Discraft Soft Magnet Review: The Disc Golf Sweet Spot

Hello, fellow disc golf enthusiasts! With over 13 years of experience in playing and testing discs, I’ve had ample time to get acquainted with various products, each with unique pros and cons. This Discraft Soft Magnet review shall examine why thousands of seasoned players use this.

Known for its softer, flexible feel and predictable flight, this has been a favorite companion of mine and many others on short drives and precise approach shots. While not a jack-of-all-trades, it’s an ace where it matters the most.

So, buckle up whether you’re a seasoned player seeking consistent results on the putting green or a newbie eager to refine your approach technique! I’m sure you’ll find value and insight in this comprehensive review.

Accuracy In Your Flight Path

  • Speed: 2
  • Glide: 3
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 1

Although not the fastest in my collection, with a speed rating of just 2, the Discraft Soft Magnet excels where it matters the most – accuracy and precision. It’s not intended to cover vast distances but to land you next to the basket every time.

With a fantastic glide rating of 3, this stays afloat longer while requiring less power, making it an invaluable tool for beginners honing their throwing techniques.

The -1 turn rating makes it controllable and perfect for maneuvering through obstacle-laden fairways or curving around trees. This disc is excellent in the wind and makes a superb short range shooter.

Finally, the fade rating of 1 indicates a slight but predictable leftward dive at the end of the flight. This is everything you would want in a reliable, stable disc and an ideal choice for beginners and professionals seeking accuracy over distance.

A Comfy Putt And Approach Plastic

  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 2 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Width: 0.80 cm

With a diameter of 21.20 cm, the Discraft Soft Magnet is comparable to others on the market. I noticed this immediately when I first picked it up; it fits in my hand quite naturally. It makes for an excellent short range driver and approach disc.

The height is 2 cm. This relatively trim height adds to its consistent and predictable characteristics, removing the hassle of unnecessary air bounces you see with taller discs.

One of my favorite features is the depth, which, at 1.40 cm, is a bit shallower. This is beneficial because it provides a comfortable grip, especially for smaller hands. It helps get a clean release, increasing your putts’ accuracy.

With a width of 0.80 cm, this model is ideal for those who prefer a narrow edge. This property allows power grips to be easily managed, and greater control in high-pressure situations is ensured.

This is a domey putter with a beveled bottom rim and micro bead designed for maximum control and consistent release.

Made For Beginners

Purple Discraft Putter Line Soft Magnet with Black Stamp

The Discraft Soft Magnet is versatile and makes an attractive pick for both novices and advanced players, but it truly shines in the hands of those who are just discovering their love for the sport. As someone who has seen newbies struggle with more rigid putters, I can vouch for its forgiving nature.

This can be an excellent choice for pro-level users for short-hole drives or precise approach discs. Its “chain slammin’ capacity,” paired with its soft, tacky feel, provides a degree of control that will be appreciated by those looking for a predictable finish to finesse shots.

However, as a few reviews pointed out, this may not be suitable if you are prone to high power that leans more toward the overstable side. I’ve found that it doesn’t fare well under intense arm speed; Its propensity for turning over can make for some frustrating moments when using it as an approach disc under challenging conditions.

What impresses me the most about this is that it offers top-notch performance at a significantly lower cost owing to its Pro-D plastic construction. This makes it the perfect choice for those looking to explore their options and hone their skills without shelling out a substantial chunk of higher-tier plastics.

Whether you’re a newbie or a more experienced user seeking to perfect your game, this holds serious promise. If you plan to utilize it for its intended use and take the time to understand its strengths, it could be the reliable putting and approach companion you didn’t know you needed!

A Flagship Putter Line

The Discraft Soft Magnet shows its mettle regarding those crucial short-hole drives, precision approaches, and confident putts within the circle. It truly shines in these scenarios thanks to a subtle turn and fade. This duality makes it excellent at shaping various lines toward the target, depending upon whether you’re launching it backhand or forehand.

Following are a few key scenarios it shines at:

Straight Approach

This can be your trusty companion if you have a straight path to the basket with no obstructions. Thanks to its tendency to hold the line it’s put on, I’ve been impressed by how it maintains a trip straight to the target.


Given its understability, it can be manipulated into executing hyzer lines perfectly. Throw it on a tight angle, and it will glide towards the left while maintaining control. This can be your escape route in tricky situations when you need to curve around an obstruction.


Its propensity to turn over makes it a reliable choice for anhyzer throws. Need to negotiate a tricky right turn? This has got you covered. Execute a powerful release, and it will maintain the rightward curve throughout its path.

Similar Discs

Birdie Disc Golf Supply Marvel

The Marvel is a commendable match for the Soft Magnet’s utility in approach and putt situations. Like the Magnet, it is esteemed for its predictability and control, making it key in the arsenal of people looking for a reliable, versatile option.

Clash Discs Butte

Like our featured softy, the Butter is a reliable tool for short putts and precision approaches. Renowned for its forgiving nature, it mimics the Soft Magnet’s performance when you need to shape shots for complex courses.

Discmania P2

The P2 often comes up in the same breath as the Soft Magnet due to its reliability as a short approach disc and a putter. It’s observed to have slightly more stability, making it a worthwhile consideration for those seeking more control in breezy conditions.

Each of these items has unique strengths, but they all share the Soft Magnet’s commitment to reliability and precision over power on the field. These discs are all excellent choices if you’re seeking consistency in your short game.

Discraft Soft Magnet Review: Final Thoughts

The Discraft Soft Magnet is a well-rounded, versatile disc that excels particularly in short-hole drives and precision approaches. Its modest yet noteworthy flight numbers and physical attributes lend it a reliable, predictable behavior that I appreciate.

It’s perfect for both newbies venturing who want a forgiving disc and more experienced users seeking to fine-tune their game.


  • Predictable and controlled patterns are ideal for precision approaches.
  • Soft and flexible plastic construction allows for long-lasting durability.
  • High comfort and tacky grip promote a clean release.
  • Affordability makes it a safe bet for experimenting with different plastic types.


  • May be too understable for people with more power.
  • Not best suited for long-distance drives.