Master The Hunt: Discraft Predator Disc Review

With my 13-year disc golf journey across countless disc types and brands, trust me when I say that the choice of disc can sometimes make or break your game. And when it comes to dependability—especially in challenging conditions—the Discraft Predator stands out.

So, what makes the Predator worth a spot in your bag? My review aims to highlight all the nitty-gritty details you’re curious about. I’ll talk about this disc’s specs and how it fares against similar discs in the market.

Offering hefty wind resistance and a reliably fierce fade, the Predator’s performance may be just what you need to elevate your game. Read on to find out if it’s the right disc for you.

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 9
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: 1
  • Fade: 4

Being a speed 9 disc, the Predator strikes an outstanding balance between speed and control. I’ve found that it’s swift enough to cover large distances, but it’s still manageable even if you’re not a pro player with a powerhouse throw.

The glide rating of 4 also adds to its distance coverage, ensuring it stays aloft for a long time—that’s always a bonus when I’m aiming for far-off targets.

With a turn rating of 1, the Predator offers moderate stability. This means it can resist turning over in the wind, even when I’m driving it hard. It’s been great for those days when I play and the breeze suddenly picks up.

Lastly, the fade of 4 is quite significant. This disc predictably veers to the left at the end of its flight, a feature that’s quite useful for maneuvering around obstacles.

Disc Specs

  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 1.90 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.90 cm

Sporting a diameter of 21.20 cm, the Predator is pretty standard in size yet provides a comfortable hand feel. During my throws, I found the disc effortless to control due to its not-too-big not-too-small size.

The disc’s height of 1.90 cm isn’t too lofty, contributing to its aerodynamic shape and speedy flight. It’s sleek enough for a powerful, controlled drive off the tee.

Adding to this control is the Predator’s rim depth of 1.10 cm, which makes it easy to grip. It fits snugly in the hand, whether for backhand or forehand throws.

Lastly, the rim width at 1.90 cm gives more control, stability, and speed. The Predator’s rim is subtly wider than similar discs, strengthening its stability during flight.

Perfectly Fierce

Hot Pink Discraft Big Z Predator with Orange Sparkle Stamp

Whether you’re battling unpredictable winds or aiming for that precision corner shot, the Discraft Predator is the dependable, overstable fairway driver you’ll want in your bag. This disc is a staple for many players, including experienced pros.

While the Predator might be a perfect fit for intermediate to advanced disc golfers, it’s not one I would place in the hands of a beginner. The disc’s significant overstable character and slow beat-in period demand good power behind the throw, and beginners can often find it too daunting, leading them towards unhelpful throwing habits.

The Discraft Predator is a disc that grows with you. Initially, I found it too strong for my throws, but as my arm speed increased over time, it started showcasing its reliable turn before the hefty fade. It’s my primary wind fighter; it doesn’t back down, no matter how the winds pick up.

Your Go-To For Precision Curve Shots

Historically, I’ve found that fairway drivers like the Discraft Predator are absolute must-haves when looking for reined-in control and impressive distance. By design, they’re made to stay the course you set for them, and the Predator wonderfully lives up to this expectation.

If you’re out there on a gusty day, the Predator’s predictable flight and strong fade will cut through those headwinds without a hitch. Its robust wind resistance has saved my play multiple times.

This firm and faithful disc lends itself to multiple shot types:

Forehand Drives

For power throwers, the Predator is magical when forehand flicked. It holds its line before executing a consistent fade.

Touchy Flex Shots

This is where the Predator shines for backhand throwers. Throw it on an anhyzer line, and it’ll hold the curve midway before flexing back.

Thumbers and Overhead Shots

That waffle grip strip inside the rim of the Predator provides additional control for these types of shots. It’s no surprise it’s my go-to disc for thumbers!

Comparable Fairway Drivers

Every disc golf manufacturer has that one overstable fairway driver that stands out. Let’s briefly examine how the Predator from Discraft measures up against some of its contemporaries.

DGA Avalanche

While the Avalanche is adept at dealing with winds, it’s less overstable than the Predator. So, this could be a good alternative for those seeking a little less fade. However, the Predator wins when you need a strong, predictable fade in your play.

Discmania Splice

The Discmania Splice, like the Predator, is a reliable, overstable fairway driver known for its strong end-of-flight fade. While the two are pretty similar, what’s unique about the Predator is that it does not compromise on speed, making it a great option if you’re looking for both speed and control.

Innova Firebird

The Firebird from Innova is another classic overstable driver with a cult following. However, in my experience, I’ve found the Predator’s glide a bit more to my liking due to its ability to handle the winds without wavering from its path. This factor is particularly useful when I’m aiming for longer shots on a windy day. It also feels a bit more comfortable in hand compared to the Firebird.

Discraft Predator In Review

Orange Discraft Predator ESP with Black Stamp

The Discraft Predator is excellent for intermediate to advanced disc golf players. Its outstanding capacity to conquer windy conditions and execute precision shots is a worthy addition to any seasoned player’s disc golf bag. However, beginners or players with a weaker arm may find the Predator’s overstable character and high speed demand a challenge to master.

Below are some pros and cons that sum up my experience with the Discraft Predator:


  • Wind resistance makes it trustworthy on breezy days
  • Has a reliable, sharp fade that is ideal for maneuvering around obstacles
  • Versatility across shot types
  • Durable and grip-friendly material selection (Elite-Z, ESP, and FLX plastic)


  • Overstable character can be too much for beginners
  • Some players might find the rim edges to be a bit sharp