Discraft Nuke Review: Atomic Disc Golf Fury Unleashed

Any pro disc golf player will tell you the importance of owning the right disc for the job. And if maximum distance is your mission, you should pay close attention to this Discraft Nuke review.

As a veteran disc golf player with over 13 years of experience and countless discs tested, I have developed a keen eye for special discs. The Discraft Nuke caught my attention with its sizzling speed and comfortable 1.6 stability rating, a combo that is nothing short of enticing.

So, if you’re looking for a disc to stretch your reach on those demanding distant shots, read on. This review will give you the insights you need.

Flight Numbers

Magenta Discraft ESP Glo Nuke with Gold Stamp
  • Speed: 13
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 3

With a speed of 13, your arm needs to pack some power to get the most from this disc — making it more suited for experienced players. The glide factor of 5 signifies that once the Nuke is airborne, it’s set to ride the airwaves, gaining some satisfying distance.

The turn, scoring at -1, suggests a minimal turn when thrown with power, lending to the disc’s stability. This benefits those looking to maintain a consistent course without veering off unpredictably.

Rounding it off with a fade score of 3, the Nuke has a moderate, predictable end-of-flight path that hooks left when thrown backhand right-handed, critical for navigating those tricky corners and hazards.

Disc Specs

  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 1.60 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.50 cm

The Nuke boasts a substantial diameter of 21.20 cm, offering a solid presence in your hands as you prepare for those power shots. With a maximum height of 1.60 cm, this disc might feel just right, especially for those with larger hands.

The disc’s rim depth clocks in at a reasonable 1.20 cm, giving it a lower profile, which aids in its soaring glide. Now, the rim width. We’re looking at a sizable 2.50 cm here; this means more disc to grip to leverage your power.

In comparison to similar distance drivers, the Nuke doesn’t shy away. Its dimensions reveal its intent: a full-throttle distance driver designed for power and steadiness. Its size caters to die-hard disc golf players who are used to handling such power discs. Yet, it might feel overwhelming for those just starting their journey in disc golf.

From Moderate To Expert Players

The Discraft Nuke, with its sizzling speed, is not a disc for the faint-hearted or newbies just getting a feel for the game. This disc finds its sweet spot with moderate to expert players who have tamed the art of throwing with a powerful, confident arm.

Its phenomenal speed is a virtue and a challenge — it requires good technique and control over your throws. So, if you’re just starting or coming to terms with your throwing power, the Nuke might be a leap too far.

Players who have a forehand-heavy game benefit tremendously from the Nuke. Many players have praised this disc for gaining good distance on forehand shots.

The Discraft Nuke embraces your power and then amplifies it, making it perfect if you have a strong forehand or backhand game. If you’re looking to push beyond your current throwing distances, or if you’ve been searching for a disc that can withstand hard throws while maintaining its stable flight, you might just find your match with the Nuke.

However, despite its charm, the width of the Nuke’s rim might not be everyone’s favorite. Comfort is essential when throwing, so if smaller discs feel more like your game, this high-speed disc might not be the best fit for you.

Whether you’re an experienced disc golf player looking to propel those long drives or a professional player looking for a disc with consistent flight, the Nuke promises an exciting experience — but only if it fits snugly in your hand and matches your game.

Unleash Maximum Disc Golf Power

Teal Discraft ESP Nuke with Wonderbread Stamp

The Discraft Nuke is an overstable distance driver that shines when you need to go all-out with power. It’s your trusty ally for those big, open shots where you must cover as much ground as possible. It holds up reliably even in windy conditions, letting you maintain control over your game.

Here are some of the shot types you can throw with the Nuke:

Max Distance Shots

The Nuke is built for maximum-distance throws thanks to its high speed and superior glide. It was designed to travel as far as possible, making it ideal for open-field drives.

Flex Shots

With a turn of -1 and a fade of 3, the Nuke allows skilled players to shape their throw, beautifully navigating those tricky fairways.

Forehand/Sidearm Flight

The Nuke offers impressive distance coverage for players with a strong forehand throw. Plus, it’s stable enough to maintain correctly directed flight, adding predictability to your forehand throws.

Comparable Distance Drivers

Axiom Panic

While the Panic might have a slightly slower speed than the Nuke, it matches up well with glide and fade. Both discs are built for power throws, making the Panic a suitable competitor to the Nuke when seeking distance and a controlled path.

Innova Katana

A disc that’s also built for speed, the Innova Katana offers more turn than the Nuke. If you want a disc that can deliver distance and a more significant turn, the Katana might fit your bill.

Kastaplast Guld

The Guld is another strong contender brought to us by Kastaplast. This high-speed, overstable driver caters mainly to intermediate to advanced players with powerful throws. Thanks to its excellent torque resistance, you can achieve exceptional distances with the Guld.

Discraft Nuke In Review

Green Discraft Big Z Nuke with Black Stamp

Whether you’re a power player yearning to extend your reach into the distant fairways or an experienced player seeking a disc designed for excellent control and stability, the Nuke has plenty to offer. However, its speed and wide rim may not be the best fit for beginners or players with smaller hands. It’s available in all plastic types Discraft makes. Take one out for a spin today!


  • A disc designed for maximum distance
  • Stable and predictable in its flight
  • Excellent in windy conditions
  • Perfect for forehand-heavy game


  • Not designed for beginners
  • The wide rim might not suit players with smaller hands