Discraft Ringer GT Review: A Disc Golf Ringmaster

When you’ve been playing disc golf as long as I have (over 13 years and counting), you know a good disc when you see one. Today, I want to share my experience with a disc that has earned a permanent spot in my bag: the Discraft Ringer GT.

You’re probably already aware of the reputation that the Discraft brand has developed in the disc golf community, and let me tell you, this product only adds to that. It has become a game-changer in my disc golf round arsenal.

In this Discraft Ringer GT review, I’ll take you through all you need to know about this exceptional disc, highlight its features, compare it to similar discs on the market, and share my thoughts on its performance. Stick around; it’s going to be an informative read!

Flight Rating Breakdown: Low Speed For Extreme Precision

  • Speed: 4
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 3

The Discraft Ringer GT boasts a balanced path with a speed of 4 and a glide of 4. It is a relatively slow disc, making it easy to use for those precise shots.

Glide refers to a disc’s ability to stay aloft. A glide of 4 ensures it can stay in the air for a considerable time, making it phenomenal for long-distance drives.

It also flies straight without veering to the right (for right-hand, backhand) during the initial flight phase- thanks to a turn of 0.

As we approach the end of its path, fade becomes the critical figure. A fade of 3 denotes a dependable and predictable left-to-right movement (for right-hand, backhand). All in all, this is fantastic for approach shots where precision is key.

The Beefier Ringer: Grip Confidence In Your Plastic

Pink Discraft Jawbreaker Ringer-GT with Rainbow Stamp
  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.70 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 1 cm

The Discraft Ringer GT, with its dimensions, showcases a unique blend of balance and performance. The diameter of 21.10 cm is quite standard for a putter, providing a good mix of ease of control and distance coverage.

Standing at a height of 1.70 cm, it is a relatively low-profile disc. This translates to less wind resistance, offering a more predictable and controllable path, which you want in an approach shot.

One of the remarkable characteristics of this disc is its rim depth and width. With a rim depth of 1.10 cm and rim width of 1 cm, this disc provides the grip necessary for a consistent and smooth release.

The shallow rim depth makes this disc a great fit for people with smaller hands or who prefer a less beefy handle It also features a subtle groove top that increases grip confidence among players.

The Jawbreaker Ringer-GT stamp is particularly well-loved among fans for its price and relative performance. It remains a go-to throwing putter for many disc golfers.

Customer Reviews Analysis: For The Intermediate Player

The Discraft Ringer GT was created as an improved version of the popular Ringer disc. Its slightly increased overstability makes it suitable for bold approach shots and drives requiring backhand or forehand precision.

Users echo its versatility, useful for straight-off-the-tee shots or approaches. It’s not generally recommended as a primary putting putter due to its quick fading characteristic, but it makes an excellent putter or approach disc. A common comparison is the Innova Pig.

The innovative thumb track feature seemed daunting to some initially but has generally received positive feedback for enhancing shots. The GT is fantastic for those with smaller hands or who prefer a less substantial gripping disc.

While more suited to intermediate-level players, beginners can leverage the disc’s predictable and straightforward path, especially under windy conditions. A true game companion for seasoned veterans and those new to disc golf, it brings cutting-edge stability and enhanced grip features.

Dependable Putt And Approach Disc

The Discraft Ringer GT shines primarily as an approach disc. It’s got the stability necessary for precise throw-ins, especially in situations where wind management is crucial and soft landings are needed. Its consistency enables fans to repeatedly nail those shots, making it a trustworthy sidekick in your disc golf arsenal.

Here are some scenarios it excels at:

Straight Shots Off The Tee

Its mix of speed, glide, and stability makes it a top choice for straight shots off the tee. The disc will carry on a linear path with minimal deviation when tossed flat.

Controlled Approach

Need to thread a tight gap or navigate a tricky landing area? This has got you covered. The disc provides excellent control, allowing you to place your shots where you want them.

Short-Range Drives

The disc shines on short-range throws where precision is key. The combination of its slowness and reliable fade ensures that the disc stays on the intended line without veering off course.

Similar Discs

Discmania Tactic

The Tactic is another great putter in the approach department. It also offers dependable stability and a comfortable handle. However, it tends to be slightly more overstable than the Ringer GT, making it slightly less user-friendly for beginners but excellent for strong wind conditions.

Dynamic Discs Suspect

The Suspect from Dynamic Discs shares the same reliability and precision as the Ringer GT. It’s slightly faster and generally offers a similar slow fade, but it doesn’t have the groove track the latter uses to boost handling confidence.

Innova Roc

The Roc is a beloved classic often called upon for pinpoint accuracy. While it’s a mid-range rather than a putter, its stability and control make it a comparable disc to the Ringer GT.

Everyone may have different preferences regarding handle, steadiness, and style. Hence, you might find one of these alternatives more suitable or beneficial to your game. The mentioned alternatives are all worth consideration if you appreciate the features of the Discraft Ringer GT but want to explore other options.

Discraft Ringer GT Review: Final Thoughts

Grey Discraft Rubber Blend Glo Ringer-GT Ledgestone with Blue Shatter Stamp

The Discraft Ringer GT, a modified version of the popular Ringer disc, is an excellent choice for those looking for consistency and precision in their short game. This approach disc impresses with its easy handling, low glide, and predictable overstable nature.

It’s best suited for intermediate to advanced users, reliable in windy conditions, and great for backhand or forehand throws. Beginners eager to improve their game will also benefit from the straightforward flight path and improved feel that it offers. However, due to its quick fading, it might not serve as the best primary putting putter.


  • Reliable for approach shots and short drives
  • Stable flight path and withstands wind conditions well
  • Enhanced grip with a subtle groove track
  • Overstable nature allows for precise placement


  • It is not ideal as a primary putter due to its early fade
  • Might not appeal to players who dislike thumb tracks on their discs