Taking Flight With the Discraft Roach: Putter Review

As someone who’s been playing disc golf for over 13 years, I’ve thrown my fair share of putters. The Discraft Roach, a standout in the clutter, has caught my attention multiple times. In this Discraft Roach review, I’ll unpack my experiences and observations to give you an in-depth understanding of the disc’s features and capabilities.

Whether you’re just beginning your disc golf journey or a seasoned tournament player, one disc you’ll inevitably cross paths with is the Discraft Roach. It’s claimed many fans with its glide-y nature and straight flight path.

But does it live up to its reputation? Strap in, and let’s delve into the details of this versatile workhorse.

Flight Numbers

Yellow Discraft Putter Line Roach with Flag Stamp
  • Speed: 2
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 1

The Discraft Roach has a surprisingly low speed of 2, suggesting a disc that doesn’t require much arm speed or power to throw effectively. This makes the disc suitable for beginners or players with slower throw speeds.

With a glide rating of 4, it promises to stay aloft for a good distance, keeping its course fairly easily. The 0 turn implies reliable stability while in flight, meaning it won’t veer off course or flip unexpectedly—another big plus for newbies.

Lastly, a fade of 1 represents a gentle fade towards the end of the flight. Remember the feeling when you got the hang of swinging at the playground, nurdled up the swing’s chains, and sensed that exhilarating hover in mid-air before gracefully swaying back? That’s this disc’s fade—smooth, elegant control.

Disc Specs

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 2 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.50 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.10 cm

At 21.10 cm, the Discraft Roach takes up almost the entirety of your hand’s spread, which gives the thrower plenty of space for a comfortable grip. With its height standing at 2 cm, it remains relatively low profile.

Then, we have a rim depth of 1.50 cm and a rim width of 1.10 cm. The moderately sized rim ensures a snug fit in the hand, allowing many grip styles. Think of the feeling of the handle of your favorite coffee mug; it’s just the right size to hold and control with ease—adding a layer of predictability to your throws.

Compared to many other similar discs on the market, what sets the Discraft Roach apart is a combination of modest rim dimensions and a generous surface area. This configuration spells out a disc that bridges the gap between ultimate control and adequate surface-to-hand contact, which, in layman’s terms, means versatile, reliable, and comfortable use.

Sharpening Your Disc Golf Skills

Blue Discraft Jawbreaker Roach with Red Stamp

Brand newbie to disc golf? No worries! The Roach won’t intimidate you, even with your tentative first throws. A low-speed rating of 2 means it doesn’t ask too much of your arm speed or power. As a beginner, you’ll find learning with the Roach akin to having gentle training wheels on your journey to master disc golf.

If you’re at a more intermediate or professional stage, the Roach continues to add value to your game. Its beadless design gives it that extra grip and feel, boosting your throwing confidence. The Roach’s glorious glide and ultra-stable flight can allow you to execute a variety of strategic shots with precision and ease.

However, players who prefer a putter with a rounded rim may need a bit of getting used to the Roach. Its rim is more rounded than well-known putters like the Latitude 64 Keystone, which could affect your accuracy on longer putts.

Roach’s Role

Like the perfect pie slice at your family’s Thanksgiving dinner, the Discraft Roach is that ideal mix of characteristics that make it a stellar all-around putter. It’s most crafty when used for approaches, dodging obstacles while pursuing the chains like a heat-seeking missile. Point and shoot is the name of the game here.

But the Roach isn’t just for putting — oh, no! It can be employed for a variety of shot types. Here’s a quick rundown:


This disc is excellent for those medium-range throws aimed at landing near the basket because of its straight flight and minimal turn.

Turnover Shots

With its ability to flip flat when correctly controlled, the Roach can turn gracefully to the right, a real lifesaver on those bends where a typical straight throw won’t cut muster.

Tunnel Shots

The Roach’s predictable flight path and gentle fade make it ideal for those narrow alleyways where precision is the key to success.

Similar Putt And Approach Discs

Discmania Link

The Link, like the Roach, sports a comfortable beadless design. However, it boasts a deeper rim for a much different feel in the hand. You might find affinity with this disc if you prefer more depth for your grip.

Daredevil Polar Bear

The Polar Bear offers a straight flight pattern similar to the Roach but features a bead on the rim. This bead can add stability and precision to your throws, especially in windy conditions.

Discraft Banger GT

Same company, different flavor. The Banger GT stands out with its handy feature: a groove track (hence, GT) on the top for an enhanced and unique feel. The throwing stability and straight flight are the same vibe as the Roach, making this an interesting alternative.

These discs are like siblings to the Roach in disc golf. Testing each can offer valuable insights into what works best for your style and preference. Don’t be shy about trying one (or all) out!

Roundup Review: Discraft Roach At A Glance

Blue Discraft Big Z Roach with Purple Stamp

The Discraft Roach is both a beginner-friendly and a veteran’s trusty sidekick. Its steady flight, approachable speed, admirable glide, and mildly rounded rim make it a versatile tool for upshots, turnover, and tunnel shots. However, you might need to explore other discs if you prefer putters with a distinct bead or deeper profile.


  • Highly stable and consistent flight pattern.
  • Suitable for players at various skill levels.
  • Capable of executing a variety of shots.
  • Comfortable, beadless grip.


  • Rounded rim may not suit everyone’s putting style.
  • May seem a bit shallow to grip for some players.