly and effortlessly through the air. It’s the kind of low-profile disc that suits those long drives on an open fairway, where you want to get your disc to stay in the air.

What gets my attention more, though, is the rim. With the rim depth and width at 1.30 cm, it’s a well-balanced disc that feels great in the hand. This uniformity results in a comfortable grip and assists in achieving more consistent throws. It doesn’t bite too deep into your hand that it feels awkward, nor does it feel too shallow that you can’t get a secure hold on it.

The Right Disc Golf Fit

The Discraft Meteor is a forgiving midrange disc that is ideally suited for beginners but also holds appeal for advanced players. As an understable disc, it promotes easy control and generous distance for players still developing their skills. The predictable glide and turnover promise a successful outing, even if you’re just getting started with disc golf.

The Meteor demands respect from advanced players as well. The understability allows for intriguing shot selections, especially in the woods, where it’s all about shaping your shot. It’s also excellent for practicing turnovers with minimal angle changes. It’s a surefire way to add dimension to any disc golf bag.

However, it’s important to note that the Meteor’s understability could be challenging in windy situations. Also, the disc’s flight characteristics might change as your arm speed develops, calling for a bit of relearning.

Delivers Steady Speed And Control

Pink Discraft Big Z Meteor Ledgestone 2023 with Green Stamp

The Discraft Meteor is primarily a mid range utility disc designed for stellar control and finesse. Its understability encourages turnover throws, making it the go-to disc when you need your shots to sway to the right with a right-handed backhand throw. With its high glide score, it maintains its course in the air longer, providing excellent distance coverage, which is especially beneficial for beginners.

But this disc isn’t limited to just one type of throw. Here are a few different shot types the Meteor excels at:

Hyzer Flips

Throw the Meteor with a slight hyzer angle and watch as it flips up to flat, glides straight, and, depending on your power, gently turns right. This technique is perfect for tunnel shots, where precision is vital.

Anhyzer Shots

Give the disc a good amount of anhyzer and power, and it can execute a wider, right-turning curve. This shot is handy when you need to get around obstacles like a cluster of trees.

Controlled Turnover Throws

The Meteor is excellent for turnover shots. Throw it flat and watch it gracefully curve to the right for the entirety of its flight. This type of throw is beneficial when you need a disc to trace a right-curving path in tightly wooded courses.

Similar Mid-Range Discs

Let’s take a look at some discs that share similar characteristics with the Meteor:

Axiom Hex

The Axiom Hex, just like the Meteor, is an understable mid-range disc but with slightly less turn. It might not curve as dramatically to the right, but it offers a similar level of control and glide. It’s an excellent alternative for those seeking a more subtle curve.

Discraft Buzzz SS

The Buzzz SS is essentially a more understable version of the popular Buzzz. It shares the same smooth glide and straight flight but with more turns. If you love the Buzzz but wish it had a more turn, the Buzzz SS is right up your alley.

Discmania Origin

The Origin provides the same degree of understability as the Meteor but with more speed. The added speed can alter the flight marginally, making it particularly suited for players who want more reach on their throws.

Discraft Meteor In Review

Purple Discraft Metallic Z Meteor with Green Stamp

The Discraft Meteor is a fantastic, understable mid-range disc that blends control with versatility. It’s excellent for beginners who need a disc to help them undercover extra distance. For more seasoned players, it offers a perfect tool for controlled turnover shots and navigating tight fairways. While it’s not the best choice in windy conditions, the disc proves its worth on calm days, mainly wooded courses.

Let’s summarize the pros and cons:


  • Ideal for beginners seeking control and distance
  • Versatility provides value for seasoned players
  • High glide offers impressive distance coverage
  • The understability makes for fantastic turnover shots or hyzer flips
  • Comfortable grip and balance


  • Less reliable in windy conditions
  • Flight characteristics can change as arm speed develops