Discraft Scorch Disc Review: Ultimate Fiery Distance Driver

If there’s one disc golf disc that demonstrates both accessible performance and long-haul strategic control, it’s the Discraft Scorch. This disc is renowned for delivering high-speed, long-distance throws, carving impressive lines with an “S” curve flight path that tastes like buttery-smooth victory. Get ready as we dive headfirst into this Discraft Scorch review.

Having been an avid disc golf player for over 13 years, I’ve had the pleasure of launching countless discs down the fairway. My extensive experience has given me a keen understanding of what makes a disc enjoyable and worthwhile.

This review will focus on how the Discraft Scorch can cater to a wide range of skill levels without compromising on the thrill of the game. Every sentence is packed with valuable insight and real playing anecdotes — so buckle up, and let’s explore why the Scorch could be the next great addition to your bag!

Flight Numbers

Blue Discraft Big Z Scorch with Pink Stamp
  • Speed: 11
  • Glide: 6
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 2

After many games on the course, I can assure you that the Discraft Scorch lives up to every bit of its impressive flight numbers. The speed of 11 signifies that this disc is no slouch when it comes to distance. Pitch it hard, and it soars down the fairway at impressive speeds.

The disc’s glide rating of 6 lets it maintain altitude for longer, allowing for those sought-after sweeping flights. I noticed it continued to cruise even when I thought it would start dropping, which helped span those long fairways.

But what about the turn and fade? On a strong throw, the turn of -2 indicates a gentle, early flight rightward move for right-hand backhand (RHBH) throwers. It’s not too finicky about being thrown perfectly, which reduces the risk of it escaping to the right.

The fade of 2 means, towards the end of its flight, the Scorch will tend to veer left (again for RHBH players). It’s not an aggressive fade but a modest, predictable one that can help shape your shot towards the target.

A Closer Look

Grey Discraft ESP FLX  Scorch Holo Scales
  • Diameter: 21.1 cm
  • Height: 1.8 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.1 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.2 cm

As the PDGA specifications show, the Discraft Scorch comes in a relatively standard size for a driver, featuring a diameter of 21.1 cm. It fits nicely in the hand, which allows for a comfortable grip that enhances your throw.

In terms of height, Scorch sits at 1.8 cm. This might seem like a small number, but this modest height keeps it sleek and fast.

Its rim depth of 1.1 cm may not seem like much, but during testing, I found it finessed my control over the disc during release. The rim isn’t so deep that your fingers get lost, yet it isn’t shallow enough to make gripping awkward. It’s just right.

The disc’s rim width of 2.2 cm allows for a confident grip, essential for launching a driver with enough power.

To sum up, the physical characteristics of the Discraft Scorch uphold its reputation as a reliable high-speed driver. The disc’s seasoned dimensions and moderate rim depth lend themselves to throwing accuracy and speed, which all disc golfers strive for.

Delivering High Disc Golf Performance

From what I’ve seen, the Discraft Scorch shines as a disc that players across various skill levels can utilize. Beginners to intermediate throwers will find the Scorch a welcoming driver consistently delivering a reliable “S” curve flight path.

Its resistance against turning over too readily, even in windy conditions, makes it a forgiving disc for newer players. In several instances, I’ve seen less experienced throwers delightfully surprised when it fights its way back on the line.

For the seasoned pros and advanced golfers among us, prepare for the heightened adrenaline rush. The Discraft Scorch is built for those high-speed throws coupled with late finishes. With the right amount of power, this disc can be an exceptional tool for achieving impressive distances.

With that said, it’s important to remember that as this disc ages and gets worn in, it can turn more understable over time. This could pose a slight challenge for players who prefer consistent stability throughout the life of their discs. Despite this, the Scorch is an excellent driver, particularly for those needing straight high-speed shots or gradual turnover drives.

Nabbing Those Ultra-Long And Straight Shots

Purple Discraft Z Swirl Scorch Ledgestone 2023 with Holo Stamp

Here are a few shot types I’ve found the Scorch to be a real game-changer for:

Turnover Shots

Using the Scorch for turnover shots can deliver some delightful results. As the disc ages and beats in, it becomes more understable and can effectively be used for these long, right-curving throws (for right-hand, backhand throwers).

Hyzer Flip Drives

When thrown with a hyzer release, the Discraft Scorch flips to flat and travels a long distance in a straight line before carrying a reliable fade at the end of the flight. It is ideal for navigating between obstacles or getting maximum distance in open spaces.

Roller Shots

For the experienced throwers, the Scorch’s tendency to turn over as it wears can be helpful for roller shots. You could get the Scorch to hit the ground, turn over, and roll a long way down the fairway with an angled throw.

Comparable Distance Drivers To Bag

Sometimes, to truly appreciate a disc’s distinctive features, comparing it to others in the market is helpful. While the Scorch holds its own among the crowd, it shares some characteristics with other distance drivers.

Discmania DD1

The Discmania DD1 offers a similar speed, stability, and glide combination as the Scorch. The dominant feature is its high speed, like the Scorch, built for long-distance drives. However, the DD1 exhibits more high-speed stability, resisting turning over as much as the Scorch, especially when new.

Latitude 64 Flow

The Flow from Latitude 64 is another substantial comparison. Like the Discraft Scorch, it’s a high-speed driver made for long glides and controlled, straight drives over considerable distances. Its understability is again comparable to the Scorch, offering a similar feeling in the hand and flight pattern. The Flow might be less forgiving for beginners due to its slightly more aggressive speed and turn.

Innova Archon

The Innova Archon, akin to the Scorch, boasts an impressive speed and groups itself amongst the long-range drivers. Its understable nature makes it capable of vast, sweeping flights when thrown with power, similar to the Scorch. Yet, the Archon might deliver more unpredictability in its flight path as it beats in, compared to the more forgiving Scorch.

Discraft Scorch In Review

Purple Discraft ESP Scorch Valerie Mandujano Tour Series 2023  with Yellow Stamp

The Discraft Scorch is a flexible disc that offers promising performance for players across different skill levels. Due to its reliability and versatility, beginners, intermediates, and seasoned pros can all happily make space in their bags for this driver. It has a top-notch domey feel, no matter what kind of plastic you get it in.


  • Accessible for a wide range of skill levels
  • Long, straight distance shots
  • Good for a variety of throws, including turnover shots, hyzer flips, and rollers
  • Handles wind well, especially for newer players
  • Reliable fade brings the disc back to the line consistently


  • Tends to become more understable over time
  • The ESP FLX may provide a different flight path compared to standard ESP Scorch