Discraft Nuke SS Review: The Cosmic Disc Golf Speedster

I’ve been journeying in the disc golf universe for over a decade, and today, I’m thrilled to share my Discraft Nuke SS review based on my firsthand experience.

A unique creation in the disc golf cosmos, the Discraft Nuke SS has certainly stirred up a conversation among players of varying skill levels. So, what’s it like to play with the Nuke SS?

With my vast experience, I’m here to shed light on this mesmerizing, high-speed driver. Let’s find out if this could be the linchpin player in your game.

Flight Numbers Analysis: The Means To Get The Distance

  • Speed: 13
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -3
  • Fade: 3

What do these numbers translate to when this disc heads skywards? Well, with a speed rating of 13, the Discraft Nuke SS is one fast disc—making it an excellent choice for those power throwers seeking to break records. The glide rating of 5 indicates the disc holds loft very well, easily sailing through the skies.

The negative turn number signals high understability, especially at higher speeds. This results in the disc curving to the right (for right-handed, backhand throws) at the peak of its path, which can be useful for navigating obstacle-rich environments.

Finally, the fade value of 3 means that the disc has a good amount of end-of-flight hook, pulling it back left (for right-handed throws) as it loses momentum.

Regarding stability, it leans strongly towards being understable. This is great for people with power behind throws and allows intra-throw correction. For those not used to such characteristics, it might take a little getting used to, but it can be a valuable tool in your bag once mastered.

Experience Grip & Glide In Your Plastic

  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 1.50 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.50 cm

The Discraft Nuke SS presents us with a fairly standard set of dimensions, but there’s beauty in this everyday mold. Its diameter of 21.20 cm sits comfortably within the mid-range for its class. This means handling and grip usually won’t pose problems, even for those with smaller hands or novices.

The disc’s height of 1.50 cm and depth of 1.10 cm contribute to a streamlined profile that cuts through the air. The shallow depth ensures a comfortable grip, enhancing your control during throws.

Furthermore, its wide width of 2.50 cm is a significant feature—an attribute common in many fast discs. This wide build may be harder for beginners or those with smaller hands. But don’t fret—the challenge regarding grip comfort is offset by the potential for greater range.

This is also available in various plastic molds and colors. The Z Line and ESP versions are particularly well-known for their durability and solid blend.

Customer Reviews Breakdown: A Disc For The Advanced

Gold Discraft ESP Nuke SS with Holo Stamp

Who’s the perfect match for the Discraft Nuke SS? Mainly intermediate to advanced players committed to improving their game and distance. However, beginners may initially grapple with the wideness and high speed.

Under suitable wind conditions, this disc is nothing short of spectacular. Being highly sensitive to the release angle, it might be slightly daunting for beginners, but this disc can reveal long-distance throws or intricate shape shots once you nail it.

It suits players unafraid of experimentation and pushing their boundaries. It’s the perfect disc to have by your side if you have a strong arm or sports background—like baseball or Ultimate. However, if you are a novice or not quite comfortable with faster discs, gaining some skills is better before diving into Nuke territory.

A High-Speed Distance Driver

The primary use of the Discraft Nuke SS shines bright as a maximum-distance driver. This disc is a wingman for those big-arm moments when you need to clear the field or your path involves intricate shot shaping.

Hyzer Flips

This is a beast regarding hyzer flips. The understability allows the disc to flip up from a hyzer angle, cruise straight, and gently fade back. Watching it move is an exquisite sight and a fantastic tool for those long, narrow drives down the fairway.


If you’re looking for an anhyzer bomb, this is your disc. With its high turn rating, this disc will hold an anhyzer line with ease, curling right (RHBH throws) for an extended period before its gentle fade brings it back to center.


It’s mentioned in several reviews, but this makes for an impressive roller disc. With the right quickness and angle, it will hit the ground rolling and keep going and going. It can be somewhat tricky to master, but once you nail it down, it can become your secret weapon on the course.

Similar Discs

Dynamic Discs Defender

With a similar speed rating to the Nuke SS, the Defender is another contender. However, it has higher stability, making it act more predictably, even in windier conditions. It doesn’t provide the same turn level as the former, but the Defender is a worthy competitor if you’re looking for a reliable driver.

Innova Boss

The Innova Boss has been known to offer comparable reach to the Nuke SS but with a considerably more overstable path. This makes it ideal for power throwers looking for range while maintaining a straighter line. However, beginners or those with a slower arm might find the Boss more challenging than the other

Latitude 64 Bolt

The Bolt is another distance driver with a high degree of understability. However, it is a bit slower than the Nuke SS. This could make it a favorable option for people just stepping into the world of fast discs. It also presents high glide and turn, which are beneficial for those long, bending shots.

Overall, the Discraft Nuke SS is in a league of its own due to its unique characteristics. However, these comparable discs offer slightly different features and can cater to various skill levels – from beginners to advanced throwers.

Discraft Nuke SS Review: Final Thoughts

The Discraft Nuke SS is an excellent distance driver, particularly for intermediate to advanced players with a powerful arm. It’s not the best choice for beginners due to its high speed and wide rim unless they come from a background that provides them with good arm power, like baseball or Ultimate.


  • Excellent for achieving maximum distance
  • Great for maneuvering intricate shot shapes
  • Serves as a fantastic roller disc for veterans
  • High speed and glide enable phenomenal aerial uptime


  • Not ideal for beginners with slower arms or smaller hands (due to the wide rim)
  • Can be inconsistent in windier conditions.